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— Happy [late] Birthday TSDS >> ik this is late but man if college shit wasn’t in the way… but I love y’all with all of my hearts and I have got to be the luckiest person on Earth to be able to call you guys my friends. You guys deserve all of the happiness in the universe; you are as bright as the stars, and as beautiful as the nebulae 💕💕 Thank you for everything guys… I wouldn’t be where I am without y’all
I just wanna say… happy birthday TSDS! This past year has been such an amazing trip, especially with all our up and downs. I’m glad that I have the honor of being your guys friends, and you all mean the world to me. I can’t imagine my life without you guys. Thank you for all of your memories, especially the ones about snorting avengers, chickenlandia, and kung fu bobbi (Thanos’s Main Man). Together we can kick thanos in the ass, and I’d rather die from the snap than lose you guys. People have come and gone from the group chat, but I could never imagine losing you guys. Thank you. For everything. So I’m gonna raise a glass (don’t worry, it’s just juice this time 😂) to another year 🍻
— Snowbaz [DO NOT REPOST] for Lila, Kenz, and Drew ac - ultra.disney #ederragrp
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— Just A Machine ~~>> I HATE PHONE EDITING ~~>> Can’t wait to get a computer ~~>> THE AUDIO WOULDN’T LOOP RIGHT —>>ac: sad.audios —>>for: Tori, Maddie, and Lauren . ••>> #ederragrp
Repost for #noctuaryrct
— {late} National Best Friend’s Day ~~>> I’m back bitches ~~>> My editing thing wouldn’t work —>>ac: mine —>>dt: Lila, Char, Asheeb, Hamster, and Blue Jay ••>> #ederragrp
Who wants a DT to a Bark Fluffalo edit?? (Mark Ruffalo)
— Happy Avengers (no spoilers) ~~>> Needed to lift my spirits after IW ~~>> I’m a spoiler free page —>>ac: @eder.audios —>>dt: the poor souls that broke after IW (and Blue Jay)
Just posted. Also this is my favorite galaxy: ARP 273
— My Faves ~~>> Scrap Edit 😪 ~~>> my other edit keeps glitchin so here —>>ac: @eder.audios —>>dt: the people who stan these beauties as well
Posting soon #axisrct
— My Gay Sons ~~>> I’m not crying… you are 😭 ~~>> DESERVED BETTER —>>ac: @eder.audios —>>dt: ALL Call Me By Your Name Fans
Posting again soon
— Singularity ~~>> I’m not crying… you are 😭 ~~>> had to repost cuz of problem —>>ac: @eder.audios —>>dt: for Lila and Singularity Stans
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