Cact-Dad Eric

Former Wrestle Circus Side Show Champion.

Jareth the Goblin King #EWAF #TheLabyrinth
My new Dark Crystal print is too beautiful not to share. #TheDarkCrystal #Mondo Thanks @aarondrawdy for the frame!
Went to @emosaustin for #BFMV . Had an amazing time, and I met The Miz! #GoodTimes
One of my favorite bands @blueoctoberband released a new album today #IHopeYoureHappy . I'll be listening all day.
My brother brought me a Cubone's skull back from his trip to A-kon. #Pokemon #3Dprinted #NoPokemonWereHarmed
Somehow managed to fit 3 grown men inside a photobooth.
Last weekend was fun. Got to see @blueoctoberband perform, then chilled all over downtown #Austin until about 4am.
Let me introduce you to my new friend, Pedro! He's from Ecuador.
Forgot to post this. Finally got to see @Lights this past February at @emosaustin #WeWereHere #UpWeGo
Wearing my friend's shirt! Ready for @wrestlecircus tonight! @stricklandshane @itsrickalicious @finishergear
Just another Saturday for me. @wrestlecircus #OneOfTheBoys #800Congress #Austin
Pretty much my favorite t-shirt now. Thanks @gobrutus U DA MAN
I freakin love my new tattoo. @freedommachinetattoo @pepperblaster
Forever my favorite. #HIM #Heartagram
Been a rough couple of days. Thousands of thoughts racing, never giving a rest. Just wanting these emotions to stop already.
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