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“Smell the sea, and feel the sky, let your soul and spirits fly.” ~Van Morrison~ ▫️ Science 🤓 now proves what we have always known; the surf and sand does our mind and body good. Here’s why: 🔹the colour blue has been found by so many people to be associated with feelings of calm and peace and staring at the ocean 🌊 actually changes our brainwaves frequency and puts us in a mild meditative state 🔹the noises of the ebb and flow coupled with the visuals activates our parasympathetic nervous system, which chills us the eff out 🔹the smell of the ocean breeze also contributes to our soothed state, which may have to do with the negative ions in the air you’re breathing in 🔹and the simple act of putting your feet in the warm sand cause ppl to relax ▫️ To maximize the benefits detox from the digital or at least turn your alerts off and set your phone aside and practice mindfulness. Close your eyes and listen. Be aware of your senses...see, feel, breathe it all in. 🧘🏼‍♀️ ▫️ But don’t forget your sunscreen 🧴😎 ▫️ Looking forward to views like this in Tulum when I arrive on Tuesday! 🥰 ▫️ Does the ocean calm you? • • • #yourhappytravels #beach 🌊 #beachlife 🌴 #sandytoes #beachviews #tropicalparadise #travelfun #travelinspired #travelgo #comeandsee #travelhappy #travellingtheworld #createalifeyoulove #taketheleap #getoutofyourcomfortzone #depressionrecovery #findingmyself #findingpeace #iamenough #enjoytheview #staycurious #luxurytraveller #mexico_amazing #traveleveryday #positivechanges #instaluxury #travelmotivation #travelinspired
OH FOR PETE’S SAKE! 🤯 Rant alert... 🔹 So, I'm headed to Mexico next week with my mother. 😁 Direct flight to Cancun, staying at an all-inclusive in Tulum (@dreamstulum ) and spending the last night in Playa del Carmen...this is a pretty basic, straightforward trip. Well, last night my mother brings up the 'safety issue'. And I'm like, what safety issue? 🤷‍♀️ 🔹 Apparently all of her friends are filling her head with all these concerns about safety. Isn't she worried about travelling there. It isn't safe. This happened one time. Blah blah blah. 🙄 🔹 This is SO frustrating! And certainly not the first time I've encountered this as I'm an often solo, female traveller. The worst was probably when I travelled to Colombia. I almost called it off as people had me so anxious. 🤬 I've learned a lot since then on how to respond to these (possibly) well-meaning people. I say possibly, as often I actually don't see why they're raising the topic as they don't seem particularly concerned about my wellbeing, but are inexperienced travellers set on justifying why they aren't travelling themselves. Sorry. Not sorry. 😬 🔹 Anyhow. I like to remind people that there are certain parts of our very own city that they don't hang out in, particularly after dark. And that they wouldn't like to see our entire city judged by those neighbourhoods.😐 So because something bad happens here or there in another country, doesn't it mean the area I'm travelling to is specifically dangerous. Nor does it mean the entire country is dangerous. Furthermore bad shit can happen to anyone anywhere. As a traveller, and particularly as a solo traveller, there are precautions one takes in regards to safety. And overall, don't do stupid shit or illegal shit and your chances of staying safe greatly increase. So far so good in my case. 👍🏼 🔹 Rant over. 🔹 What about you? Have you ever been discouraged to travel somewhere by others? Did you let it stop you? What do you say to these people? 🔹 🔹 🔹 #yourhappytravels #hikingtheglobe #createthelifeyoulove #lovelywanderings #happyselves #alifeofintention #followyourpath #ownyourlife #wellnesstravel #travelinspiration #travelmakesmehappy
Share some double tap ❤️ with me if you too dream of visiting the French Polynesia! • Anyhow don’t you wish you were sashaying down this boardwalk right now? Overwater bungalows are so dreamy. 🥰 • Awhile ago the lovely @tinagbuus let me know she’d like to hear more about the French Polynesia. So this is for you pretty lady. • Some Insta-sized travel tips: 🌴 Best for: couples and families 🌴 When to go: May & June best for weather and availability; and fewer crowds means cheaper rates. July & August are peak season, book well in advance. September and October humidity creeps up but still a good time. The rest is wet season so you’ll be chancing it weather-wise. 🌴 Budget: Definitely a place of extravagance and luxury. So if you’ve got it, live it up. It can be done in a more wallet-friendly way. Book a package deal with Air Tahiti Nui. Skip the overwater bungalows or plan wisely. Make sure breakfast is included or you could be paying as much as $60 pp. Make your biggest meal lunch. Prioritize the excursions you book as some are can’t miss and worth it. 🌴 Bora-Bora: is a must do. Expensive but worth it. Limit to a couple nights and explore lesser known islands like Rangiora, Mauputi & Huahine. 🌴 Be prepared: for a language barrier unless you speak French; to travel on ‘island time’ so slow it down; to fall in love and want to return. 💕 🌴 If you need assistance in creating the perfect itinerary I’d love to help! 😊 • • • • #yourhappytravels #beach 🌊 #beachlife 🌴 #sandytoes #beachviews #tropicalparadise #travelfun #travelinspired #travelgo #comeandsee #travelhappy #travellingtheworld #createalifeyoulove #taketheleap #getoutofyourcomfortzone #depressionrecovery #findingmyself #findingpeace #iamenough #enjoytheview #staycurious #luxurytraveller #frenchpolynesia #traveleveryday #onehappyisland #positivechanges #instaluxury
Why limit happy to an hour?! • If you know me well (and maybe not even well 😳), you’ll know I’m a big fan of happy hour! 🥂 I have the t-shirt to prove it 🤣 Oh and a hat too! But I digress. • In my last post I discussed the positive difference slowing down my travels has made me for me. Slowing the pace allows me to start my day relaxing over a coffee, or stopping for a happy hour cocktail or engaging in some randomness that happens...basically doing the things that bring me joy. And allowing me to live in the moment instead of rushing off to the next and the next and the next. • • Here you can see me savouring a beer (yes it was happy hour! 😆), doing some people watching and taking time to reflect and better appreciate the amazing sights I had seen in Mexico City that day prior. • What is something little that brings you joy while travelling? • • • #yourhappytravels #solotravels #travelfun #travelinspired #travelgo #comeandsee #travelhappy #travellingtheworld #createalifeyoulove #taketheleap #getoutofyourcomfortzone #depressionrecovery #findingmyself #findingpeace #selflovejourney #iamenough #enjoytheview #luxurytraveller #mexico_amazing #mexicotravel #happyhours #beerphoto #lovelywanderings #makeitblissful #fillyourcup #liveyourtruth #embracelife
"No matter how many times you go - no matter what you think you've seen - Mexico." ~unknown~ In just over a week I will be returning to Mexico for a third time. This year! 😯 It had been many years since I had visited this country. If I'm being honest, I have to admit that I wrote this place off. As not 'exotic' enough. Not adventurous enough. As a place that anyone in North America can go to, and many do, so I need to go somewhere more exciting and out-of-reach. Because I am a "real" traveller. What a load of malarkey. And what a pretentious bitch I was being. 😬 At the same time, there is a weird sort of pressure one can feel when you start travelling more frequently. To have "been there, done that". Not necessarily a one-upmanship (though perhaps that too for some?) but to be able to have stories to swap. Maybe a sense that you must demonstrate you are a "traveller" and not a tourist. If only to yourself. Have to do more, see more. Anyone feeling me on this? It seems perhaps some people count countries they've visited like notches on a belt. • And I too used to feel very proud to be able to name off all the countries I had visited. But in the last few years, I have converted to slow travel. Whereby I linger in places longer. Absorbing the culture. Making friends. Settling into the routine of going to the local coffee shop around the corner. Really getting to know the place. And this changes me for the better. It allows me to make time for mindful practices like yoga and journalling. And to stay healthier because I'm not stressing my system by constantly being on the move and worrying about if I left my damn charger back at the hotel. 🤬 And to connect more deeply with others and ultimately as a result, myself. I'm not going to judge how others want to travel, that is not my point here. To each their own. Just sharing my perspective. Now on to more important stuff! 💯 Those of you who've been to the Yucatan, Mexico...what is your must-visit cenote?! I will be based in Tulum. I'm told so far, Calavera, Cristal and Escondido, Dos Ojos and Gran. Help a girl out! 😁 • • #yourhappytravels #mexicotrip #trustthejourney #createthelifeyoulove #travelfun
“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” ~Meister Eckhart~ • Do you pray? 🙏🏼 • • Earlier this week I had the privilege and honour of working with and learning from a group of Elders of Cree, Ojibway and Lakota backgrounds.💞One woman shared a similar sentiment as the above quote. The only prayer we ever need is of gratitude. 🙏🏼 Not only are we grateful for what we have but also for those unknown blessings that are on their way. ✨ What do you think of that? 😊 • This resonates so deeply for me. 💝 I believe gratitude is one of the most powerful practices we can have if we want to create a life of happiness and blessings. If you haven’t already read my blog post, “How Travel Makes You Thankful”, give it a read! 🤓 Link in profile. • And comment below and tell me something you are thankful for! 🥰 • #transformativetravel #yourhappytravels #fillyourcup #createthelifeyoulove #lovelywanderings #happyselves #alifeofintention #followyourpath #ownyourlife #livingwithpurpose #wellnesstravel #travelinspiration #consciouslifestyle #travelmakesmehappy #travellove #travellingaroundtheworld #travelwoman #inspiredtraveller #embracelife #discovernewplaces #gratitudeattitude #everythingisenergy #gratefullife #liveauthentically #liveyourbestlife #embracelife #lifeisbutadream #prayerchangesthings #prayerwarrior
Fear whispers in your ear...and it’s getting louder... 😟• • I have no one to travel with. What if I don’t meet anyone? What if I get lonely? • I don’t speak the language. What if I get lost? What if I order the wrong food? • It’s not safe. What if I get robbed? Or hurt? • Everyone relies on me. What if I’m not home to take care of things? • Fear is a sneaky bugger. 😈 It works best when clothed as a palatable emotion. It disguises itself as reason or prudence. Thus it is easy to talk yourself out of travel and let fear hold you back. 😟 • • What if you meet the love of your life? 🥰 What if you make a new bff? 👯 What if you find out you enjoy your own company? 💗 • • What if you get lost and find out how resourceful you truly are? 💫 What if you get lost and have the most magnificent adventure? What if you order the wrong thing and discover your new favourite food? 😋 • What if you don’t get robbed or hurt? 🤷‍♀️ What if you get robbed but you’ve prepared for emergency and barely miss a beat? 💥 • What if you put yourself first and let work and others handle things without you? 💫 • What if you change your “what if’s” from fear to possibilities? 🔥 Take the chance! • Has fear ever held you back? My experienced travellers...any words of wisdom to others on how you’ve overcome fear? 🌈 • #yourhappytravels #createthelifeyoulove #lovelywanderings #happyselves #liveyourpassion #followyourpath #ownyourlife #wellnesstravel #travelinspiration #travelmakesmehappy #travellingaroundtheworld #travelwoman #inspiredtraveller #embracelife #discovernewplaces #gratitudeattitude #everythingisenergy #solotravels #postcardsfromtheworld #travelwithlove #travelmotivation #depressionrecovery #findingmyself #taketheleap #getoutofyourcomfortzone #selflovejourney #dreamdestination #luxuryescape #happinessiskey
“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ~Joseph Campbell~ • I just want to take a pause to say thank you and express my gratitude for each person I have the honour of interacting with here in Insta world, and I’m even more grateful for those of you who I’m getting to know better! 🙏🏼💗 • It seems like a good time to share a little about me also, as it’s been awhile. First off, you can head to my Highlights and “About Me” to find out more. In the meantime, 5 fun facts 😁 1. I love cherry blossoms and have a cherry blossom tattoo on my foot 🌸 2. I’m a really great cook if I do say so myself 🙄 been transitioning back to a plant-based diet these days 🌱 3. I am a HUGE animal lover, hence the plant-based diet. Elephants and my dogs are my favs! 💕 4. I HATE the cold 🥶 but Antarctica is near the top of my travel wish list 🤷‍♀️ 5. I’m a #yogaeverydamnday kinda lady but I’ve recently tried barre and been loving it 👏🏼 Okay YOUR turn...please comment below and share a fun fact about yourself with me...I’d love to know more about you 💖 • • • #yourhappytravels #crfanphotos #createthelifeyoulove #happyselves #followyourpath #ownyourlife #wellnesstravel #travelinspiration #travelmakesmehappy #travellingaroundtheworld #inspiredtraveller #embracelife #gratitudeattitude #everythingisenergy #solotravels #travelwithlove #travelmotivation #depressionrecovery #wonderfuldestinations #girlvsglobe #liveauthentically #prettylittletrips #lifeisbutadream #soulful_moments #takemehere #liveyourtruth #liveyourpassion #valueyourself #recoveryisworthit
Costa Rica is waiting for you...🔥 • But when should you go? 🤷‍♀️ That is what the lovely @navanitas was asking in my Stories. ☺️ • When is the best time to visit, is always something you should consider when making travel plans. And as always there are a few considerations and personal preferences to factor in. ✨ • If you’re only looking for sunny days on the beach than you will want to be in Guanacaste (northwest beach area) in January, February or March. ☀️ 🏝 • Overall, January may be the best time as holiday peak season crowds have headed home but the forests remain lush from rainy season. 🌳 Also it’s one of the best times for wildlife when monkeys and sloths are joined from migrant birds from the north, humpback whales are giving birth in the warm waters, and sea turtles are nesting on shore. 🐢 • Another time to consider is July or August when there is typically more rain ☔️ but fewer visitors and lower prices. My first visit was in August a number of years ago and actually the only time I encountered rain was when I went up to Nicaragua. 🤷‍♀️ • Overall there isn’t really a bad time to go to CR. As there a number of distinct microclimates it can be flooding in one zone but dry in another. So you need to take that into consideration. That along with tides, prices, lodging availability, wildlife migrations, holidays, local fiestas and festivals...if this sounds overwhelming you may want to consider getting my personalized recommendations. 🤓 • What is your biggest consideration when planning a trip...time? Money? Time of year? Weather? Crowds? Or??? • • • #transformativetravel #yourhappytravels #fillyourcup #createthelifeyoulove#lovelywanderings #happyselves #alifeofintention #followyourpath #ownyourlife #livingwithpurpose #liveyourbestlife #wellnesstravel #consciouslifestyle #travelmakesmehappy #travellove #travellingaroundtheworld #inspiredtraveller #createyourownhappiness #discovernewplaces #truetoyourself #hikingtheglobe #everytrailconnects #welltravelled #visitcostarica #luxurytraveller #tropicalparadise #takemetherenow #animallovers #travelinspired #traveltips
“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.” ~Wayne Dyer~ 🦋 • Do you know what transformational travel is? For an intro pop over to my Highlights and see “What is TT”. • A woman afraid of heights goes ziplining over an emerald forest in Monteverde, conquering her fear and igniting a passion for adventure and exploration. 🔥 • Is that transformational travel? • A stressed out executive travels spends a week at an eco-lodge in Santa Cruz, practicing yoga and trying mindfulness practices while being immersed in nature and returns home committed to making changes in his lifestyle to support a healthy mind, body and soul. 💖 • Is this transformational travel? • A 50-something woman who has spent her life taking care of others participated in a plant-medicine retreat guided by a shaman that allows her to explore intense emotions and accompanying revelations and returns home with an altered sense of purpose. ✨ • Is that transformational travel? • That answer to all of these examples is yes. And these or other types of experiences are easily accessible in Costa Rica. If you have travelled little, or little beyond an all-inclusive resort, this is where I recommend you start spreading your wings. 🦋 If you are an experienced traveller this is a place where you can push boundaries and go deeper. 💖 • What do you think? Would you try any of these experiences? Or do you have something else in mind? 💫 • • •• #yourhappytravels #transformativetravel #beach 🌊 #tropicalparadise #solotravels #travelfun #travelinspired #travelgo #comeandsee #travelhappy #travellingtheworld #createalifeyoulove #taketheleap #getoutofyourcomfortzone #depressionrecovery #findingmyself #findingpeace #selflovejourney #iamenough #enjoytheview #inspiredtravels #thisiscostarica #visitcostarica #staycurious #luxurytravel #wellnesstravel #sandytoes
“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.” ~unknown~ • Do you know what grounds you? Or do you constantly feel like you’re just barely keeping it together? 🤯 Do you know what is most important to you? Or are you caught up in consumerism, trying to make “things” fill the emptiness that persists. Are you connected with others who light you up and make your heart smile? 🥰 Or do you feel like no one ‘really gets you’? • In each case my life was the latter, and is now the former. ✨ Just tonight I joined a new group of people for meditation followed by sharing in Buddhist teachings, food and fellowship. This is something I always yearned for, yet years ago I didn’t believe this possible. 🙏🏼 • I discovered how to connect with my higher power. I uncovered my values and purpose. I found my personal Truth. 🔥 I shed those people that only brought me down and begun to attract those who lift me up. And when that wind blows hard, I ground into these things and ride out that storm. 🤠 Each time with more grace. • If you’re looking to transform your life, Costa Rica is a great destination to begin that process. The ‘pura vida’ vibe combined with the amazing attunement with nature and opportunity to push your limits with some adventure activities is a perfect combination to allow you to delve deeper inside. And the stunning scenery, between the beaches and the cloud/rain-forests and the mountains, makes the process more easeful and joyful. • Are you ready to start this journey? • • #yourhappytravels #hikingtheglobe #createthelifeyoulove #lovelywanderings #happyselves #alifeofintention #followyourpath #ownyourlife #wellnesstravel #travelinspiration #consciouslifestyle #travelmakesmehappy #luxurytraveler #travellingaroundtheworld #travelwoman #inspiredtraveller #embracelife #discovernewplaces #crfanphotos #everythingisenergy #solotravels #postcardsfromtheworld #travelwithlove #travelmotivation #depressionrecovery #fuckdepression #transformativetravel #recoveryisworthit #liveyourtruth #selfloveisthebestlove
Put your best foot forward! • But it’s what’s on that foot that counts amiright?! Is it a flip flop or a Teva? Well if you’re in Costa Rica, it’s quite likely you’ll need both in one day. Though a small country, there is an astounding amount of diversity! ✨ • You want surfing...head to the Pacific Coast. Jaco and Tamarindo come highly recommended. You prefer your adventures on land...head to the interior where you will find raging rivers, wildlife galore (sloths and parrots and toucans and monkeys oh my! 😮), lush cloud forests and some awe-inducing mountains. ⛰ Not enough for you? Head to the Caribbean Coast and Corcovado National Park where you can watch the breath-catching turtle hatching. And when you’re done with that head further south to Puerto Viejo and catch some Rasta vibes. Into yoga? Well yoga retreats are scattered all over. • I truly believe there is something for everyone. Seriously. I had my 70-something mother flying down those zip lines in Arenal! She still uses that as bragging rights amongst her friends 🥰 Horseback riding didn’t go as well 🤣🤣🤣 she gave new meaning to riding side saddle. 😳 But we finished in style with a volcanic mud bath and some pampering spa time. 🙌🏼 • Be prepared for: long drives on shitty roads. Load up with podcasts, cold beer and fun ppl and you’ll be set! • I know from my Stories poll some of you have been to CR...share your best tips and recommendations in the comments 🔽🔽🔽 • • #yourhappytravels #visitcostarica #costarica 🇨🇷 #thisiscostarica #animallovers #animalfanatics #womenwhoexplore #mytinyatlas #travelmemories #travelholic #amongthewild #travelwithlove #luxuryvacation #travelmore #mindsetshift #vacationlife #takenote #liveyourpassion #wonderfuldestinations #takemetherenow #mytinymoments #wearefromearth #goplaces #radgirlslife #wearetravelgirls #packyourbags #dreamtrips #adventuremore #crfanphotos
CAPTION THIS!!! 🔽⏬🔽⏬🔽 • What do you think is going on in our little Costa Rican friend’s mind?! Help me and comment below. I’ll share some of the best in my Stories 👍🏼😁 • Costa Rica is a monkey lovers paradise. Your face is bound to light up with smiles again and again as you will encounter them frequently! There are 4 species of monkeys in 🇨🇷: howler monkeys which may instead make you groan in frustration with their 5:30 am wake-up calls; the white-face monkey pictured here whom are highly intelligent and can be very cheeky 🙄; the small Squirrel Monkeys found on the Pacific Coast; and Spider Monkeys whose numbers sadly have dwindled due to deforestation. • Expert tip: Corcovado National Park is the only place you can see all 4 kinds. • #captionthis #yourhappytravels #visitcostarica #costarica 🇨🇷 #thisiscostarica #monkeysofinstagram #monkeyseemonkeydo #monkeybusiness #animallovers #animals_in_world #animalfanatics #womenwhoexplore #mytinyatlas #travelmemories #travelholic #amongthewild #travelwithlove #luxuryvacation #travelmore #positivechange #vacationlife #takenote #liveyourpassion #wonderfuldestinations #takemethere #womenwhohike #mytinymoments #wearefromearth
50 shades of sand 😳 • What colour sand do you prefer? White or pink or beige or black? 🏖 Do prefer softness under your feet or full of shells? Are you going swimming or kayaking or paddle boarding or surfing? 🌊 • Picking a beach isn’t as easy as you think in Costa Rica! 🤷‍♀️ With over 100 designated beaches, some of them so secluded they don’t even show up on a map you might want someone with expertise to help you make your choice. • I have been to Costa Rica twice and can attest to the beauty of the beaches. 😍 Here you can see me taking an early am walk along Playa Conchal. It is named for the hundreds of millions of tiny crushed shells. Though not so soft like other sand, you will have nice soft feet after your walk as the shells are like a natural exfoliant. And they sparkle so pretty in the sunlight! ✨ • If you had your choice, what type of beach would you pick?! • • #yourhappytravels #transformativetravel #beach 🌊 #beachlife 🌴 #sandytoes #beachviews #tropicalparadise #solotravels #travelfun #travelinspired #travelgo #comeandsee #travelhappy #travellingtheworld #createalifeyoulove #taketheleap #getoutofyourcomfortzone #depressionrecovery #findingmyself #findingpeace #selflovejourney #iamenough #enjoytheview #costarica 🇨🇷 #thisiscostarica #visitcostarica #staycurious #luxurytraveller
“This life is yours. ✨ Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy. < Susan Polis Schutz > >>> Maybe the most important lesson in my one else can do it for you...💖 >>> It’s cold 🥶 here and my dogs (Don Pablo & Mila) and I are missing our weekend hikes. 😔 Let us live vicariously through you...who’s hiking this weekend? Where you at? ⛰ >>> >>> >>> #hikingculture #travelismytherapy #everytrailconnects #solotraveller #createyourself #createalifeyoulove #createexplorediscover #anxietyrecovery #anxietysupport #soulhealing #yourhappytravels #neverstoptravelling #divineguidance #divinelight #sourceenergy #mindsetshift #mindsetiskey #depressionrecovery #fuckdepression #shineyourlight #behappywithyourself #justbehappy #happinesscomesfromwithin #hikingtheglobe #ownyourlife #recoveryisworthit #selfloveisthebestlove #seeforyourself
Give me a big ole double-tap 🥰 if you wish you were meandering over to lounge in this hammock and listen to the ocean. 🌊 • I sure wish I was! 😏 • I’ve learned over time to slow down the pace of my travels. I used to try and cram everything and anything into my itineraries. I’d return home a wreck.🤪 I’ve learned by living in the moment I actually experience more even if I don’t see every famous sight. My travels have become deeper and more meaningful. ✨ And I return ready to fully understand and absorb the shifts that took place internally in order to further create a life I love at home. 🔥 • Now...I have some beachy hammock time coming up in less than a month...who has a great beach read suggestion for me...🤓 • • • #hammocktime #hammocking #yourhappytravels #transformativetravel #beach 🌊 #beachlife 🌴 #sandytoes #beachviews #tropicalparadise #tropicalisland #solotravels #travelfun #travelinspired #travelgo #comeandsee #travelhappy #travellingtheworld #beachreads #createalifeyoulove #taketheleap #getoutofyourcomfortzone #depressionrecovery #findingmyself #findingpeace #selflovejourney #iamenough
I always had trouble fitting in. For a long time I tried too hard. 😬 Trying to please others. Trying to be someone I wasn’t. Trying to fit in. Trying to force connection. It was unhealthy and painful. * Then I gave up on that and went in the other direction. At least in an illusory way. I had many friends. I was out every night partying. 🤪And I had fun, don’t get me wrong. But I still didn’t feel like I fit in. I longed for connection with those of like-mind. And this lifestyle was so unhealthy and painful. * These people of like-mind didn’t seem to exist in close physical proximity no matter what I did. Frankly, it was depressing. And I didn’t care to imagine a future filled with this longing. * In my very early 30s, I had a significant break up. That’s a whole other story. The important thing is, I headed to Jamaica to live my best life without him. And that trip transformed me. I was solo for the first day and I had never felt so alive. Open and adventurous and full of possibilities. My gf joined me the next day, and then I met a beautiful man with whom I connected with on many levels, including spiritual. And while we stayed in touch, that relationship wasn’t to be long-term. What became long-term was the realization that nothing was wrong with me. I could connect deeply with others just by being me. And what became long-term was my love affair with travel. Since that time I have travelled more and more frequently; as much as I can. And each trip I connect easily with others of like-mind. And others I don’t have to put any pretence on for. I have been lucky that many of these connections have become friends for life and for that I am so grateful. * The community I have longed for is a now a world-wide network that continually grows. So if you have ever felt alone or anything like me, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a chance...take a trip. And if you are longing for that meaningful connection now, send me a dm or comment below and let me know. I’m putting together something behind the scenes that might be just what you need...and it doesn’t involve me selling you anything, pinkie swear! * #transformativetravel #travelmanitoba
What are OUR wonders of the world?! 🤩 • Yesterday I posted what I considered to be one of the most wondrous sites I’ve come across in my travels, and asked friends and followers, to share yours! @igniowellness said she needed time to ponder this and made an interesting point...this would be easier if we broke it down into, natural, etc. What do you think about this? 🤔 And what categories can we and natural we’ve already come up with...what else? Let’s brainstorm this! 🤓 😃 • In the meantime I’ve posted one of the sites I’ve visited that is officially listed as one the new seven wonders of the world, Petra. 🌟 It is impossible to capture the scale and magnitude, as well as the impressiveness of this place (though I’m sure more skilled photographers can) but here’s a shot of the famed Treasury. I had some amazing moments here but would love to go back and hike the trail that was recently opened as time in no way permitted this in this visit. • My Petra tips: first of all if it’s not already on your travel wish list, it belongs there; second plan to go early in the morning, the earlier the better as there will be less people and of course cooler; allow generous time to explore as there is far more than the Treasury to see; and combine your trip to Jordan with this and a trip to Wadi Rum (camp overnight if you can!)...there are other sights to see in Jordan as well if time allows. • Looks forward to your responses on the above questions I posed 🥰 • • #bucketlist#morninglikethis #femaletraveler #packyourbags #dailytravellers #seeingtheworld #travellingourplanet #yourhappytravels #babeswhowander #lookupclub #fiftyshades_of_history #monumental_world #addicted_to_facades #walkwithlocals #travelinspired #bucketlisttravel #sevenwonders #ancienthistory #new7wonders #travelhappy #roadlesstraveled #wandertheworld #happiness 😊 #happinessis #happinessiskey #createalifeyoulove #createandexplore
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