Fara Charles 🦄

#MotheR | LoVa | #Producer | Tax Prep | MnMMediaGroup | #Wardrobe Stylist (@ifashionow )| FreedoM FighteR | Soul KeePeR 👩‍👦♏🇻🇮 < ME 😘

You’re going to be great Ms. Charles! ✨
This pretty shit ain’t new to me, jus these #Filters ! 🌻 #Conceited been had a #ReasoN ! Word to @remyma 💋
When you’re alone, how do you feel? Me: at ✌🏾! (I used to literally go crazy being alone, that’s how many demons I was fighting!)
I know... I feel it. ✨🌻🎈
#Message to the women that think they must change for a man! You change for YOURSELF! And yourself only! #ThatisAll Oh yea check out @kissyfvce RIGHT NOW ON @youtube !
When I say this song is my son and I favorite song of all time!! Like I don’t even know if he understands the lyrics but I’m almost certain he does! S/o to @thegr8khalid / @hermusicofficial for providing amazing music still....! 🎵〰️🎶
Once you get your freedom, don’t give it back! #FLY 🎈
Don’t you hate a MuhFucka that’s filled w/ Excuses...? Like we all ain’t been on our asses at some point in life..? But it’s how you get up off yo ass that matters right...? If I’m not mistaken, and I’m gon continue to #WiN .... mark my #MF words!! #WinWinWinWiN
I was so caught up in my own shit when my friend @librastarr_4 called to comfort me yesterday I didn’t even remember to say #HBD ! #ILy friend and thank you for ALWAYS being there when I needed you from a pikney! You’ve watched me grow and I’ve definitely done the same and I’m soooo proud of you and your kids and the growth and progress you guys have been able to make through all the trials and tribulations! You’re such a strong #QueeN , a trendsetta and you damn sure don’t take NO SHIT FROM NOONE... oh and big up you and yuh new BIG HOUSE TOO! A Wah do some ppl!! Anyway friend #HappyBirthdaY and trust we’ll turn up on our own!! Call up Nikki from now we out TONIGHT SIS!! 🙏🏾✨😘💋
The only guy that eveR really mattered in my life!! #Legend Ps: this kid is exactly like me y’all shoulda seen the 613 pics I had to erase out my damn phone! These were the best 2!
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