Insta-fam I am so stoked even though it is only one flower so far! This is my Echinocactus grusonii that was planted as a grown specimen right before the summer. It seems to like where I placed it !
Good morning folks! Astrophytum flowering in this heat. Loving the cooler nights but baking in the day.
Happy Friday Insta-fam! Getting ready for the LACSS September sale tomorrow at the Sepulveda Garden Center. In the mean time here is a photo of Agave titanota.
Agave montana basking in the afternoon sunlight. Hello Insta-family. Hope you enjoyed your day!
Good morning Insta-family. Happy Friday. A little Gymno love for you all!
Hola Insta-fam! New growth on Myrtillocactus geometrizans is good! The pups were covered with shade cloth during the over 100 degree days and they look great now. Decided to cover as the created portion got scorched!
Happy Labor Day Insta-fam! This beauty greeted me today after a weekend of laboring to open up!
Happy September Insta-fam! This Mammilaria elongata crestata is looking quite nice enjoying the cooler nights.
Happy Friday Insta-fam! Aloe species blooming in spite of the 90+ degree heat. At least it's been cooler at night.
Good afternoon Insta-fam! Hope you are doing well. This Crassula rupestris is sure happy we are not in the 100s still!
Agave isthmensis pupping a little. This little guy was awarded a 2nd place ribbon at the recent Inter City Cactus Show.
Good morning Insta-family! Sunday, funday at the @laarboretum for the final day of the InterCity Cactus and Succulent Show and sale.
Another John Matthews plant, Plectranthus variegate picked up earlier this year. A little sun stressed as it is normally more pink.
Happy Sunday Insta-fam. My wonderful Ledeburia cooperii I got from John Matthews last June! It was one trunk and is now 6!
Today this lovely Notocactus roseoluteus showed it's pride! Look at this beautiful flower! Nice to be home in time to see it fully open!
Good day Insta-fam! The growth that this Euphorbia has put on since going into the ground is amazing. Top third is from the past 3 months!
Hello Insta-family! Hope you had a great Sunday. My Gymnocalycium mihainovichii is at it once again! I love it.
Another one getting ready bloom today. Maybe I will get in on the action later today. It seems to like its new home out under the 30% shadecloth.
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