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Designing for and empowering women since 1972.

Come experience a space that’s out of this world: @therealdvf and @bravoandy under the moonlight at our party celebrating #DVFFollowtheStars , an interactive celestial pop-up at DVF Studios. Open to the public beginning December 14 at 440 west 14th street, we invite you to get inspired by the moon covered in tens of thousands #Swarovski crystals, a crystal ceiling crafted by hand, and murals leading you to #followthestars #dvf #holidayexperience #thingstodoinnyc
When we dream of the stars, we do it while listening to @breez_lance -multi-talented and #incharge . DJ, designer, creative director, musician, dancer, and great friend of the house. #followthestars #briannalance #dvf #holidayparty
Les etoiles! @therealdvf dreamt of a space where anyone could experience her inspiration that leads to our designs. Based on her longstanding love of the zodiac, we created a special place where you can follow the stars. We promise...you’ll be over the 🌙 #swarovski #swarovskicrystals #holidayfun #nycevents #dvf #DVFFollowtheStars
One more sleep until #DVFFollowtheStars , a pop-up opening at our Meatpacking boutique tomorrow. Come take a dreamy journey through zodiac-inspired experiences to live your destiny, reflect on your sign, and above all, follow the stars.
“It is easy to lose oneself when you are with people all the time. I need silence and solitude to create a buffer against the daily barrage of information and challenges. Sometimes, even in a big crowd, even at parties that I host, I find myself disappearing for a few minutes to be alone. I used to feel sad and out of place in those moments, lonely and disconnected. I don’t anymore. I use these moments to reconnect with myself and build my strength.” Some Monday words of wisdom from @therealdvf ’s book, The Woman I Wanted To Be.
“I have always looked up to Diane, and not just as a female leader in the male dominated fashion industry. Diane embodies the spirit of the woman I think all women strive to be. She’s fearless, driven, talented, witty, engaged, and fun. It’s impossible to not be inspired around Diane and it was incredibly difficult for us to pick only a couple of quotes from her to stitch.” - @linguafrancanyc Founder, @rachellehruska As another company led, founded, and supported by women, we are excited to partner with Lingua Franca — a line of sustainably-sourced luxury cashmere sweaters, each hand-stitched with conversation-starting phrases. #DVFforLinguaFranca #cashmere #holiday #giftideas #dvf
Fear is not an option. “My mother wanted me to be strong and not afraid. Like many children, I was afraid of the dark, but unlike most mothers, she would lock me in a dark closet and waited so I would learn for myself that there was nothing to be afraid of. That was just one of the times she’d say, ‘Fear is not an option.’” - @therealdvf #DVFforLinguaFranca #cashmere #giftideas #holidays #dvf #fearisnotanoption
There’s never been a more important time for your voice to be heard. #DVFforLinguaFranca
Love is life, breathe it in. “I first wrote these words inside a heart...The words from my heart have become a personal mantra and the signature motto for the company.” - @therealdvf #DVFforLinguaFranca
Love is life is love — carry these words with you wherever your day takes you. #DVFforLinguaFranca is now available in store and online.
“I have always believed in the power of words all my life and I have lived by the quotes ‘Love is Life’ and ‘Fear Is Not An Option.’” - @therealdvf #DVFforLinguaFranca
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