Darian Lafronza

Vinny told me it wasn’t that cold outside. That was a lie ❄️
Dads change of command ceremony ❤️
2019 with the hubs 💋
I wait all year to see my moms reaction when she opens her Christmas presents ❤️🎄
Had the best anniversary get away with my best friend at one of our favorite places 💓
When it’s Christmas Eve Eve and bae says strike a pose
I still check you out
How happy it actually makes me having my friends over for Christmas pajama breakfast 🥂🥞🎅🏽
Y’all have no idea how hard it was to get this picture
I’m just sitting here eating all of my king size Kit Kats you got me, thinking about how much I love you Riss 🍫
Beyond thankful to have such amazing friends to come spend thanksgiving with us. Best night I’ve had in years. Tip for life, I can no longer stay awake dancing until 3 am. 💓
Happy thanksgiving
Wishing we were back in our happy place
Here’s a rare mirror selfie with washed hair, a full face of make up, and not in my robe.
This has been the easiest hardest year of my life. Between moving, the deployment, and surgery this past year has been nothing short of struggle. However having you by my side has made every day of my life the best day. You are the kindest, sweetest soul and go above and beyond for me every single day. You are the best friend I could ask for and truly my other half. We are so much alike some times it’s creepy. We have our own language and weird sense of humor. There is no one else I would rather walk through this life with. Happy first anniversary my love and to many more to come.
Forever wedding date 🖤
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