Gi joe, marvel and most 3.75 / 4 inch figure collector

The sorting continues. Just opened up these boxes. Wayy too much i tell you.
F a damn bird box. We was on that blindfold lifestyle since 1987. #jinxbox #jinx #gijoe
Since everyone is going crazy over the mtf suits and i can't get mine till last week of January, I'll share an oldie. All suited figures i owned in 2015. I'll update when the #mauradertaskforce stuff comes in.
1st figure purchases for 2019. Those Jurassic park figures are short, but the heads are great. #actionfigurephotography #gijoecustoms #joecustoms #toyphotography #toystagram #jurrasicpark
I was just getting them out to do this secret service shoot I'm working on. They somehow ended up like this. I just had to take a shot and post.
More sorting. Headless joes. I got a lot of them. I'm considering getting over my arah collection and letting them go. #gijoe
I was today years old when i found out that go cart thing that comes with retaliation firefly lights up. I really didn't know.
Sidebar: Has anyone ever questioned how and what are these guns supposed to shoot?
Still around. Spent all this time sorting what i have. Lets just say it was a lot to go thru. I definitely need to get rid of some stuff.
Incorporating tarkin and krennic into modern day times for my dio stories. Joes need adversaries from #Germany . Who better than them? After all, the the #empire is some what based on germany. #starwars vs #gijoe #toyphotography #actionfigurephotography #figurephotography #marvel #marveluniverse #tarkin #krennic
Just a quick one. Pick the lock and prepare to breach .
An injured peter parker attempts to escape carnage. Of course, carange knows exactly where he is. #spiderman #carnage #venom #amazingspiderman #marvelshots #actionfigurephotography #figurephotography #marvel #marveluniverse #readysetz
Hey. Look what came in yesterday. 😁 #readysetz more on this later.
Something i might be selling. I'm going thru my collection to see what I don't really need. I like this figure, but i have no real use for him. Should i let it go?
Been working in some comic/dio stuff as of late. Getting my story and plot right. Stay tuned.
Does anyone care for these? I'm thinking about letting them go. I love the look but i have no practical use for them and trying to cut down on figures i never used or displayed much. #possibly #forsale #gijoe
Found my old card collection. Haven't seen most of this in maybe 25 years. Does anyone still even collect cards anymore? Is there a way to find out the current value besides ebay? #topps #toppsbaseball #toppscards #scorecard #scorebaseballcards
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