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More self care and gratefulness will help you grow, forgive, heal and release the power in you. Forgive yourself and let out your happy inner child with trust, love and feel good about taking care of yourself until you stop blaming and say “I’m doing the best I can”. Then, you can go change the world! ILY
How are you doing beloved? I love #Ad Selfcare and while posing for @camilladayspa @Aveda I found the December O MAG @oprahmagazine ! Just pick one up, call a friend or family member, share Omazing storied and gifts over a coffee or even the phone! Please ask ”HOW ARE YOU DOING?” Every one needs to know they are cared for. If no one asks you, do self care. Because you really do matter to me. I love you. 💕. Come @camilladayspa today Thursday 4:30 pm celebrate and win prizes, eat, drink and buy discounted certificates!
Growing, healing and self care is my mantra! Do you think loving intentions TO you? Replace thinking back with all positive and forward words today. Watch the miracles and be the change you wish to see in yourself and others. Namaste 🙏☮️❤️
Flying around @artbasel Miami and enjoying a beautiful South FL day! Namaste.
30-day Yoga challenge and lose weight by #newyearseve with #Trendy4health and me! #yogachallenge
Read @oprah ’s Rules and enjoy your weekend! I am honored to be an #OMAGinsider , Brand Ambassador, for O, The Oprah Magazine! The 3rd year will be another Omazing journey and I am like a kid on Christmas morning, the best is yet to come! I am truly excited for January @halcruises with Oprah and @GayleKing and @oprahmagazine ’s incredible team!!! ♥️ ☮️ 🙏
Art class today @marjorystonemanhigh with Teen Vogue 21 under 21 17-yr old artist @autumndeforest spread her joy for creating art healing, and activism! Autumn can fly like an Eagle! She attended Washington DC #marchforourlives and says, ”we do not need permission to change”. Rock on and thanks to @aliboca @autumndeforest @relevantcommunications @thirdeyeyogashala.
Happy Hanukkah 🕎 to you #Ad @Target @oprahmagazine as We enjoy the latkes, candy and wine on this beautiful #Target tray, table runner and #candle holders! Make your #Targetrun for more candles and #hanukkah food and decorations for the week! #omaginsiders #8daysoflights
How do I lose weight? Begin with a food diary! Add yoga and my 30 day challenge. https://www.thirdeyeyogashala.com/weight-loss-challenge/
I played in a beautiful South FL Golf Tournament today! I have been taking lessons, practicing and have a great teacher and golf partner. Just like I teach my yoga students. It was fun too so try something new, different and go for it!
Endless possibility, love and light are all I SEA.
Are you ready for Hanukkah? I am and #Ad #Hanukkah is THIS Monday and you need your candles, candy and Menorah by The Weekend! I teach yoga; I can make your stress disappear in one word: Target! @Target and @OprahMagazine gratefully #sponsored me with the most beautiful holiday decorations like Candle holders, Threshold Dripless candles, table runners and I purchased the fun Menorah, gift cards including the sequins, candy and candles 🕯all @Target ! Do you want to have a festive table for 8 days of lights? #Target #Targetrun (and www.Target.com) has it all for great prices and the amazing stories in the December issue of @oprahmagazine shares stories from my O family like @JayneJamison giving menorahs to everyone at her Hanukkah table(I will bring the Target candles), @AnnitaThomas and her friends spirits party (I bought wine at Target and I’m very spiritual) and @GayleKing in her @Oprah pj’s....well you will have to pick up the December Oprah Magazine to find out more! Tag me with your holiday photos and stories! Cheers to you and your families happiness, health and all the holidays. ♥️
HOPE was at my door today. Butterfly 🦋 kisses! Have faith. God is blessing you abundantly.
When it’s #CyberMonday and says #ad #Louis Vuitton and Yogi’s Closet must buy! Happy shopping and take care of YOU today. 🌠🏝🎼🤸🏽‍♂️
Passion. Pursue it with all your heart ❤️ and you will never work a day. Manifest abundance passionately pursuing your dreams and not only don’t care what anyone thinks but also accept yourself ♥️🙏
I’m so excited for Thanksgiving because @target for shopping right after! I should not be material after the grace of thankfulness however that’s why Target prices and gifts we actually “need” are perfect. More to follow...and first, more Turkey please! 🖤Friday #Target #Needyoga
Grateful and Humble. I hope you have blessings of peace and love this Thanks-giving...and a piece of pie! Root down, inhale, close your eyes, rise up with an open heart, exhale. Namaste 🙏✌🏽
Festival Yogi Life! Namaste my friends and be in the moment and do what you love! 🙏♥️☺️
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