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Alpha Beta Chapter of the first, largest, and only international Asian-interest sorority at Duke University Est. 2006 LnF 💜💎

This week’s #SisterhoodSpotlight is on our lovable sister, #94 Sally *AlexandríA* Tran 🥰❤️ Sally is double majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies and Psychology 🧠 So not only can she tell you when you’re thinking right now but she can educate you on meaningful topics relevant to our current society🤩 When she’s not in her room chilling out😴, Sally is either working as a Costanzo Teaching Fellow for Psychology 101 or hanging out with her adorable niece and nephew 💁🏻‍♀️👩‍👧‍👦 She’s also an avid watcher of Netflix, specifically Chinese historical dramas and idol survival shows 📽🎞. Fun fact: Sally loves knitting, as you can tell she’s the “grandma” friend 👵🏻 Sally is one of our graduating seniors this year and we will miss her cuddly hugs and words of wisdom so much 😢 But we know that her future is bright wherever she goes ❤️ — “I had went to a couple rush events, but I didn't decide to actually rush until the Mocktails event. At the event, Carrie told me about how Andrea had an allergic reaction during class so she had to leave early. But then some guy in an orange jacket had the nerve to take Andrea's flashcards. So Carrie bolted after this boy and demanded Andrea's flashcards back. This left a strong impression on me of the strength of aKDPhi sisterhood. So I rushed and became a sister and got to see even more strong bonds between beautiful people!” — #dukeakdphi #WhyaKDPhi
Crunch time? More like Brunch time 🥞🥓🥯 Look at our entire Xi Xenia class power through this week’s midterm season at the Nasher 💪🏼 From left to right, we have Alice *MerídA* Jiang, Lauren *MaLdiva* Willis, Stacy *S.U.N* Chen, Lynn *étoile* Fan, Joey *Despoina* Liang, and Jennifer *HalcyOn* Li ❣️We would like to give a special shoutout to our very own, Alice *MerídA* Jiang, for coming back this weekend from her semester away at Duke in New York 🌃🗽 Nothing is better than enjoying a nice salmon benedict with your sisters 🍳🥰 #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #dukestudents #nashermuseum
There’s snow one like you ❄️💕 Happy Valentine’s Day from ours to yours! 💘 We can think of no better way to spend today than with our beloved sisters 👯 Our Alpha Angel #15 June *DixXxiE* Hu and Gamma Glam #29 Morgan *Vega* Kearse recently went on a trip to Switzerland 🇨🇭 to celebrate 10 years of being big and little 💖 It may be cold outside, but this keeps our hearts warm and cozy! 🥰 #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #foreverduke #dukestudents
Today’s #SisterhoodSpotlight is on our fierce, fit fireball Well! 🔥 Well is a junior majoring in biology, minoring in environmental science and policy with a certificate in marine science and conservation🐠🐋🐳 In addition to her passionate interest in the environment, she is pursuing an honor’s thesis in ecotoxicology🌏 Well is also involved in Taiwanese American Students’ Association (TASA) 🇹🇼 and serves 🏸😉 on the external affairs board for badminton. When she’s not braving the cold by tenting for the Duke v. Carolina game🔵😈 in a few weeks, Well loves watching anime, making embroidery pieces for her friends 🧵, and seeking out dogs around campus to pet 🐶 (Nugget, where are you?). This upcoming summer, she will be working at SPCG in Bangkok, Thailand as a business intern 💼 and has been working as an Organic Chemistry tutor 🧪 — “aKDPhi helped me meet people I would otherwise not have had the chance to, and is where I found some true friends I know will always have my back no matter who or what the world might throw against us.” — #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi
💜 HAPPY FOUNDER’S DAY 💜 — On February 7, 1990, alpha Kappa Delta Phi was founded at the University of California at Berkeley. We honor the 14 courageous founding sisters every year on this day by celebrating the eternal sisterhood that is aKDPhi. Here’s to 29 years of love and friendship, and here’s to many, many more! 💜💎 — #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #dukestudents #akdphifoundersday
Rain drop 💧 drop top 😩 cooking it up in a hot pot 🥘😋 We dropped it like it’s hot during our sisterhood hot pot this past weekend in celebration of the Lunar New Year! 🧧🌙 There’s nothing better than a good meal with even better people 🥰 Be sure to check out Duke ASA’s LNY Showcase this weekend — and stay on the lookout for our sisters #89 Rachel *Dionysia* Kim and #103 Lauren *MaLdiva* Willis who will be performing with Streetmed and Duke Chinese Dance, respectively! 👀 #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #dukestudents #lny #lunarnewyear
Our #SisterhoodSpotlight is on none other than our stylish, sweet Stacy *S.U.N* Chen🍭 Our makeup queen is truly dazzling through sophomore year, majoring in Psychology with minors in Chemistry and Korean on the pre-dentistry track 🥼 🦷 She is involved with Temptasians 🎼 🎤 (an Asian-acapella group) and Alpha Phi Omega (service fraternity). She also volunteers at the Duke Hospital and the Durham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center🏥 When she’s not busy helping the community around her, Stacy likes watching Youtube videos 📺 , singing karaoke 🎶, and doing makeup 💄 (come see this girl’s Colourpop collection 🤩) Word on the street is she might even make her own makeup youtube channel or instagram 😱 Be on the lookout for this rising beauty guru on the charts💁🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️ This upcoming summer, Stacy is working at a dental office and hitting the books 📚 in preparation for the DAT. Her future is as bright as her highlight and we can’t wait to see what it brings😜✨ — “My favorite memory from being in kdphi is when I traveled to Korea with my big, Shuer this past summer. It was such a great experience because I got to spend a lot of quality time with her in one of our favorite countries in the world. We’re practically the same person because we have similar personalities and almost all of our interests are the same. aKDPhi has allowed me to meet so many people that I wouldn’t have met or gotten close to otherwise, such as some of my fellow Xis and my big. I hope to make many more memories with all of my sisters!” — #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi
Cuddle buddies 🥰 One of our favorite ways to get rid of the #SundayScaries is by snuggling with our sisters 🤗 We hope everyone’s had a restful weekend! ☺️💕 #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #dukestudents
Just a couple of diamonds💎✨ hanging out in the Ruby today 🤩 Check out how three of our Xi Xenias and one of our Nu Novas shine at the Ruby’s First Birthday Celebration! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️The Rubenstein Arts Center opened a year ago on campus and is the home for many of the artistic performances here at Duke💃🏻🖼🎞 The party doesn’t start until our sisters walk in 😉🎉🎈 #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #dukestudents
Our alums are so RED HOT 🥵🔥 that they’ve got our hearts skippin’ beats 😍💃🏻 Two of our Iota Illusions #70 Melody *MiLk.tea* Su and #71 Maggie *SEXonthebeach* Xing attended an auction held by the American Medical Women’s Association of both Washington University in Saint Louis and Saint Louis University to fundraise for the American Heart Association ❤️👩🏻‍⚕️ Our sisters are cute enough to stop your heart 🛑 and skilled enough to restart it! 😉😘 #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #foreverduke #dukestudents #amwa #americanmedicalwomensassociation #washu #washingtonuniversityinstlouis #slu #saintlouisuniversity #aha #americanheartassociation
Every year on January 31, alpha Kappa Delta Phi observes Violence Awareness Day in honor of our sister Valerie Diane Zavala 💜💙 Valerie was a proud sister of aKDPhi at San Jose State University, and she was violently taken from us in a brutal murder on January 1, 2003 while returning home from a New Year’s Eve party. In honor of Valerie, we say #NOMORE to these senseless acts of violence that claim the lives of countless women with every passing moment. We believe this world should be a better place in which no woman should ever have to fear for her life and feel unsafe. #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #aKDPhiViolenceAwareness
Our sisters are our #WCW today and every day 😍 Throwback to this past weekend when we celebrated our Iota Illusion #69 Ana *Velour* Maganto Ramirez’s birthday 🎂🎈 Ana is a very special person to all of us in our active house as she is not only the beloved big of #85 Sunny *CaSSia* Zhang, but also the NME of our Nu Novas! 💜💎 #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #foreverduke #dukestudents #waduke
This week’s #SisterhoodSpotlight on #81 Debra *Nÿx* Jiang, one of our graduating seniors 😢 Debra is majoring in Statistics📊 with minors in Finance and Global Health🔬. After graduation, she will be working at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong 🌃💰💡 She’s basically Ms. Worldwide as one of her favorite things to do is travel ✈ In addition to traveling, Debra loves food and watching Youtube videos. Outside of aKDPhi, she’s involved in Duke’s Office of Licensing and Ventures. We love an innovative sister making big changes in the world 😇🌎 and we’ll miss our dear seniors as they finish up their final year here at Duke 🤧😭 ⠀ —⠀ “I love how aKDPhi is like one big family. Traveling with my sisters and rock climbing with my big and my twin have been some of my favorite memories at Duke.” ⠀ —⠀ #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi
hugs n kisses xoxo 🥰😘😍 — Happy Friday everyone! We hope your weekend is productive, but remember to take care of yourself as well! Spend time with the people you love and never be afraid to reach out if you’re struggling — the people who matter will never view you as a burden and will always love you through both the best and the worst of times! 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝 #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #dukestudents
Viva Las Vegas! 🤩💸🍾🥂✨ Our President #88 Man-Lin *Silver Cloud* Hsiao and VPI #93 Tina *hermèsia* Tian attended Midyear this past weekend where they were able to meet with sisters from all over the country! 💜💎 A big thank you for all the lovely gifts 🎁 and good times 🥰 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 😈😜 #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #akdphimidyear #dukestudents
This week’s #SisterhoodSpotlight is on our artsy, beautiful sister #98 Lynn *étoile* Fan. Lynn is a sophomore double-majoring in Statistics and Political Science with a minor in Finance📝📊. She crossed Spring 2018 as part of the Xi Xenia class. Outside of aKDPhi, Lynn is quite the busy bee 🐝. She is a part of Duke Chinese Association🇨🇳, Duke Business Oriented Women, Investment Club📈📉, and Duke Business Society. Lynn is also a participant in a Bass Connections program focused on partisan gerrymandering. We love a sister with beauty👸🏻and brains 🧠. In the upcoming summer, she will be interning at a boutique investment bank. In her free time, Lynn loves listening to KPOP 🎤🎼, getting SWOLE at the gym 🏋🏻‍♀️⛹🏻‍♀️, and exploring new foodie places around Durham 🌯🍕🍰. — “When I came into Duke, I wasn't thinking about joining a sorority at all - until I did. I met my big, Ali, at DukeCSA in freshman year and that was how I first got to know aKDPhi. I really love her and decided to go to a rush event to know more ppl in the org. They were incredibly friendly and interesting, so I decided to stay. AKDPhi is so unique that we're all so different yet so closely bonded, and I can't wait to hang out with my sisters this semester!” — #dukeakdphi #WhyaKDPhi
Soul sisters... or SWOLE sisters? 💪🏼😤 Join us in ONE (1) HOUR from 6 pm to 7 pm in Wilson gym for our kickboxing workshop! 🥊 Let’s KICK OFF the new year right and get sweaty! 💦 — Here’s #95 Well **SapphIre* Witoonchart on how she grew close with #85 Sunny *CaSSia* Zhang through their common goal of fitness: "We learned muay thai and boxing together over summer in D.C., and that's how we started talking and really became close friends. At Duke, we kept each other accountable and motivated and would always "encourage" (force 😂) each other to work out and keep healthy. We learned how to use machines and weights, different strength training techniques and routines, etc. And we feel totally comfortable around each other and there's no shame (there's even pride!) in ourselves and each other's progress and bodies. We're improving and growing together, and she's my favorite workout buddy because we understand each other's physical strength and capabilities." 🥰❤️ #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #dukestudents #springintoakdphi
It’s always a pARTy with our sisters! 🎨👩🏻‍🎨 Thank you to everyone who came out to our arts and crafts workshop last night, and special shout-out to our sisters Well and Emily for teaching us about embroidery and bullet journaling! ✂️🧵📝 Be sure to check out our makeup and photo editing workshop in T-MINUS ONE (1) HOUR in Upper Marketplace led by our sisters Stacy and Serene! 💄📸 — Pictured here are some of our alums who met up in NYC and had a fun, artsy time at the Museum of Illusions! #39 Cara *MiLano* Buchicchio (Epsilon Estrellas, spring 2011) #54 Sabrina *midnight sun* Zeller (Zeta Zafiros, spring 2012) #49 Diana *MoLokai* Mao (Zeta Zafiros, spring 2012) — #dukeakdphi #whyakdphi #dukestudents #foreverduke #springintoakdphi #museumofillusions
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