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Just Dropped A Mix! FREE GAME! @fmb_dz - Friday @sadababy - A Pimp Named Drip Dat @leanin_lo ft. @whoisallblack - Game Time @youngin_stay_paid_ ft. @philthyrichfod - Set Down @mozzy - Not Impressive @_daboii_ - Today @iammrmosely ft. @realsaysothemac - Backseat Bandit @1take.jay - Arco @bluefacebleedem - Thothiana
DM Name/Size To Purchase Email/Tag Me if You have any Pics Dropped 2 Mixes: “A Thing Of The Past” “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds” Info in bio.
Just Posted A New Mix! “Dime A Dozen” Link in Bio!
DM Me for Room #
Posted 2 New Mixes: - “In My Feelings!” - “Lord’s My Sheppard” Link in Bio!
Lot of model bitches check for me Nigga, don’t check for me ‘less you got checks for me I kept a stick like a hobo No checkin' me Way back when D-Lo had the spot in Trestletree!
Open Now!
Tonight Come grab a scoop!🍦
🎅🏾Happy Holidays ☃️
Miami Vice Lite!
Just Posted A New Mix "In My Bag!" Link in Bio!
Just posted 2 New mixes "Rollin Stone!" & "Vacation!" Link in Bio!
If I bragged about that Lil shit you doin my boys will laugh at me!
Is that your ho? I beg your pardon If it's not, I'm shootin' my shot I'm going for the win like James Harden!
We back! 9-18 @sungodabu @institution18b
Out Now! Link in bio.
Heard they talkin' shit 'bout I Who gon' win and why I'm alive, just took one to revive Keep that vibe when we show up and collide Me and the guys move just like the F-O-I
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