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Transformation about 6 months in the making left to right. I’ve gained about ten pounds while maintaining a relatively slim waistline. Now I’m slowly but surely cutting down to lean out some more and shed the struggle abs. 😂🤣 You always have to have some goals to keep yourself motivated, right? #transformationtuesday
Seven cardinal rules to life. #mondaymotivation
The difference between both of these videos is 10 days. We all fail at some point but the question is who continues to work at improving and gets better? The people that want the results. So whatever your goals are make sure you continue to push towards completing them. Now I need to work on my form afterwards increase the weight. Enjoy your Sunday and I hope this inspires someone to get out there and do something today. #sundayfunday #failureisnotanoption
Finally it’s #flexfriday it was an active rest day for me but I still put some work in early this morning. I’m curious to know what everyone else is going to train today. Let me know.
This is from over a year ago. I found some of my old workout footage from when I got started. This tricep cable crossover is a great exercise that I need to add back in to my training. #tbt #thursday
Just some #wednesdaywisdom
Weight is spot on this week, there doesn’t seem to be a need to lose pounds on the scale. The goal is to maintain as much muscle mass as possible and that’s one reason I’m not focusing on cardio training right now. At this time no cardio training has been added since it hasn’t been needed to burn fat. Currently, I’m staying very strict with tracking calories and macros to assist with my goals; it’s working so far. I’m still got some ways to go but progress is being made. #transformationtuesday #goals
Not great footage but this was a PR set this morning. 365lbs unassisted deadlifts. I need to clean up the form though, this was a little bit sloppy but for first thing I the morning on a Monday...I’ll take it. #mondaymotivation
Just curious if anyone purchased the NeoGeo mini that was released in Japan? If so, it’s it comparable to the NES/SNES classics quality wise? There are some gems on Neo Geo that I would like to own but if the UI is bogus on this unit, i’ll pass. #saturday
Finishing up a pull day with some standing curls. Finally it’s #flexfriday have a great day everyone. I can’t wait for the weekend!!!
Improvising while on the road. When you don’t have a vertical leg press you can use a smith machine as an alternative. It got the job done ✅ #thursdaythoughts #deadpool
Remember to check the wigs 😂🤣#wednesdaywisdom #wcw
From the last day of bulking to my current status while only on a minor cut. At this point I only have a little more time until I reach my goal. This is about two months of progress. It’s been slow and steady, I still haven’t added in any true cardio training as of yet since it hasn’t been necessary as of now. Let’s see what can be done by the of of this month. #transformationtuesday
A bit late but it’s still #mondaymotivation @zinzizzle you were first with the Dragonball post but this one was too good not to post up for today. #dragonballz #goku #trunks
Well it was an active rest day but since the gym was quiet I decided to throw in some sets on the smith machine since I rarely use it. It was a nice change from the regular degular. It’s always a plus to throw in some verity from time to time. Sunday is slowly becoming my favorite workout day of the week. #sundayfunday
@hermusicofficial new #EP I Used to Know Her: The Prelude has been on repeat since it was released last Friday.🔥🔥🔥 #iusedtoknowhertheprelude #her #music
Happy #flexfriday The weights are still increasing towards the end of this de-load. It did help with bouncing back from some fatigue and minor joint pain. It’s something I would do again if these symptoms return.
#wednesdaywisdom I’m not going to try to move a couch or any furniture on the train 😂 #whatwashethinking #idontknow
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