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YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!! Full body play time that can be done ANYWHERE, so no excuses! Find a bench, chair, or stairs and have some fun with these moves! -15 step up with booty squeeze each leg -15 split squat on each leg -20 to 30 dips -8 to 15 T Push-ups each side 1 min jump rope 👊you did it! Now REPEAT 2 more times baby!!💪🏽💪🏽 . If you guys want to play with me, join my LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING CLASS on Saturday morning at 8:30am CST!! I see all of you and you guys only see me. I will interact with all of you for the 45 min workout to make sure you have perfect form!! We will follow the workout with a 15 min Q&A session. I can’t wait to help you guys make PRETTY MUSCLES 💪🏽 and this workout is for ALL levels of fitness. I will show modifications for all the fun moves! See you Saturday! . Tag your friends that would join you in the fun workout video I posted! . . . #fit #legs #fitness #workout #homeworkout #personaltrainer #nashville #healthylifestyle #cleaneating #4x4diet #OPREAfit
Be YOU and LOVE ❤️ LIFE. Life is too short to live it miserably. Also, when you Eat Clean and Move your body you’ll be Amazed at how much better you feel both mentally and physically. So, get out get some fresh air and Move that Body, Oh and SMILE!🤪 . Tag somebody who can use this quote in they’re life!!!
Play time means looking good and getting strong all in one, and thanks to @outdoorvoices I have a killer new Tech Sweat outfit!! Need motivation to get yourself going?? Go get a new outfit or new running shoes or BOTH!!!! #DoingThings and making pretty muscles! Grab your Bosu ball and try out these one legged squats to get them ready for SHORTS SEASON!! . . #OVpartner #nashville #legs #personaltrainer #healthylifestyle #lovelife #4x4diet #OPREAfit
HAHAHAHAHA!!! But let’s seriously not do this. Learn to eat clean balanced DELICIOUS meals all day long! You won’t get the results you want till you clean up your eating!! . I’ve made it as simple as possible in my book The 4x4 Diet!! I have a healthy balanced lifestyle forever laid out for you guys. So go grab your copy TODAY!
PLAY TIME with the LEGGGGGGSSSS!!!! This game is a killer that will make some PRETTY LEGS!💪🏽 I show a harder and easier version of it so let’s play! 10 squat and jumps 10 sec hold in the down position 9 squat and jumps 10 sec hold 8 squat and jumps 10 sec hold REPEAT ALL THE WAY TO 1👊👊👊 . Be sure to tag a friend to play with you tonight, maybe even do it together on FaceTime 👭👬👫 . Bonus room Decorated by @thelexleblanc
Hahaha!!! It’s all fun and games till our jeans don’t fit anymore!!! Seriously, CLEAN UP your EATING TODAY!!!! Eat clean to get Lean, Workout to get Strong! If you need help, download my FREE meal plan app called MENUD and follow me or grab a copy of my book “The 4x4 Diet”. We can all do this, we just have to decide it’s important enough to us! . Don’t forget tonight you guys can ALL make PRETTY MUSCLES with me in my LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING CLASS!!! It’s a 6:00pm CST and it’s for ALL levels of fitness💪🏽. It’s a 45 min workout followed by a 15min Q&A, where you can ask me all the fitness and nutrition questions that you’ve been dying to figure out!!! Let’s make the beautiful LEGS tonight all TOGETHER! . Tag your friend that might want to take this class with you!!! Its like a workout party in your own living room!!! . . . #workout #homeworkout #legs #fir #fitness #personaltrainer #nashville #cleaneating #4x4diet #OPREAfit
Hahahahaha! This is probably true for so many people. We need to make a change! This is the reason why you’re not seeing the results you want and are just staying the same, believe me, this totally use to be me! I’d Eat Clean all week then on the weekends I’d way overindulge. So I’d lose weight during the week and gain it all back on the weekend so I saw NO results from my hard work. You have to indulge in MODERATION and not all weekend!!!! Eat Clean to get Lean, Workout to get Strong!!! Let’s do this👊 . If you need help with trying to figure out what to eat I’ve made it as easy as you possibly can and it’s 100% FREE!!! I have a meal plan app called MENUD (that follows my 4x4 Diet book rules) that changes meals every week and has desserts and snacks. You just pick the meals you want and the serving size of the meals that works for your family and it will build you an AMAZINGLY organized grocery list!!! And something else super cool you can hit buy and all those groceries get delivered to your house by Amazon Fresh!!! So go download MENUD and follow me!! (on iPhone search for “Menud” - on Android search for “PlateList by Menud.”) Let’s eat clean YUMMY meals all together! . Tag your friends that might find my app MENUD super helpful in their life!
Rain or Shine, dancing must go on at @whiskeyrownashville !!! There is nothing like a great DJ (@djgrantfisher 💪🏽🤘) to put you in the most happy mood!! Love life and dance on!! I’ve almost hit my steps now👊👊🏃🏻‍♀️ . 📹 @trng615 . . . #lovelife #dance #smile #nashville #whiskeyrow #healthylifestyle #balance #4x4diet #OPREAfit
Let’s all be Perfectly Imperfect and thankful for where we are while working towards where we want to be!!! Love Life💕and live it to its fullest! . . . #loveyourself #staythepath #cleaneating #healthylifestyle #nashville #personaltrainer #fit #fitness #healthy #OPREAfit
A little good, a little naughty tonight!!! It’s all about balance, and I’m sticking to one glass to get through this book 📚 🤦🏼‍♀️writing process that’s on the wrap up!!! Wine 🍷 and @vitalproteins collagen peptides 👊👊!!! Why not help support my joints while enjoying my wine and trying to stay sane!!! Why I’m obsessed with @vitalproteins Collagen: -it’s helped me soooo much with my bad knee. It supports joint health -it makes your hair and nails grow like weeds (which I don’t love because I hate getting my nails done) -it’s awesome for your skin and gut health .So this why I’ve been working with this AWESOME collagen company. . What do you think my 2nd book will be about? I’d love to know what you’d like to hear more on! . . . #stayvital #ad #4x4diet #staythepath #cleaneating #healthylifestyle #nashville #health #fit #workout #OPREAfit
👊👊Love yourself first!!! Happy weekend everybody! Don’t go ruin all your hard work you did this week by not having any self control this weekend. Enjoy small amounts of goodies and go DANCE lots! Smile and 💕Love Life! . Don’t forget, TOMORROW is my LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING CLASS at 8:30am CST!!! This class is a killer workout party in your own living room while following along with my workout and I’ll be watching all of you guys and giving you feed back to make sure you master Perfect form! The class is 45 min followed by a 15 min Q&A, you just need good WIFI and dumbbells (you can improvise and use wine bottle, water bottles....). My class is for ALL levels of fitness because I show harder and easier versions of each exercise!!! So hurry up and sign up so we can all make PRETTY MUSCLES Tomorrow 8:30amCST! . . . #healthy #muscles #workout #fit #homeworkout #workoutparty #fit #4x4diet #staythepath #cleaneating #healthylifestyle #nashville #personaltrainer #OPREAfit
This is hands down on of my favorite Dinners I’ve had in so long, and the best part is it took 10 min from start to finish😮, that’s my style of cooking! Salmon and Scallops Salad I sprayed a skillet and got it high temperature and then put the Wild Salmon and the Scallops with a little salt, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder on them. Seared it until it got crispy on the outside then flipped it! -steamed a bag of stir fry veggies in the microwave -sautéed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in water in a skillet -mixed spring greens Put it all together and topped it with the Green Goddess Dressing it’s by @tessemaes. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! . I have so many yummy recipes for you guys in my book “The 4x4 Diet” and on my 7 day FREE meal plan app called MENUD!! The recipes change every week so you never get bored, There is something on there for Everybody! Just download Menud and follow ME! . . . #cleaneating #healthy #delicious #healthylifestyle #4x4diet #staythepath #nashville #personaltrainer #healthyrecipes #OPREAfit
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