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Hi y’all, today we have these classic spoons which are Disney themed!!! They are silver plated meaning they should have a nice weight to them. I like the designs they put in the end of the mickeymouse one however it make get into bad shape quickly or worse, come off into your food nonetheless if it was built well that wouldn’t happen. They seem like collectors pieces so I doubt they’re for eating anyway. I rate fancy Disney spoons; • 6/10 👑 🥄
Hello 👋🏼 today we have these spoons which I’m a little confused about. 🤔 I couldn’t find much information on them so I can’t tell if they’re edible or just wooden/cardboard. 📦 If they were edible that would be something new here but if they were wooden, that’s ok. No spoon discrimination here!! ❌ I rate edible/wooden/cardboard spoon: • 5/20 🥄 📦 🥘
Today, boys, girls and everyone in between we have this odd fork with a sort of small spoon growing out of the side of it. 🍴 🥄 It’s interesting as you still have a full length of fork and a small spoon which would be great for some meals! However I think the spoon part may get in the way of stabbing items with the fork part. Something to take into consideration. I rate this spoon: • 8/10 🍴 🥄
Alright spooners, Today we have these very colourful spoons made of plastic! The handle looks like a toothbrush so you know the grip on the spoon will be excellent. I like the colours and the grip is a nice touch. I rate toothbrush spoon: • 7/10 🥄
Hi everyone, today we have this multi use spoon/spanner/wrench. I googled before typing this because I wasn’t sure whether it was a Wrench or a Spanner. Turns out they’re the same thing! Anyway, I know a few countries had Father’s Day a few days ago (for us it’s September 🤷‍♀️) and this would be a typical “dad gift”. I like that it has 2 uses, scooping food and tightening bolts! I rate Spanner/Wrench Spoon: • 8/10 🔧 🥄
Hey guys, gals and everyone in between, Today we have this StarWars themed spoon, a lightsaber! This was submitted by @kateeverett_ and it’s really cool actually! It featured a translucent spoon end and the handle is the saber handle! It looks like there may be a light inside! I like it. I rate Lightsaber spoon: • 9/10 🥄 💡 ⚔️
hey guys 👋🏼, Today we have this cool scorpion spoon, instead of a traditional boring straight handle bit we have a scorpions body! 🦂 My only concern is it may be a bit hard to hold with the design. I like it though, it’s original. I rate scorpion spoon: • 7/10 🥄 🦂
sup squad fam, Today we have this cool double ended spoon submitted by @jaboidaboi . This spoon is in theory a smart idea until you realise that you need a really wide mouth for it to be functional. The only way I could see this being helpful is if you’re a conjoined twin or maybe your on a lady and the tramp style dinner with soup or something. It’s got a nice good finish though! I rate double ended spoon: • 5/10 🥄 ➕ 🥄
we’re a big fan of the made in china spoons here at @everyday.spoon and this is no exception. Today we have these cute hello kitty and bear spoons (he has a name I forgot it though, comment his name for a shoutout!!) They come in the colour of their character on the end though they don’t seem very long. Not so great for deep bowls. I like the addition of the character on the end however it may make it hard to hold the spoon. I rate short character spoon: • 8/10 🥄 🐻 🐱
Today we have this interesting person spoon, it appears to be a woman. It’s made of treated wood so it probably won’t last as long as a metal spoon but it’s an option if you like the design. I rate wooden woman spoon: • 6/10 🥄💁‍♀️
WARNING ⚠️: This spoon is a trap!!! 😤 As you can see, there is a cover near the tip of the spoon preventing you from getting any food out!!! Food goes in = doesn’t come out!!! 😤😭 How could anyone do this??? I rate trap spoon: • 1/10 🥄😵
Sorry about recent inactivity (school work 🙄) But I’m back and today we have this Barbie Arm spoon. 🥄 🙋‍♀️ It’s interesting and unique however slightly creepy, what do you think? Vote in my story!!! I rate arm spoon: • 7/10
Continuing on with our last spoon we have these black and white swan spoons. The have a longer neck that the previous one and towards the base attached to the spoon end is a small dish (perhaps to prevent dripping onto surfaces). It’s hard to tell whether the dish part is attached or not but based on this picture it looks as it may be. A factor to consider if purchasing this spoon. Pros: 2 colours, sleek design, visually appealing I rate swan spoon: • 7/10 🐦 🥄
@connor_odaniel submitted this spoon which looks like some kind of bird. This spoon is carved from wood and coated in some kind of finish that gives it that nice shine. I like the addition of feet at the end of the spoon and like the use of a metal bearing at the end of the shaft for an eye. This spoon is creative, functional and visually appealing. I rate bird spoon: • 8/10 🐦 🥄
Oooo a lil bit more on the pricey side of spoons are these vintage ceramic spoons from “Royal Albert” at $58 usd for the set! Very nice colours, pretty patterns however they are a lil bit pricey 🤑 I rate the set: • 6/10 👑 💰
Isn’t this snazzy, a stainless steel mermaid tea spoon! 🧜‍♀️ 🍵 These were rated 5 stars online and at only $7 why wouldn’t you??? I rate this spoon: • 9/10 🧜‍♀️
Oooooo, an orange lady bug 🐞 patterned spoon and fork. I rate them: • 8/10 🐞 🥄
Wow look at these authentic walnut spoon set, so natural, so wooden. I rate them: • 7/10 🌲 🥄
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