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Livingroom goals ✹ #klaravĂ€strakyrkogata17
You can never have too much of white marble ✹ #brahegatan23
Ceiling high windows is one of the reasons why we love this New York flat. The private library isn’t too bad either.. #200eleventhavenue
One of Stockholms hidden gem’s. Want to have a closer look? See more on our website ✹ #kaptensgatan
The dream of a private house in the middle of Stockholm just turned into reality 😌 #djurgĂ„rdsslĂ€tten96 #djurgĂ„rden
We just love everything about the decor and stucco details in this beautiful home ✹ #karlbergsvĂ€gen80a
As much as we love color, sometimes less is more! ✹ #tulegatan5b
A New York dream come true! ✹ #beekmanresidences
Bo i hjÀrtat av Södermalm! Missa inte möjligheten att flytta in i Bergmans Bageri. AnmÀl ditt intresse idag för chans att stÄ lÄngt fram i kön! Inflytt feb/mars 2019 för etapp 2. Vem vill du flytta hit tillsammans med?
Sometimes the simple details are the most stunning! ⭐ #brahegatan23
Heavenly bathtub and breathtaking view is a combination that’s hard to beat ✹ #karlatornetpenthouse
If you don’t want to spend your autumn days out in the cold, this in house terrace with a delightful fireplace is perfect for you. ⭐ #roddarvĂ€gen3
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