Dylan Masek

"They say kings never die" 😴🙏👐 R.I.P Mariah 5/24/18 #DoItForRiah ❤️ #rattpack #stan #windexgang Gotta restart my ROBLOX. #doitformoms

Don’t really care about many people anymore, because nobody really cares about me. ✌️💨
Reminder that the grind starts in a few weeks 🤼‍♂️ 🔥
Got to see my niece this weekend❤️🤗
God DAMN! Last night was crazy. Let’s do it again. #rewind #whathappenedlastnight #staylit
Just a youngin with some fucking problems💔
David City stays lit! Especially when a super dope artist stops by! Go check out some of his music! @jcrummusic @iamfvmeless @streetlightsnds #legendinthemaking #mercy #idol
Ignore my ugly smile, but Emery was making me laugh a little too hard. I love my little niece❤️😊
Alright. Let me just start off by saying thank you. Thank you to all the friends that make life worth living. This party last night was definitely needed. I had a bomb ass time and you already know we gonna have to get this lit again.🎉🔥#welit #summertime #youalreadyknow
So, my sister graduated yesterday, and yes, I did cry a little bit. Not seeing her in the halls is going to be weird, but it’s time for her to move on. Her party was lit, I got to see my awesome sister and niece, and I realized my shirt that I’ve had in my closet for a while is pretty dope. Thanks to all the people who made my day a blast. @thiccccccccolas
After a solid 4 years, Eminem has released a new album. I have to give this album a solid 10/10. The features are great, Like X Ambassadors and Ed Sheeran. 🔔UPDATED🔔 Top 5 5. Heat 4. Offended 3. River 2. Tragic Endings 1. Remind Me
Gotta rep my name and my team. #gbr #fuckiowa #fookdamayweaders
After watching the season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, I honestly have to say, the show has redeemed itself. The first half was a bit boring but it got better in the second half. I would rate this episode 9/10.
Are you fucking kidding me? #fookdamayweaders #fuckyoutube #teamedp
Deadass best scene in Californication. #fookdamayweaders
Meanwhile, in the white house....... #fookdamayweaders #TRUMP #NUKE #americaisfucked
He may not have won, but he sure didn't lose. #learnfromthegreatest #irishpride #McGregorMayweather
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