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go to @hellboymovie for the real image, my links scam people into believing they’ve won toasters or something, thanks disease phone, you’re killin’ it

INDIA! INDIA!! You are like being on Mars, if Mars were full of open hearted, deep, rich, expansive, joyful people at every turn. Fire burns brighter there. The river Ganges teams with life and death. It is primal and real, a universe unto itself. In the foothills of the Himalayas is @anandainthehimalayas where you balance out your overactive pitta dosha, try to keep monkeys from stealing your sugar packets at breakfast and have large men rub your body everywhere (eeeevvvveryyyyywhere) with oils and combinations of spices and medicated powders. They’ll cover your eyeballs in ghee if you let ‘em (and I did.). In short, heaven. Truly the greatest vacation I’ve ever had, and that INCLUDES the ungodly cruise I took when I was fourteen and puked for seven days straight, not due to seasickness, but rather to the midnight buffet and the shame of consistently losing the 20$ a day my parents would give me for underage gambling aboard said ship. @anandainthehimalayas is a dream. The place and the staff are to be cherished. India! INDIA! ❤️🥰😍 (Ps - I have no (well, very few) pictures of the place, because I put down my device, a truly special thing to do because I was immersed in a truly special place.)
This a Himalayan monkey. Outside my window. You’re not supposed to stare at them, they don’t like it. STOP IT! STOP STARING AT THE MONKEY!! STOP STARING AT THIS MONKEY OR IT WILL COME STEAL THE SUGAR PACKETS OFF YOUR TABLE AND SCREECH AT YOU!!!!!
Thank you people on the internet that create this pure joyous goodness. Who are you Murray/Hopper photoshop artist? All my love to you this holiday season. Don’t stress, it’ll be over soon. All the best in 2019, may you suck the sweet marrow outta this year, and follow your bliss straight thru to 2020.
Just how a pulpy big screen movie trailer is meant to be watched - on your phone in three separate parts (where’s my cruise/mcquarrie trailer watch psa)!! April 12th me and my pals from a relatively new and certainly poorly organized BPRD run into some problems that threaten to spread all over the world like wildfire. Nothing that snappy one liners, a little witchcraft, a strong right hand, a surly battle scarred major, and a legendary monster hunter with impeccable tailoring can’t handle mind you. Well, as long as big red’s horrific cruel bloody destiny lies dormant, and doesn’t surge through him like an ancient unyielding genetic need right in the middle of everything and make it all go to hell - LITERALLY (examples where literally is actually used literally for $400 Alex...) If you don’t like cussing beware. I definitely cuss somewhere in this trailer 😈 #hellboy #aboutdamntime #literallyoftenmisused #peoplemeanfiguratively #literallyannoysmesooooomuch #literallyiwannacryeverytime #literallyidont
Awwwww, crap... Look who’s coming in April. No, not the 50% still left of the Avengers - hell, that’s practically May... April 12th showers bring one Big Red Flower, beast of the apocalypse, The right hand of doom, the buttkicker of the BPRD, and a host of all kinds of big ole giants and witches and fairies and janky overgrown ugly pig monsters from your nightmares. Trailer drops Thursday #aboutdamntime #hellboy 😈
Santa? I been a really good boy this year...
@empiremagazine has a new @hellboymovie image. Link in bio. Check it out babies, we went all out on the effects, voi-frickin-la! (Cape was my addition! (Proud AF of that))
Wrapped. Everyone say ‘goodbye mustache.’ If you need any info on what’s good in Hawkins while I’m away, give Gary a call. He can’t keep his damn mouth shut. #spoilerswithoutcontext #awfullogos #facecaterpillar #bestjobever #fletch #speilbergeatyourheartout
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