i don’t post anymore or come on here ever but: i used after effects for my computer editing software!

um yeah hey! so my last post was ages ago and i planned on editing before i disappeared, and i uh... never did! but anyways For the Closure: just wanted to say that i’m done editing for pretty much forever, and i felt so bad about just leaving like i did. but anyways, i want to thank you all for all the love and support you showed me over my 3 years of editing :) u guys truly rocked my world for that period of time and i can’t thank you enough. i don’t know if i’ll ever deactivate this account because i love to look back at my edits from time to time, but i def won’t be posting at any point in time in the future. sorry for falling off the face of the earth and never making One Last edit. much love always <3 hope you’re all doing well
UM... HEY! i’m not sure if i’ll make a few edits before i go away (again) for college, but jUst STOPPING IN SINCE ITS BEEN A LIL BIT
so sorry for disappearing (again) and being so inactive! life got busy and i had a view college-y things to deal with so i haven’t had time to edit bUT, i will get one up shortly! hopefully before the weekend but i have 2 tests back to back this week so let’s see how that goes hahahah, love u all! thanks for love on my last zendaya edit and for 17.3k, i appreciate all of you so much 💛
i kinda want to edit friends???? comment requests :)
I LOVE HER SO MUCHHHHHH cc divxnes ib/rm mystic.gods for georgia <3 (i got so lazy at the end & this lowkey sucks but!) #arcticgrp #omgpage @zendaya tag her!!!
thEn i Am SpidErMan cc divxnes ac yup_byeeeee (edited) ib viriqity for mashi & jeslyn #omgpage
making a cute peter edit Rn
michael b jordan, thank you. So much cc demqn ac xangelized ib sirestiles for georgia & kam #omgpage #arcticgrp
Um, Excuse Me... Can I Have My Wig Back Please cc wolvela ac/ib petrovaness (rip quality idk what happened) for jeslyn and everyone else that commented 💛 #omgpage #arcticgrp
first couple i ever shipped <33 i miss them so much :,( ac aa.audios cc demqn sorry this lowkey sucks & that i’m posting so late :)) #omgpage #arcticgrp (i i forgot logos i hate myself)
hey!!! i’m making a naley edit tonight :)) idk if it’ll be done tonight or tomorrow, or when it’ll actually be up! hopefully by saturday but we’ll have to see how ae is acting. 😄
HEEEEEY YALLLLLLLL! i suck because i disappeared out of nowhere and deleted the edit i posted, but i’m here. i’m not gonna say that i’m back because i’ll probably disappear soon but i have this weird .... need to edit one tree hill & zendaya & tom so i’ll probably make a few and then disappear again... BUT! i came on to ask if any of y’all stan/watch one tree hill?? it used to be the only thing i edited on vine/here & how i started my editing career basically. i really want to edit naley & brooke bc they’re my babies :) just lmk!
www.instagram.com/zendaya cc demqn ib/ac sirepetrova @zendaya (updated from my last one + i’m back!) for georgia <3 #omgpage #arcticgrp
decided to make an updated zendaya instagram edit :,) since i loved my last one so much! let’s see if i still got my editing skills
HEYYYYYY GUESS WHOS BACK MFS!!!! update on my life & why i’m coming back for more than just a final edit: i got accepted to college & a lot of stress has been lifted!! school is still super stressful and i’m pretty busy as of now but i’m gonna try and post when i get the chance but as soon as december break & january rolls around i’ll be A LOT less busy! i’ve missed editing and you all so much and i’m so thankful for all of you stickin with me 💖
hey y’all! i’m gonna log out for a while but i’ll be back when i have my final edit. i love you all so much thank you for everything
mr. joe keery cc_divxnes (edited) a complete 110% rm of @petrovaness :-) for arctic #arcticgrp #omgpage
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