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The closer we get to Christmas the more Harry Pottery I feel. I know I’m not alone so I’m done feeling weird about it. This bag is now available on FanBrilliance
New blog post on FanBrilliance! There was nothing more disappointing than signing up for DC Universe after an eternity of waiting and anticipating, only to discover a world full of glitches, broken promises, and no Titans. That's right, DC Universe didn't launch with DC Universe although they strongly suggested they would. Minor issue that felt worth mentioning. Anyway, it doesn't really matter now because Titans are here and everyone has something or other to say about it. Let's talk about the bad things first, call it a compliment sandwich. - Read More at FanBrilliance @signedjx
Been thinking a lot about the Batfam lately you know with Christmas coming and all. Who’s your favorite member of the Batfam and why? 👇 This Hoodie is available now on FanBrilliance
December 2019 is a world away, yet that’s how long we have to wait for Star Wars Ep 9 apparently 😔😩Phone case now available on FanBrilliance
Indescribably excited for Aquaman, celebrate always with a Funko POP. Now available on FanBrilliance.
How precious😍 New and now available on FanBrilliance
Wakanda Forever... hopefully I mean who knows what’s gonna happen after Avengers: Endgame. This awesome hoodie is now available at FanBrilliance
Who else got ridiculously giddy, excited, and terrified watching this? #AvengersEndgame @marvel
The other shoe is blue and Meliodas👀 Now available at FanBrilliance
One of the most underrated, least talked about, most unique, most awesome anime out there K?
Some of our latest and greatest fandom merch at FanBrilliance. New things in Marvel, DC, Anime, Harry Potter, Cartoons, and more😊
Season 3 of Riverdale is just too much. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened👇 This bracelet is now available on FanBrilliance😍
Chibi Natsu😍 Now Available on FanBrilliance
How do we feel about season 3? Less Titans than usual right? This hoodie is available now on FanBrilliance.
Is it just me or does Harry Potter get you guys into a Christmas/Winter mood? Maybe it’s just me. Now Available at FanBrilliance
🤨Now available at FanBrilliance
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