Lynae Payne

So this is my tattoo y'all
Tattoo design
Weight Issues piece three for my Concentration portfolio
Jack Skellington: King of Halloween
First time cartooning
Every year 75,000,000 sharks die from ruthless, brutal, illegal fishing compared to the 10 shark victims yearly. Shark population is also at an all-time low. The top five endangered species are the basking dusky, whale sharks, and including hammerheads and great whites. Please do your part and spread the message by hashtagging #savethesharks .
Zomb-unny #watercolor
Watercolor crane #fav #aesthetic
Art success post: was elected to be an officer for National Arts Honor Society and also won my first art contest for my submission for banned books week. Thank you all for your support or i wouldn't be writing this!!
Banned book week number 2, Where the Wild Things Are
Banned book week, colored pencil
"Many Faces, One Voice"
"Listen to Yourself"
"Holes" mixed media with acrylic paint, charcoal, and cardboard
"Ordinary Entertainer" oil painting
Brendon Urie, part 3 of my miniseries
Acrylic Synyster Gates piece, part 2 of my miniseries
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