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“When you release expectations you are free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you think they should be.” [Mandy Hale] • In travel, as in life, expectations can make or break you as far as happiness goes. • I used to live life with ridiculous expectations. For myself. For others. For how I wanted my life to be. I was rarely truly happy. In fact I lived with depression. My relationships suffered. And I was trying to force things that were not meant to be and not for my highest good. I grasped. I clung. I ruminated. • Travel has been perhaps my best teacher in releasing expectations. In learning to go with the flow. In being open to what is, in the moment and not worrying about how things “should” be. In surrender. • This was not always the case. I used to bring my expectations with me. And this wasn’t enjoying my travels either. But I was doing a great deal of work in my daily, meditation, connection with Source, journaling, reading and other spiritual and reflective practices. And it seemed when I travelled, the time and space and being out of my element was when all of this converged for me. I was truly able to surrender. And release. And experience how much happier I can be everyday if I just let go of expectations. And though I learned this in a big way many trips ago. Each new trip allows me to practice this more intently, release and become happier and more connected with myself, others, the universe and my higher power. • How about you? Do you find expectations get in the way of your happiness in life or in travel? What has helped you to release expectation. • #simplymorocco #inmorocco #travelpassport #shetravels #lifewelltraveled #passionpassport #wanderoften #gltlove #travelinspiration #likeattractslike #traveltagged #lifewelltraveled #travelmakesmehappy #createthelifeyouwant #spiritualjunkie #inspiredtraveller #travelismytherapy #myhappytravels #travelinspired #travelinspo #comeandsee #travelhappy #travellingtheworld #createalifeyoulove #taketheleap #fuckdepression #lovelywanderings #makeitblissful #travelmoments #embracelife #littlestoryofmylife
“Food is very representative of a city’s culture. In order to really get to know a place and it’s people, you’ve got to eat the food.” [Emeril Lagasse] • How much is food a priority for you when you travel? • For me, it’s a top priority. I used to hate being called a foodie as I found it pretentious. But I finally accepted reality and embraced the term. Since a child I’ve had an adventurous palate. To be honest, I often thought I was adopted my preferences were so different from my family. 🙄 • Anyhow, here I am, savouring the first bites of my first tagine in Morocco. It did not disappoint. 😋 • Tagine refers to not only the name of the dish, but also the cookware itself. The latter possesses a unique shapes which serves the important function of trapping the steam. End result a most flavourful dish, almost caramelized, mmmm.... • The origins of the dish date way back in Moroccan history and are debatable. Originally a Berber dish, it has evolved with history starting with the waves of Arab and Ottoman invaders. A classic tagine include combinations of lamb with dried prunes or apricot or chicken with preserved lemon and green olive. There are many other variations with beef or here on the coast, fish and seafood. And for my fellow vegheads, there seems to often be a vegetarian version on the menu! 🌱 • Pro tip: they are traditionally eaten communally and pieces of bread are used to scoop up the deliciousness. The index finger holds the bread, and thumb scoops the food onto it; no other fingers should touch the food. • #moroccovacations #northafrica #citizenfemme #wanderfar #goseetheworld #shetravelz #roamtheworld #girlsabroad #lovelywanderings #happyselves #inspiredlife #discovernewplaces #traveldreamseekers #liveyourbestlife #choosetobehappy #inspiredtravels #ideserveit #starttheadventure #choosejoy #travelfood #bestvacations #luxurytravel #welltravelled #justbehappy #makeitblissful #letitflow #foodietravel #foodieadventures #truetoyourself #foodiesunite
Resferber (n) the restless race of the traveller’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together. • How do you feel before you begin your travels? As someone who lives with anxiety this can be a roller coaster 😱 for me. Last night I woke up in the middle night and ruminated on what happens if my flight from Ottawa is delayed...causing me to miss my flight in Montreal...which could delay my arrival to which case how will I hook up with my Intrepid your group?! Why oh why didn’t I just pick less connections instead of shorter overall travel time...what was I thinking?! 😬 That was fun 🙄 • Having doubts creep up is naturally for most everyone prior to travel. Best to prepare a strategic defence. Here are a few ideas: • Ramp up the self-care - instead of letting things slide by/c you’re busy and taking care of so many details ensure that you keep up with your fitness regiment or at least move your body regularly, eat well, sleep well, meditate, journal & spend time with your people. • Plan your arrival and the first 24 hours - I make sure I know upon landing where the atms are in the terminal, plan a and b for transport from airport to hotel, where I can purchase a SIM card, etc. So on Wednesday when I land in Casablanca I have all the above figured out plus a self-guided tour and city maps downloaded to my device so I can get to sightseeing as I land early am. • Pinpoint a specific source of anxiety - I gave you an example of mine above so I will be ensuring I know how to catch up with my group should I be delayed. • Make sure you have a financial cushion - if you land at night then pay for a taxi if you’re concerned about safety on public transport. Book a group tour if you’re worried about meeting people. • Lists are your friend - make your packing list & check it twice and twice more. And don’t leave your packing to the last minute. I used to do that and I’d be a disaster arriving at the airport 😳 • Know your limits - in most cases you probably won’t regret pushing through the fear & going but recognize your mental/physical/emotional state and adjust accordingly. • Do you have any other strategies to add?
“Keep looking up...that’s the secret of life.” [Snoopy] • It can be hard to keep our spirits up. I used to have a friend who labelled herself the most positive person in the world. I on the other hand, was someone who struggled with depression. She made me feel less than and that there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t 😁 all the time. • I didn’t feel that something was wrong with me though I did wish I could be happier more of the time. Through lots of soul-searching, personal development work, a spiritual journey that continues, & at a point adding medication, I am proud to say I am happier most of the time. I also ditched that friendship.🥺 Don’t let anyone make you feel less than! • I didn’t hide from the shadows. I explored them & brought them into the light. An obsession with positivity can mean avoidance. Problems don’t go away simply if we ignore them. I learned to take responsibility for myself, be accountable for my actions & my feelings...this was powerful stuff 💥 I learned to stop labelling things as good or bad & instead be curious about why this is showing up for me. Sometimes I got how many layers of this onion are there?! 🤯 But we are spiritual beings having a human experience so karma, dharma and other universal laws all come into play. There’s no point in getting upset about it because what we resist, persists, so better to surrender. • Ultimately whether we are dealing with depression or other mental health issues, loss, grief, feeling lost, lack of clarity...a shift in perspective is what’s needed. It gets easier with practice. Throughout this journey, it has often been my travel which has allowed me the time and space to shift my perspective. And increase my optimism and happiness.😊 • My travel process includes intention-setting which has been key to me doing those things. If you’d like a free copy of my pre-travel intention setting questions send me a DM.💞 • Travel photo tip: it can feel hard to find a unique shot. For example when you are visiting wat after wat in Bangkok. 🙄 Look up. You might find exactly what you’re looking for. 🙃 Or get down low. Angle your shot. Shifting perspective is key here too! ✨
MAI PEN RAI (phr) An expression where one need not worry to worry or be too troubled about a particular problem, difficulty or any situation. • Friends. I was in Thailand 7 years ago at this time. But I was not here, in Koh Phangan. But friends...I am in the middle of a CRAZY polar vortex. 🥶 Like insane. And I needed me some beach! • So here we have Koh Phangan. Where I spent a month 5 years ago doing a yoga teacher training. If you didn’t know, now you know...I am trained as a yoga teacher 🙃 • This was a glorious month. 🏝 An intense month. 💥 A life-altering month. And ohhhh if I could be back there right now. • See that wooden structure just to the left of the rock...that’s Big Blue. My little hut was just back behind and up. I had many a leisurely meal at Big Blue, and movie nights and grabbed a fresh fruit plate for my breakfast almost every day. • My days were spent practicing yoga and lounging in between basically. Alcohol-free. Meat-free. And processing a whole shit ton of stuff coming up from my practice. We’re talking the whole gamut from body image to anxiety to karmic release. And I just kept doing my practice. Surrendering. Asking for the lessons. And surrendering some more. And it was amazing! It’s hard not to be happy when you’re living in a hut on the beach. 🤷‍♀️ • But I don’t want to minimize. It was intense. 🔥 Right now I’m planning a trip for a client including a retreat with my teachers who are now in Bali. She is seeking deeper clarity and purpose and the spiritual aspects of yoga. She’s going to the right place! ✨ • What has been the most intense experience you’ve had when travelling? Comment below... • Have a happy travel experience of you own...tag me or hashtag #myhappytravels to be featured in my stories and share that happiness to inspire others!
“You can’t be unhappy in the middle of a big, beautiful river.” [Jim Harrison] • Have you ever been on a river cruise? Or thought about taking one? • Well I HIGHLY recommend that you do! 🌟 Last night I was at a networking event and connected with a lovely lady and we got to talking river cruises as she had been on one and loved it too! So I thought it timely for me to share my experience now as people are still planning their 2019 travels. • Here is a picture of the S.S.Legacy on which I travelled the Snake & Colombia Rivers with UnCruise Adventures last September. It was an AMAZING experience! 🙌🏼 I think there are some falsehoods that exist about this mode of travel so I’m going to share a few points: • “They are too expensive.”✋ I loved that the price was all in...drinks, excursions, etc . UnCruise chooses an unwired experience for guests, but others include wifi in the price. I’ve heard many a story of dismayed ppl getting their bills on a big ship. • “I’ll be bored.”✋ Oh hell no! From organized excursions, to nightly informative talks, happy hours...I assure you boredom isn’t an option. And they are VERY social. You’re constantly vibing with fascinating ppl at meals, on deck or at the bar 🥂 • “They’re for old people.”✋ Not going to lie, the age demographic skews higher. But most small cruise ships are incorporating choices of excursions for the active traveller. We were out jet boating, kayaking, hiking, etc every day. And oh yes, the wine and bike much fun! They’re not just for old people, but even if you’re among the younger as we were you will enjoy great company. 💕 • Just a few other things to note. They feed you WELL 😋 There are many cozy nooks around the ships you can tuck into for some quiet time. 📚 You always have beautiful views of the shore and it’s SO peaceful. And the stars 😍 Small ships can go where the big ships can’t so you get much more unique and up close experiences. Solo traveller and you think this isn’t for will be welcomed in the folds and never feel alone. • If you have any questions or want to find out more send me a DM...I’d ❤️ more ppl to experience the amazingness!
😳 I am super embarrassed to even share that photo on the left 😳 • But for the higher good I am. You see, yesterday I saw a travel professional I know post a picture of herself in Thailand right now sitting with her hand on a tiger, not unlike myself up top there. 😔 • And today Google Photos reminded me that 7 years ago on this day I was in Thailand. So I was taking a trip down memory lane (Thailand is so awesome!!🙌🏼), and quite enjoying myself. Until the mortifying reminder of my visit to the reprehensible Tiger Temple called me out for not being above reproach.🤭 • I didn’t know better. I was on a private tour of which I didn’t know itinerary and the guide brought us there. And I went in. And I supported that disgusting place.🤮 • But I know better now. A lot better. And we, whether in the travel industry or, as the traveller, all have a responsibility to do better in regards to animal tourism. • So instead of shaming anyone (other than myself), I’m going to use this as a teachable moment.🤓 • So here are some tips to choose an ethical animal experience: • If you can cuddle it, ride it, watch it paint, or ride a bike, or take a selfie with it...don’t do it 🛑 • Don’t support hotels, bars or venues that display captive animals ✋ • Culture heritage is not an excuse for cruelty. 🛑 • Use a responsible and trusted tour operator. 💚 • Do your research. If you’re travelling independently it is your responsibility to be informed and make the right choices. 💚 • If you’re looking to do volunteer work with animals I suggest you check out @jennieofthejungle And if anyone has more tips please share in the comments, I’m sure we’d all appreciate it 🙏🏼
“A wise woman recognizes when her life is out of balance and summons the courage to act, to correct it.” [Suze Orman] • Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling out of whack this week?! Could be the full moon/eclipse energy? Could be the winter blues? 🥶 Who knows 🤷‍♀️ And really it’s not the why that matters. What matters is the awareness and taking steps to regain equilibrium. • And what about when you travel? There have been times on past trips where I have felt so off. I’m thinking of a time when I was in Lencois, Brazil. Trying to link up with a multi-day hike and having no luck whatsoever. 😩 But I was responding disproportionately because as we all know things don’t always go smoothly when travelling. • I began to doubt if I should be there. Felt lonely and homesick. Started thinking about cutting my entire trip short. Definitely not my best self. But when I’m travelling I don’t like to wallow. So I checked in with my higher self to see what I needed. Talked to a friend back home. Spent some quality time on my yoga mat. And took a nap.💤 Sometimes you have to surrender it all. • And guess what?! I was awoken by knocking of a staff member letting me know she found a hiking group I could join! 🌈 Off I went to finalize the details. And once there bonded with another solo female joining the hike. We hung out, had dinner and the next morning started a gruelling adventure.⛰ But that’s a story for another time 🙃 • Over the years since then, I’ve worked on bringing more balance to my travels so that I don’t bottom out like that.✨And I’d love to help others stay balanced. As such I developed a free new resource of 10 wellness tips for travel that are easy to incorporate. Comment below that you’d like to receive it or send me a DM and I’ll hook you up...💝
“Being happy is good but spreading happiness among others is even better.” [Anurag Prakash Ray] • I’ve been training 21 beautiful souls in suicide prevention the past couple days. And honoured to do so, but it’s heavy stuff. 🥺 To top it off, Winnipeg has turned into a deep freeze 🥶 So I need to lift my spirits, and what better way then to spread some happiness around?! • So my travel friends, I’ve come up with a fun (at least I hope you think so?!) little challenge.👯‍♀️ I would love for you to find a picture you associate with a super happy travel memory and share it and the story behind it with me via your feed or Stories so I can share it with others. 💝 Use the hashtag #myhappytravels and/or tag me in it and I will share it! 💫 • Recap: share a photo (if it pictures your smiling face even better!) of a happy 😃 travel memory and the story behind it. Hashtag it #myhappytravels and/or tag me so I can share and spread some happiness.🌈 Comment below - challenge accepted so I can be on the lookout 👀 • Here’s me pictured in Tulum town last month having the best day with my momma 💕 we explored the ruins and town, shopped for some gifts, had some delish tacos and then headed back to our resort for our fav martinis, dinner by the beach and last laughs with new friends! 🥰 • • #myhappytravels #travelfun #inspiredtraveller #travelgo #comeandsee #travelhappy #travellingtheworld #createalifeyoulove #taketheleap #fuckdepression #selflovejourney #iamenough #enjoytheview #luxurytraveler #mexicotravel #happyhours #lovelywanderings #makeitblissful #travelmoments #embracelife #littlestoryofmylife #sheislight #womenwhowander #prettylittletrips #girlsaroundtheworld #travelwithlove #gltlove #travelmotivation #journeytohappiness #darlingescapes
“Whenever anyone, Buddhist or not, sees a Temple or an image of Buddha they receive blessings.” [Geshe Kelsang Gyatso] • Do you like to visit temples? I just love to! 💖 Whether it’s tiny ones I stumble onto randomly during my wanderings or more purposeful visits to significant ones, they encourage me to pause and be mindful as my senses are stimulated (statues, incense, flowers, grounding from being barefoot, sounds of chanting, which just elicit such feelings of serenity, peace and Divine connection.✨ • If you’re thinking of visiting Sri Lanka, there are some significant Buddhist temples you should visit if you really want to get a sense of local culture. 💫 And also note that every full moon is a Poya Day recognized as a national holiday where practicing Buddhists meditate reflect and pay particular attention to five precepts. What that means for you as a tourist is that many business, restaurants, etc are closed and alcohol is not to be consumed in public. • Etiquette tips: • Show respect - turn off all phone notifications, remove headphones, no chewing gum • Remove your hat and shoes • Cover your shoulders and preferably your legs too. I typically wear long flowy dresses and carry a scarf or light cardigan to cover my shoulders when I know I’m visiting temples or churches in hot climates • Respect the Buddha statues - don’t touch, sit near or climb on statue or raised platform; get permission when taking photos and never do so during worship; when exiting back away from Buddha before turning your back • Don’t point - this is considered extremely rude; use your right hand with palm facing up to indicate something; when sitting, never point your feet at a person or image of Buddha • Bonus points for you if you know the name of the significant Sri Lankan temple pictured here...🤔 • • #transformativetravel #yourhappytravels #fillyourcup #createthelifeyoulove ⠀ •⠀ #depressionrecovery #lovelywanderings #happyselves #alifeofintention #followyourpath #ownyourlife #livingwithpurpose #travelwithlove #wellnesstravel #travelinspiration #travelgirlsgo #travelmakesmehappy #travelsoul #travellove #travelwoman #inspiredtraveller #embracelife
Glampers gonna glamp! 👸 • Any other glamping queens (or kings as the case may be 🤷‍♀️) out there?! Yup, one of my other mild obsessions...glamping! 😁 As my bff can tell you, tent camping, not my fav. But I love the camping life. 🔥 • Earlier today I was on the ball and booked an oTENTic in the closest national park for August. Reservations opened at 8am and I was right in there cause those babies go fast! Check my Stories to see what an oTENTic looks like if you’re not familiar. • But what you see here, the Cocoon, is the real deal glamping! 😍 Situated where the Indian Ocean meets the jungle. Adjacent to Yala National Park (leopards anyone?!), the clever design blends seamlessly with the environment. Canvas with five-star amenities. Your own pool! 💦 And check out the rest of the place. @wildcoastlodge 🙌🏼 • An exciting game drive (leopards, bears, elephants oh my!) followed by a restorative post-safari massage. Then, how about a refreshing cocktail and al fresco picnic on the sand dunes as you watch the sun go down...🌅 Blissssss • Two nights in this paradise is just part of my 10 day Luxury Wellness and Active Mindfulness, Sri Lanka itinerary. Developed in collaboration with award winning Ayurva Traveller, this glamping safari experience is only one part of my exclusive itinerary. Contemplative trekking, SUP, major spiritual sites, cultural exploration, delectable dining and of course some serious pampering! 👑 Super proud of what we developed and excited to be able to offer it now. Link in profile or message me for more details. • Solo, travelling with a partner or friend, or even a group of friends, your needs will be taken care of so you can focus on connection and the wellness and transformational aspects of your adventures. Who wants in?! • • #exploreoutdoors #yourhappytravels #bemindful #alifeofintention #wildsoul #soulconnection #gowithin #createyourownhappiness #createalifeyoulove #makeitblissful #travellikeagirl #glamping #getoutandexplore #livelifehappy #discovernewplaces #selfaware #followyourpath #travelmakesmehappy #travelwoman #outdoorsygirl #peoplewhoadventure #ourwild #wellnessjourney #mindbodysoul #inspiredtravels #campingfun
“When you travel so much, the best and most relaxing thing is to sit on the couch and not move.” ~Serena Williams~ • You might not know it...but I’m a homebody. ☺️ It’s obvious I love to travel. But I’m not one of the nomads by any means. I need my homebase. I have two silly chihuahuas who I miss like crazy when I’m gone and can’t wait to return to. 🥰 And my nephews. And my fam and friends. And my daily routine, believe it or not. 🧐 • You might not know it...but I have a full time job as a School Social Work Consultant for my provincial government. So in addition to my worldly travels I have travelled my home province of Manitoba fairly extensively. I’m away more than I want to be, if I’m being honest. But this job for the most part funds my travel and lifestyle. 😁 • You might not know it...but I pay a mortgage, and car payments (thankfully done soon! 🥳) and bills and all that mundane jazz. And I still travel as much as I do. You can too. It’s all about priorities. • What might I not know about you? Tell me in the comments below. • #transformativetravel #yourhappytravels #fillyourcup #createthelifeyoulove#lovelywanderings #happyselves #powerwomen #alifeofintention #followyourpath #ownyourlife #livingwithpurpose #wellnesstravel #luxuryescapes #luxurytraveler #consciouslifestyle #travelmakesmehappy #travelsoul #travellove #travellingaroundtheworld #travelwoman #inspiredtraveller #createyourownhappiness #discovernewplaces #traveldreamseekers #careerwoman #depressionrecovery #openheart #girlonthego #businesschicks #cantstopme
"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." [Robert Swan] Hello my travel buddies! Last week I held an Insta-stories poll and 60% of you were interested in learning how to choose an eco-friendly hotel. So here are some bite-sized tips and you can check out my latest blog post (link in profile) for the full meal deal! 😁 Reality check friends. Picking an eco-friendly hotel isn't exactly easy peasy. The practice of simply reusing towels, is no longer enough. 🤔 And despite a growing number of travellers indicting their interest in choosing "green" accommodation, many hotels fail to advertise themselves as eco-friendly. On the flip-side we have greenwashing, which is some marketing spin which deceptively promotes the perception that policies and practices are environmentally friendly when they are not. 👿 What this means, is that we, as empowered travellers need to step up and do the research. 💫 So what are some things you can look for? location - what is the walkability factor? sustainable practices - the kind of energy used, where the water comes from, if they get their products locally? green button - when I'm reading reviews I'm looking for green credentials; travel and review sites are starting to offer a green rating services to show which hotels offer the most eco-friendly stay decor - lush gardens, paintings of nature, the use of bamboo sheets and flooring and other sustainable materials which can show the hotel values nature 🌳 hotel menu - does it take a farm-to table approach (ie. is it sourced locally), use sustainable seafood, have an edible garden on site? 🌱 impact on community - is sustainability and responsibility demonstrated in the community? Does that seem like a lot of information to sift through? If you're looking for a way to make this simpler, then head to my latest blog post where I share a travel hack. Comment below - do you make a habit of looking for eco-friendly accommodation options? Might you start now? • • #yourhappytravels #ecotourism #socialimpact #makingadifference #ecolodge #travellingaround #travelwithmeaning #comeawaywithme #travellingwoman #gltlove #gofar #reducewaste
“Japan is the most intoxicating place for me. The Japanese culture fascinated me: the food, the dress, the manners and the traditions. It’s the travel experience that moved me the most.” ~Roman Coppola~ • I visited Japan close to two years ago and it became one of my most favourite places, catching me quite by surprise frankly. That’s all fine and good, but my business is in serving you up the best travel tips and suggestions. So I’m doing some market research. If you’d like to help me out I’m asking some questions right now 😁 in my Insta Stories. • Or you can help by sharing in the comments. I’m wondering: • If Japan is a place on your radar as far as future travel plans? • What appeals to you about Japan? ie. food, culture, temples, tech, adventure activities... • What time of year would you ideally like to visit Japan? • Have you heard of the Hokkaido region? If yes, is this an area you would like to visit? If no, are you interested in finding out about it? • If you have any specific questions about Japan travel DM them to me. I 💙💙💙 ta share about Japan! • Hope you’re having a great weekend and any help you can give me is SO appreciated! 💞 • #transformativetravel #yourhappytravels #fillyourcup #createthelifeyoulove ⠀ •⠀ #depressionrecovery #lovelywanderings #happyselves #alifeofintention #followyourpath #ownyourlife #livingwithpurpose #travelwithapurpose #wellnesstravel #travelinspiration #travelgirlsgo #travelmoreworryless #travelmakesmehappy #travelsoul #travellove #travellingaroundtheworld #travelwoman #inspiredtraveller #embracelife #discovernewplaces #traveldreamseekers #gratitudeattitude#gltlove #japantravels #traveladdicts #travelinspired
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery~ • This quote is getting a little over-used no joke 😳 but it was too perfect so I’m going with it. • Do you set NY resolutions? Or pick a word to set intention (for sure I do that one!). Or do you just chug along like usual? 🚂 • Well in addition to my intentions, I also make lists. I mean who doesn’t love lists?!🤷‍♀️ And one of my lists is of my travel priorities for the year. At this point I pretty much know how often I can travel, and I have a larger wish list from which I pick. There are some places I know I want to go when I’m still somewhat youthful and others that are just calling me. Plus I have people I want to visit. 🥰 • Some of the places on my list are Morocco (an obvious choice since my flights are booked😁), Mexico City/Oaxaca for Day of the Dead (again obvious since I will be escorting a group there for the first time!🔥), Sri Lanka as I’m working with a wellness company there who is sponsoring my trip, some hiking/camping closer to home and friends in BC and Calgary. Singapore is on my hopeful list, as is an Eastern Europe river cruise. • So what about you? Where would you like to go this year? Do you have something booked already? Comment below and tell me all about it! 👂 • • • #yourhappytravels #hikingtheglobe #createthelifeyoulove #lovelywanderings #happyselves #alifeofintention #followyourpath #ownyourlife #wellnesstravel #travelinspiration #consciouslifestyle #travelmakesmehappy #hikingculture #travellingaroundtheworld #travelwoman #embracelife #discovernewplaces #gratitudeattitude #everythingisenergy #solotravels #postcardsfromtheworld #travelwithlove #travelmotivation #depressionrecovery #bucketlisttravels #gltlove #travelinspired #travelmoreworryless #adventurers #adventuremore
Cheers to you, cheers to me, cheers to 2018! 🥂 Last of my best of 2018 travels, my most recent trip to Tulum which was everything I needed at the time! ☀️ 🏝 🍹 💗 ✨ How are you ending the year? Self-reflection is vital if you wish to live your life by design. Here are a few questions you could use: How did you grow? 🌹 What did you learn? Acknowledge mistakes and use them for self-improvement. What gave you joy? 😁 What have you been encouraged by? 🌟 What has been life giving/life draining? What obstacle(s) did you overcome? ⛰ What did you complete or release? What would you like to let go of? Regarding the last question, a simple ritual is to write a list of all that you’d like to let go of and burn, baby, burn that list! 🔥 Lastly, ask yourself what you are most grateful for and offer that up as blessings for the new year. I wish for each of you to live your best life 💞 Happy new year! 🍾🥂🎉 • • #happynewyear2019 #yearinreview #darlingescapes #planetdiscovery #yourhappytravels #lifewelltraveled #depressionrecovery #getlostnow #allaboutadventures #stayandwonder #wonderfulglobe #amresorts #tulummexico #ilovemexico #mayanriviera #martinis #createalifeyoulove #mentalhealthrecovery #anxietyrecovery #girlsvsglobe #girlslovetravel #prettylittletrips #createyourownhappiness #ownyourlife #luxurytraveller #travelmakesmehappy #gratitudeiseverything #discovernewplaces #gratitudeattitude #peacefulmind
Looking back on 2018 like...😘 • Continuing my best of 2018 travels. Here you see me in Israel. This trip was unexpected. Not that I didn’t want to visit Israel. It just wasn’t really somewhere I was planning to go anytime soon. So thank you to Dan Tours for sponsoring what became a gift. 💝 • And this trip was another kind of looking back. My paternal heritage is Jewish. My father was agnostic (atheist? I always mix them up!). But I have some childhood memories such as my grandma saying a Jewish prayer over the first bounty from her garden. My father is deceased. And it was complicated relationship and he was a serious narcissist. So my intentions heading into Israel had to do with shedding the feelings I harboured, along with the patterns the favoured daughter of a narcissist adopts to survive. This is some crazy shit to work through, no lie. But this was Divine timing. 💫 • On top of this, Israel is crazy intense. If you have any background in Christianity it is mind-blowing. I sailed on the Sea of Galilee and I was just like, “OMFG I’m on a boat on the Sea of Galilee!” ✨ And that’s only one moment. Jesus’s energy is beautiful. 💝 And if you’re Jewish, or simply have a heart, visiting Yad Vashem (Holocaust museum), the Golan Heights and Masada is painful. And Muslim...well my tour was other faith-based, but I did hear the call to prayer from the City of David...and, just, wow! 😮 Overall, honestly all I have to say is just go and experience it yourself. Utterly fascinating at every turn. • Pro tip: don’t take the Shabbat elevator Fridays if you’re staying in a hotel with many floors. I learned the hard way it stops at every floor 🤣🤣🤣 • • • #yourhappytravels #fillyourcup #createthelifeyoulove#lovelywanderings #fuckdepression #powerwomen #alifeofintention #followyourpath #ownyourlife #livingwithpurpose #travelwithapurpose #wellnesstravel #luxuryescapes #luxurytraveler #consciouslifestyle #travelmakesmehappy #travelsoul #travellove #travellingaroundtheworld #travelwoman #inspiredtraveller #createyourownhappiness #discovernewplaces #traveldreamseekers #timesofisrael #israel_best
“When the sun is setting, leave what you are doing and watch it.” ~Mehmet Murat Ildan~ • Best of 2018 travels continues. Best sunsets: Puerto Vallarta 🌅 • In March my mother and I went for a relaxing holiday in Puerto Vallarta. 🥰 It was the first time in many years that my intention was simply to enjoy my resort and relax. Between my own little yoga palapa for my morning sessions, to the perfect Bali beds by the pool and adjacent to the ocean, to some great new friends @snnsk71 @agasauruss , to the sunsets my mother and I caught EVERY single night, this trip was everything I needed. ✨ Our suite had a wonderful oceanfront balcony where we would order our happy hour aperitifs, and savour the view of the sun setting. Paradise found. 💯 • Tell me about the best sunset you saw in 2018 in the comments! • #wellnessjourney #yourhappytravels #selfaware #beachview#travelinspired #gowithin #choosetobehappy #mindfulliving #createyourreality #mindsetshift #soulwork #makeitblissful #openheart #paradigmshift #travellikeagirl #sunset_love #girlsaroundtheworld #thehappynow #choosejoy #discovernewplaces #travelhappy #sunset_hunter #getoutandexplore #bemindful #travelmoreworryless #findpeace #depressionrecovery #mentalhealthrecovery #lovelywanderings #happyselves
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