Hamza Tungekar

Bienvenue.📿 Ex-IIS Jubailian 🌚 Pune, VIIT.💫📍 #nyctophiliac . . 📸- @j.p.e.g_

~Throwback to when we met "Jungli Sher".💫 So, last night I saw the movie "Gully Boy" and I want to put this straight, MOVIES LIKE THESE ARE TOO GOOD TO BE RATED. ❤❤ @vivianakadivine ❤ #gullyboy #tb #aslihiphop #gullygang #ayearago
• Good times and tan lines • 💫 #bucketlist #goa #beach
• Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you. • 💫👻 #tbt
• Day dreamer. • ☻~ #tb #portrait
• Doubt everything. Find your own light. • 🏮 #tb
• You don't have to say anything. I got ya. • 👥 #tb #sunset #photography #overhorizon #brother
Happy Birthday, Bhopu. ❤ You know what you mean to me. Cheers to all the memories and more to come. Brother from another mother. 💫 @toxic_pearl09 @_it.aint.me.__ #besties #choturunning 😂
• Paint my kiss across your chest If you're the art, I'll be the brush • 🖌💫 #tb #traveldiaries
• When the nice guy loses his patience, The devils shiver. • 📿
• Your usual dose of darkness. • #photography #nature
• So, I'm invisible to you now? That's cool, I've always wanted a superpower. • ☻💁‍♂️ #tb
Yes, we know how crazy we are together. No, we absolutely don't care. 🖤 #blessedtohaveher #bestiegoals
• With a drunk stud on your right • 💣 #tb #onecrazynight
• I'm standing on a field full of landmines, doing the moon walk hoping I blow up in time • 💣 #candid #beach
// de toute beauté. 🌅 #sunrise
// Bad boys ain't good. But good boys ain't no fun. 💁‍♂️💡 #tb
// These hoes ain't loyal. 😂❤ #family
HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAYYYYY, CHIPPUUUUUUU.❤❤ @miss_dp28 What a year has it been. Innumerable memories, unlimited fun, and life changing moments. Thanks for everything you have been. From a bestfriend to a mother. You have done it all for me. Stayed by my side. And clearly someone was jealous of our friendship (@sassy_shru ) 😂 So here, I promise to stick by your side till the end of my life. 😌 I know tujhe pata hai ye. 😂 Thanks for being a human diary. ❤ Chal you know how much you mean to me. You're a part of my family.Ab bas zyada emo mat ho. 😂😘 Love you. Take care. Have fun. And I miss you. 😘 Also, copy right ki wajah se gaana nahi hai 😂 bhag ab bas. 😁 #bestie #bff #family #chipppuuukaaabirthdayyyyy
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