Ray Dolph

Drummer, gamer, artist, and so much more! Love my friends and especially my girlfriend! 😍❤️ 4/5/17

Got some delicious food from @wittyporkstreettreats ! Pork tacos were 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!! #fed #good #yess #fire
You ever sit back and think, "Man i knew so many cool people and friends.... But now they are just a memory..." Welp just had the though! #thoughtoftheday #friends #distantmemory
I love you like no one knows!! I will always be there and never will i leave. @ignore_them_ #love #baby #babe
I love you
I love the nights we spend together making memories! I love you honey and you are my rock and my world! #babe #loml ❤️
Im so ready for this! This may be the beginning or this may be the end. But im so ready! #getready #what #happens #next
When does the new start even happen. We push and we try and we want ti move forward but we just cant. This sucks..... #when
Sometimes in life you gotta keep pushing and moving forward! This is your life you can change the outcome for the better! #self #appreciation
We're all meant for something. So why not try to find it and make your something bigger than before! 🙂 #goodvibes #this #is #the #beginning
I miss the old times! When shit was simple! #mcshit #triedmybest #bleh
This though. This is what it was all about!
I love her so much
Had an amazing night a couple nights ago with my love!! She means the world to me and I could have asked for a better partner!!! #babe #carnival #farriswheel
I love her so much, serenity you mean the world to me 💕
Never did i think i would get so lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend! Sometimes i sit and think just how much she makes me happy!! ❤️😍😘 @ignore_them_
Heres a thing i forgot to post but... I cut my hair and it looks great! Very hesitant to do it but Alice convinced me to do it. Looks really good though! @braap8.21.16 Thanks babe! #haircut #lookingood
Working starfest and my beautiful girlfriends birthday all in the same day was so amazing! Got to see and meet so many cool people in costumes. She got some really beautiful jewelry and food and fudge! 😍 Then we went home for her birthday! It was fun to hang with family and see all the wonderful gifts she got! I love you baby and you mean the world to me!! @braap8.21.16 #starfest #birthday #mybaby #iloveyou
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