Celebrity Make up & Hair Artist 👻Snapchat: EtienneOrtega #EtienneOrtega

Today with @krisjenner ✨ Hair @jorgeserranohair Styled by @charroxstylist Makeup @etienneortega
Last night with @cassie for @gq #manoftheyear Hair by @larryjarahsims Styled by @heyimdeo Makeup by @etienneortega
@xtina 💎 📸 @zoeygrossman 💇🏼‍♀️ @robsalty 👗 @karenclarkson 💄 @etienneortega
First look at yesterday’s Beauty Workshop in #MexicoCity 🇲🇽 I’m so extremely grateful to everyone that came to my class, people from Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela and more!! I don’t do classes as often as ide like but I know when I do it, I do it with love!! it is such a rewarding feeling giving back, and listening to everyone’s kind feedback and excitement about applying technique, tips and trick to their makeup routines! And to my friend @ltorresbeauty and his wonderful team for always putting together an amazing quality events!🙏🏽🙏🏽
Congrats to the Pimentels!! @nazaninmandi & @miguel ❤️ Makeup @etienneortega Hair @eduardoponcehair
Classic Casual 💋 @xtina Glam by @etienneortega
Last day of the #liberationtour and man what an experience this has been!! @xtina I am so proud of you, blows me away almost 2 decades Into your career and you manage to sing your ass off (LIVE) every show! You really have paved the way and inspired SO MANY! A living #legend ! While maintaining your main job, being a mom! 👏🏽👏🏽. To the liberation team, my glam fam fam stage in the quick change @stephensollitto @johannaburmesterandersson !!! creatives @slaughteration @paulmorente u guys killed it and brought to life an incredible show! The amazing band, amazing dancers and vocalist, watching you guys do your thing every night makes me smile and enjoy watching everyone do their thing! And everyone behind the scenes, all production, management, security lighting,stage manager, monitors, sound, you all are amazing! Cheers to an amazing tour!
#bts@jessiej For this glossy lid I used @narsissist Lip Lacquer in “Cape Town” golden with a pink sparkle!
Gorgeous 💚 @jessiej for her new Xmas album “ out now!! 🧡🎄 Shot by @brianziff Hair @eduardoponcehair Styled @madeleinebowdenstyle Makeup @etienneortega
Happy Happy Bday @krisjenner 💜🎉, You are hard working , a leader, inspiring to myself and so many, a true BOSS!!! it’s so sweet how every morning in glam I get to see you be so loving, caring, FaceTime with all your kids, grand kids and your Mom, always making sure everyone is OK. It’s your values your loyalty and unconditional love for your family and how much They mean to you, is the most inspiring thing!! It blows me away and I don’t know how you manage to do it it ALL!! Love You! 😘😘😘
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