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All these shingum gehs sef smh Cc @taaooma Shot n edited by @_abula
..and Maradona responded - "Teni why you dey cast me so?". ___ NB: I must do song with this geh @tenientertainer lol #OhEmGeeByForceCollabo To watch full video just search for EmmaOMG FARGIN remix on youtube
🙏🙏🙏 Thank God!
Repping Naija all the way! Thanks for my attire @Everythingnuud and @ddavidshoes for my shoes. Leggo! #SBA shey?
Over 5 hours of rehearsal and still rehearsing...
Showtime soon.. Pray for me 🙏
If you know this song then we have a similar upbringing 😁😇 #SwingBackSaturday
Mommy I'm on BBC! Lol meanwhile this is how to soundcheck 😁 #WetinDey
See wetin Daphne take my eye see just when I thought that I don catch babe for gym..Choi! Abeg my Igbo people.. what was she saying? Was she greeting me? #OhEmGeeFunnies ft @isthatlarisa ______ NB: I no too sabi edit with phone again lol..make una manage am
#TBT CU choir days 🎼🎸🕺 Studio refurbished and good to go Shalla to @olaitandada and Mr Femi acoustics 😁
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