Ebony Jordan

If one wishes to see the light of the sun they must first wipe their eyes.

📸: @kellyweelly
Things I’ve been doing: That
Sunflowers symbolize happiness and as y’all can see, they make me very happy
So, I saw my favorite type of flower today
Call me mom cause I’m giving you life
I can’t get over how pretty this is
A happy boy
The simple lil set I got for my bday next week. I think white might be my new fave nail color 💕
My campus is covered in these happy lil flowers and ngl they make my heart swell a lil bit
Sundays and sun rays
my favorite gift this christmas
so I chopped my hair off again, as I tend to do
nye look, got to rock the blonde for another night ✂️
he wanted to join in
this is me making up for all the times i didn’t post bc i had no content
I not only watched this for the upteenth time, but I just now fully heard this line.
I got new specs
So this is Buster, he likes faux fur throws and belly rubs
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