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So I walked into McDonald's and some dude was standing at the counter after he ordered and wouldn't move so I said "excuse me sir" and SHE turned around and was like "ugh I hate men"😂😂 sorry if you have a buzz cut it makes anyone look like a dude from behind😤 Follow my partners!🔥 @Conservative.girll @trumpformurica @civilconservative @american_minutemen @___wrong____ @ctrl_a_merica @republican_conservative1776 @maddyfortrump @_miss.conservative_ @fake_news_patrol @the_upright_media @american_politics1776 @trump_makes_america_great @conservative_for_patriots @rightwingism @trump_conservative_2020 @proud_deplorable @post_1776 @sns_dawg @too_patriotic_for_liberals @right_winged_conservatives @ran.network Follow me!🇺🇸 @facts_over_feelings_v1776 Tags:
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