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Drippology 101
Imagine being a kid yourself and you are told that your first born has Autism. I was devastated to say the least , i was afraid asking God why is this happening to me. Nobody wants life to be hard until your confronted with reality, what do you do? i knew for certain i nor my family would ever give up on JOEY, no matter how difficult life is or may become never give up on your family. Joey is and has always been a million times happier than me, he brings us joy and i believe he has kept my parents alive. they never want to leave his side. I never wanted to post or show pics of Joey because people can be cruel, but i learned to share my life experiences with my people so that you know you’re not alone. Happy bday my son, i love you and my kids till my last breath. thank you mommy and poppy for supporting me my whole life and teaching me how to be a better person. when JOEY celebrates his birthday we all celebrate another victory another beautiful win for the family. Happy Birthday Joey i love you ❤️
Happy bday to the man not the myth. @the_official_terror_squad OPEY MEGATRON God bless you my brother enjoy your birthday
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The Vibes
Good morning may today be Legendary
We live a life God is great
It’s impossible that you have a better friend than me, this is the most loyal friend a person can have. So many days i was going threw it and my brother would pull up with every flavor haagendazs and tell me I’ll be back bigger than ever. These are the people we need around us that support you threw thick and thin. You only live once and i am so blessed to have my brother in my life God bless you @theboyrich 305 bet that up woe
You not going to stop us we are Destined, we already knew we been waiting on y’all to know this. We are the best the fire will never burn out we are the bumba Clotttttt best . @dreday3000 love you toooooo much brother one of my best friends on Earth. I’m so excited whenever we get to celebrate life happy born day we will continue to win
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