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Lyme Park was such good fun and absolutely beautiful today! - - It was cold but there was sledging to do and jogging back up those hills warmed us up! - - Never without some protein for sustaining and repairing my hard worked muscles! - - Thank you @positivehealthandnutrition for the Booster Whey Protein which tastes AMAZING!! and has MCT oil which can assist in fat burning, promote a healthy digestive system, reduces lactate build up and ohhh the list is long... let’s just say it has so many benefits 👍!! - - @positivehealthandnutrition @nt_lymepark - #snow #sledging #naturephotography #lymepark #cheshirept
That 10 year challenge thing.... - - #10yearchallenge
Come and meet me? - - Train for free with limited slots available week commencing 14th January. DM me for times. Get your self off to a good start this January. - - #keepevolving #tonedfigure #fitnessfan #cheshirept #stockportpt
Throwback to the NAC British Championships in November. I loved the condition I brought to this show, it wasn’t as lean as the Universe stage in Hamburg but was the best condition I’d been in up to then. I also liked having a bit more fullness. Realistically though condition can’t be denied and I had to step it up for the Universe. Give me either of those physiques back please?! - - Like most people I have added a few kilograms (and a few more) over Christmas and New Year but now routine and consistency is returning I am confident so will previous body composition. Maybe not quite to stage condition for a little while (what should I enter?) but some definite improvements are to come! 💪 - - All with the help of @positivehealthandnutrition and @ben_bardsley - - Constantly pushing me to develop into a better, stronger, healthier person physically and mentally. - - Contact me or @positivehealthandnutrition for training advice, 1-2-1 training, diet and nutrition advice, supplement recommendations for your needs and online programmes. - - #positivehealthandnutrition #figure #NACBodybuilding #throwbackthursday #backpose
Reminiscing about having skin folds on my glutes...come back please?? - - Looking forward to 2019 and setting some new goals!! I’ve enjoyed a break from my routine, training and diet but totally ready to go again!! - - With the support of @positivehealthandnutrition 💪 - - Where will 2019 take us? #flexfriday #splits #positivehealthandnutrition #figurecompetitor #bodybuilding #shredded
Read below for the reasons why these are on my Christmas list 👇 - - Dear Santa - - This year I have been good and worked very hard. I would like if at all possible... - - Multipack Ultra - day and night formula multivitamins - - Joint pack - to look after my joints whilst my lifts increase - - Clean Marine for Women - to balance my hormones and energy levels - - CLA - to assist in reducing any post Christmas fat gain naturally - - Udos oil - for my essential fats that are needed in so many of the body’s functions - - Creatine - a supplement that stood the test of time, is safe and effective at increasing strength and muscle gains - - A Whey Protein - an absolute must for muscle tissue growth and maintenance - - ....and lots of other lovely surprises please 🎁😊 - Love from Kirsty - - @positivehealthandnutrition - Get in there today and get your last minute gifts!! - - #positivehealthandnutrition #positivechristmas #christmaslist
Happy #flexfriday - - Is it even a pose down without a most muscular? - - @positivehealthandnutrition - @ben_bardsley
I spent so long deliberating over whether I wanted to post this picture (the one on the right 😂) yesterday that I missed #transformationtuesday however it is #humpday so I’ve put it out there as an alternative to the usual #hump ! - - I get asked daily....did you not get fat when you were pregnant? Where is your mummy tummy? Does the flab ever go away? And so on!! - - I decided to post this picture to show all you mums out there that the answer is yes. But also those who haven’t had children but are concerned their fat, flab, loose skin and wobbly bits are there indefinitely, I want to assure you they are not! - - With some changes to your diet, implementing exercise and promoting health and the correct functioning of your body you will see huge changes in a short time! Not only that, implementing these changes becomes a habit and you get healthier, happier and look better day after day. - - Have more energy, feel better and look great!! Contact me @evolve_training or @positivehealthandnutrition for how to do this! Males too!! - - Thank you @positivehealthandnutrition and @ben_bardsley for the support, supplements and guidance throughout. The journey continues! - - #positivehealthandnutrition #keepevolving #humpday #transformation #health #mumof3 #momofthree #babyhump
Stage make up by @swx_mobilemakeup a very talented young lady - #blueeyes #greeneyes #makeupartist
Message me to take up this great offer. You can still fit in these sessions before Christmas and earn your over indulgences! - - #keepevolving #ptmanchester #ptcheshire #ptstockport #itsalmostchristmas #butnotjustyet
There is exactly 6 weeks from the furthest left picture to the furthest right. October 14th - November 24th, with the middle picture being 3 weeks after the right and 3 weeks before the left (November 4th). And a few very overindulgent events in between (my sisters wedding and post show treats) - - I am running 6 weeks New Year - New You courses starting in January and they are available to book now!! I would do it now, buy it for a loved one, enjoy Christmas and then TRANSFORM yourself!! - - I know it’s early in December but set a goal and make it happen! - - #Transform #TransformYourself #NewYearNewYou #PositiveHealthAndNutrition #Evolve #KeepEvolving
TEAM...work with people who inspire, motivate and encourage you daily! Make sure those you work with want the best for you and that you want the best for them. - - Together everyone achieves more!!! - - @positivehealthandnutrition - @ben_bardsley - @evolve_training - - #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
Post show back day. After eating a weeks worth of food every day since the show on Saturday I am feeling very full!! I have got control over my appetite back and I’m feeling great. - - Sleep is amazing too. Read on!! - - I would recommend this fab product called Sleep-er from @positivehealthandnutrition - - https://positivehealthandnutrition.com/product/trec-nutrition-sleep-er/ - - SLEEP-ER is recommended for athletes and anyone suffering intense physical or mental fatigue who does not regenerate completely during sleep. - - SLEEP-ER is a complex dietary supplement containing melatonin, D-aspartic acid (DAA) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), extracts of valerian and lemon balm, amino acids and minerals. - - SLEEP-ER contains magnesium which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and vitamin B6 which contributes to regulation of the hormonal activity and proper functioning of the nervous system. Zinc contained in the product helps maintain normal levels of testosterone in the blood. - - Aside from all the science and research behind the product I can genuinely say that it is the best product I’ve had for giving me a good nights sleep. It doesn’t take long to get to sleep and I wake feeling rested and refreshed! One of the best bits when dieting is it is tastes great too!! - - RRP: £33.99 Positive price: £23.99 - Use code EVO10 for a further 10% off your order. Follow the link above 👆 - - @positivehealthandnutrition 💪 #tonedfigure #figurecompetitor #bodybuilding #sleepisbeautiful #backworkout #doublebiceps
Happy #humpday to you all!!! - Beautiful bikini @annebikinisale - All advice, supplements and support @positivehealthandnutrition - Training plans @evolve_training - #figurecompetitor #positivehealthandnutrition #nacuniverse #nacuk #nacgermany
3rd place Ms Figure in the Universe! 🏆 - Thank you to @positivehealthandnutrition for all the help and support. Great supplement and advice throughout!! - Thank you @annebikinisale for the gorgeous bikini 👙 simply beautiful!! - BIG Thank you @ben_bardsley for the support, advice and believing in me...also the little bit of pressure that makes me work to my best!! 💪 - Thank you @nac_uk , Eugene, Sonia and all the team!! - And big thanks to my friends and family who have given me support and help whenever I needed it! - #onegratefulgirl
#FlexFriday . Full of lots of good food on the morning after the NAC British Championships last Sunday. — @positivehealthandnutrition 💪 @ben_bardsley#postshowpump #refeed #flexfriday #positivehealthandnutrition #back #backpose #doublebicep
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