The Life Of Bruno & Orla

Grumpy Dogue De Bordeaux and Cheeky little 9 month old 🧡

#throwbackthursday to this time last year Bruno living his best life. Snow is his fave 🧡
‘Oh Bruno you have some lovely ears, let’s just inspect them for you’🧡
When your mum takes so long to get the shopping in you just have to have a little lie down 😴🧡
Our new trike is the best! Makes walking Bruno 10x easier and fun for Orla too 🥰🧡
I mean balloons are just terrifying aren’t they 🎈🧡
Cracks me up when they’re in their own little world and I say their names and they’re like huh? What? Who? Us? Oh we weren’t doing anything 🧐🧡
Bruno squirrel stalking on our holiday to Forest of Dean last year 🐿 this year we are off to centre parcs and I can’t wait, Orla will be walking by the time we go so they can squirrel chase together 🧡
When you miss judge the corner and how quick you’re going #nearlytookatumble 🧡
Oh Bruno my boy 😍🧡
This crawling business isn’t going too well, Orla gets so frustrated 🤦‍♀️ Bruno’s face says it all 🤣🧡
I always get the sense he’s judging me and my decisions 🤔🧡
Saturday afternoon walk on this miserable day ☔️ 🌧 Orla Ivy thrilled as ever 🧡
Nothing to see here mum, innocently watching a bit of Teletubbies 💜💚💛❤️🧡
Another dancing talking toy that Bruno is petrified of 🤣🤣 little sniff of Orla at the end to make sure she’s alright 🧡
Cheekiest 9 month old 🧡
‘Ha ha I’ve got your toy’ 😛👅😝🧡
Same pooch 2 years difference, my bruns 🥰🧡
Bath time at the groomers, smells amazing when he comes home 🥰🧡
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