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mi luv💖
follow my art page @damnedestdoyenne !! I’ll be posting a lot more once school starts and I get to work on some projects !
my lil joy and i on film
⭐️happy starry morning⭐️
i’m allergic to grass
😍🤪hey baby hey baby hey!
hewwo happy birfday my heaven-sent fwiend! thank you for always bringing only your brightest and most genuine self,,your light is so infectious! never let it dim—sending so much luvv across the cosmos for your special day.
hair and heart both going crazy<3
go and open up your eyes and tell me what you see
have u ever tried waking up in heaven talking to the wind?
🦋🌻🐛surrounded by constant views
our backyard cuties! can you spot all 4?
rewritten by machine on new technology
archived: one of my faves
saw u in a dream🦋🍒
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