Action beats Reaction

Standing out is better than fitting in. - •BEAST BACK day going up •FULL video coming soon 👀. - 📸Edits: @_mcgill27 •hit him up for sick Angles. - #aesthetics #gymshark #iifym #lifestyle #bodybuilding #alphalete #fitness #fitnessmotivation
☀️ Suns out.....you know how it goes •Got some quality training in this week
Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life 👮🏻‍♂️ #backtothegrind
Today’s cardio... •Hiked the tallest sand dunes in North America 🏜
Get out and get lost, you'll never know what you'll find
Putting those donuts to good use 🌄
On a (w)hole food diet #fitcops #physiquedestroyer #iifym #tinycalves 🍩👮🏻‍♂️
Mondays aren't so bad
Solid Friday night
•After months of dieting, hours at the gym along with hard cardio sessions, I've decided to end my cut here. I'm happy with where my physique is currently. •When starting this journey my end goal was to step on stage and compete but as the days counted down, outside factors (life) played a huge roll in my decision making. I realized there were more important things outside of the gym (time with family and friends). •Most people don't understand that prep takes a huge toll on you mentally not just physically. I noticed I started losing relationships with those closest to me. Not here to preach quitting but sometimes life happens. This is not a dead end but more of a speed bump. I'll be back 💪🏼 #summershredding #iifym #flexibledieting
Ran for those that couldn't #13 .1 #bostonruntoremember
Look who came to visit
Can't believe it has officially been 1 year #1downLifetimeTogo #28 #7
Equal input equal output #summershredding #iifym #flexibledieting 💀
•I don't typically post things like this but lately I've been feeling good with where I am in this process, the first photo was taken when I began my cut a little over a month ago, fully bloated after a meal while the second photo was taken first thing this morning with no food/water (that factors in *along with lighting*) but currently down 16lbs and still shredding. •It's crazy where persistency, proper nutrition and dieting can get you. When I first started lifting I thought I could out work a bad diet but that isn't true. It really is 80/20 diet to/exercise. Fitness isn't just about lifting weights it's also about discipline and what you consume daily; you get out what you put in. •People are always asking me how I do it but it's simple there's no secret formula just hit your macros *no meal plan*, stay consistent and work hard. (It's OK to have a donut here and there lol). If you apply this mindset to everything you do you'll see results. #iifym #summershredding #flexibledieting #knowledgispower
Happy National Siblings Day + my beautiful mama
Great finisher. 3sets. #livefit
They grow up so fast
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