Emma Dumont

Call me Em!💚✖💚 Polaris - The Gifted on Fox Dance. Derby. Robots. Comp Sci/Engineering Student

Getting ready for the Chinese New Year with these cuties and my OPPO phone! Hehe. 🖤🐷🖤🐷🖤🐷🖤 Hair by the outstanding @paulnortonhair and Makeup by the amazing @marinagravani ❤❤❤
That's my girl! 👑❤ I am beyond grateful for the writing and direction of the one and only @shoarmie. When I got the script for this what 13 minute monologue I was so excited. HannyMac I love you. We have been through glass barefoot and practically naked, through the freezing cold forest, walking blindly around a fire, about 200 matches and of course those stunning NM sunsets. Love you lady! 🖤🐍🖤⚔🖤 #taggedshow
We all had one at our high school. Queen Cobra 🐍👑🐍 Go check out Zoe Desaul on @taggedshow ! 🖤💀🖤⚔🖤 STREAM ALL 3 SEASONS ON @hulu and on @itv too I think. Woot woot!
TAGGED IS NOW OUT ON @hulu ! Binge it bishes! 🖤🐍🖤🐍🖤🐍🖤🐍🖤 #hulu #taggedshow
Cultural appropriation by @frankiedonjae 🎄🎁🎄
Thank you for 400k! Thank you for all your love and support and thank you @emmadumont.fanpage for this image. ❤❤❤ I love you all so much and I can't wait to share the next crazy, amazing year with you all.
@frankiedonjae 's sneak attack ❤
Lorna and Andy say don't forget to watch an all new episode of @thegiftedonfox tonight!
My girl 🖤⚔🖤
These are my people ❤💛💚 Last night at 1:29am we wrapped on our 2nd season of @thegiftedonfox the same way we started it. With these 3 crazy mutants. My brothers for life. I can not explain the feeling of ending a journey with a group of people who have become your family. Thank you to our amazing writers, producers, directors and our outstanding crew. I love you all so much. ✖✖✖
Did the X-men choose the right person to lead the mutant underground? Mmmm my moves speak for themselves.
I'll show them trouble 💚⚔💚 #thegifted #mutant
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