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Just one more before I sign off for the week. View from the Lady of the Lake. #lakechelan #ladyofthelake #gobyboat #beautifulday #nofilterneeded
Downtown Chelan on a Saturday night. #partyon
Follow the rainbow!
The big wheel keeps on turning. #fallequinox2018
I really like pretty things. When the package is as sweet as the merchandise, even better. #etsy #aprilninedesigns #projectbag #knittingbag #woodlandcreatures #foxandrabbits
Fruits of my labor this weekend. #chickensoup #cooksomething #eatwell #eatlocal #soupfordays
Back from the Broadway Farmer's Market. I really wish I could provide this picture to you in smell-o-vision. It is amazing. 🥕 Making chicken soup today to try and fight off whatever this bug Jeff and I have and can't quite shake. The only thing I couldn't find at the market today was celery. 🥕 I am so blessed to have the luxury of shopping with my local farmers and knowing exactly where my food came from and how it was raised and being able to afford whatever I want to eat. If you can do that too, don't take it for granted.
So did this today. I mean, I am a sucker for the Alien and Predator franchises and will see every one of them. This was pretty good. To be honest, anything better than Predator 2 I consider a win. This ranked in my opinion right behind Predators, which I feel has been the best one so far. 👾 Something I can really get behind is the female characters in this one. Ok, yes, there were only two, but neither were protected nor were they love interests nor were they butch soldiers, the typical cliches of movies like this. They were both badass with potty mouths and interesting talents, and could totally take care of themselves, and the men treated them basically as equals. One scene one of them was sent to take care of a kid, but it made sense. More of that please. 👾 I opted to try the "4DX Experience" which was a little nauseating. People were getting beat up a lot so I did get a nice back massage. I was also super pleased with my sense to turn the water off before the movie started. The puffs of air were weird and I didn't find the motion really synced that well with the film. And I was given 3D glasses, but thought the movie looked better without them. I definitely would not go for the experience again.
I hate leaving piles on the weekend.
As far as jobs go, mine really is tops. Today was another day in the field taking a hike in the woods, I mean walking a job site, with a contractor. 🐇 On the North Cascades highway just past the town of Newhalem is Gorge Switchyard and Gorge Powerhouse. Behind Gorge Powerhouse is Ladder Creek Falls, a beloved landmark of the Skagit project that was built by J.D. Ross back in the 40's to show people the wonders of electricity. It's a place that makes most people shake their heads now. Light fixtures were mounted directly on trees. Music was piped in and a changing color light show was projected on the falls. Gardens were packed full of invasive species that tried taking over the forest in some areas. And for a few years there was even a zoo. It was a huge hit. 🐇 Eventually the lights started breaking and they were replaced with more environmentally sound solutions. Native species began to be eradicated so the national park can do it's thing. Then In 2015 the Goodell Creek Fire happened, but they were able to save most of the gardens. The fire damaged many of the lights and burned a lot of underbrush which in subsequent years has allowed rain and snow melt to wash away parts of the access trail and also washed many dead trees and other brush down into the falls. 🐇 This year the lights are being fixed and replaced and next spring the lovely Ladder Creek Falls light show will be back to its original glory.
A little more bat-winged than I expected but feeling very pleased with the choice of bind off color and pretty sure I will be using the applied i-cord bind-off for like every project from now on.
We'll become silhouettes when our bodies finally go... #shadowsandlight #bricks #silhouette
Feeling some pretty positive PDX juju this weekend.
I have waxed poetic about this bag, but I can't stop. The Vessel Tote is THE PERFECT TRAVEL BAG! I love its interior pockets that makes my books and tissues and phone and ID super easy to find. I love the open top that makes easy access to my knitting. Whether I am going by train or plane or boat or car, this bag comes with me. It is truly a classic. #queenbeetravels #queenbeecreations #eighthgeneration #vesseltote #gobytrain #travelbags #travelwell #kingstreetstation
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