Gi joe, marvel and most 3.75 / 4 inch figure collector

Does anyone care for these? I'm thinking about letting them go. I love the look but i have no practical use for them and trying to cut down on figures i never used or displayed much. #possibly #forsale #gijoe
Found my old card collection. Haven't seen most of this in maybe 25 years. Does anyone still even collect cards anymore? Is there a way to find out the current value besides ebay? #topps #toppsbaseball #toppscards #scorecard #scorebaseballcards
A quick review and some thoughts. (swipe for more) 1.The debut of a hasbro created #ryu it is a very impressive figure. Very well articulated. If we get a ken, expect this exact thing. 2.There are so many poses you can get out of this thing. It will be interesting to see what everyone else does with this figure. 3.The kata vest does come off. The sculpt is done very nicely. 4 & 5. Contrary to minor belief, it is not a marvel buck/body. Looks similar. But, the marvel universe/infinite/legends one is bigger. Plus, the neck is different. It actually shares the same buck with the #gamerverse Spiderman. The hands ( which he comes with an extra pair of) legs and feet are new. 6. Head swap-If there was a Japanese punisher, this would work. 7. Head swap-works fine on #mauradertaskforce #mtf figures. But then again, what doesn't work on their figures? 8.works fine on gi joe. 9.The one gripe i have about it? If you go back and look at the early photos from toy fairs and comic cons, it looked like the kata uniform was going to be all white. It's not. I'm guessing they were going for a dirt and dust look from him fighting. #marveluniverse #actionfigurephotography #gamerverse #hasbro #hasbrotoypic #gijoephotography #gijoe #marvelshots #marvelvscapcom #streetfighter
Just a quick review and some notes (swipe for more) 1.Mr Negative. I know nothing about this character. Never heard of him until this set. I got it because it was a chance to get a white suit version of the destro/professor x body. 2.while i can't place the head just yet, it is not the storm shadow head like a few people may have thought. It may be an all new head. 3. It is not exactly the same as the previous suit bodies. The neck has been modified and made longer. 4.just goofing around and threw a cape on him and now i call him "The Count" 😂 #marveluniverse #actionfigurephotography #gamerverse #mrnegative #hasbro #hasbrotoypic #gijoephotography #gijoe
My haul for today. The "so called gamestop exclusive" #gamerverse #spiderman #blackwidow #ryu #mrnegative #streetfighter #marvel vs #capcom #marvelvscapcom #hasbro
New series alert straight out the camera. "The convoy" More later in the afternoon. Gotta do a few fixes in photoshop and lightroom. #gijoe #gijoetoys #gijoenation #toyphotography #actionfigurephotography #figurephotography
Actually got my hands on this last week. Almost 2 years after it's release. Thing is i never seen it in the store or on hasbrotoyshop. At $15, i had to do it. #marveluniverse #marvel #mcu #comicbooks #marvelshots #x23 #x -23 #wolverine #actionfigurephotography
Now that summer is over. I can get back to the swing of things. Recently, I've been reading the story arc about how the punisher takes over the war machine armor #punisher #warmachine #marveluniverse #marvel #mcu #comicbooks #marvelshots #actionfigurephotography #figurephotography
My last haul from #toysrus
Last days for #toysrus never heard of a store that won't take cash. i wonder how are they going to get rid of all those damn landspeeders. #starwars
Meant to do some shooting. Instead, I'm caught up watching Star Trek II. One of the greatest sci fi movies and one of my personal top 5 movies. #startrek #wraithofkhan
Todays toys are us haul. Everything is 50% off
Just sharing a little toys r us haul. Everything is 50% to 80% off. The lowest item was .73 cents. The highest was $15.00.
Went to another toys r us. Currently marked down to $19.99. While i like the look of it. Its not worth more than $12.99 to me. I'll get it at $14.99.
Now, we are talking. Some of the things i have my eyes on. Should i hold out one more week and wait for 50% off Or just pull the trigger already?
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