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Chicken exotica Vs Lebanese Chicken which one would you pick? Btw that's chicken pepperoni not the real pepperoni. If you ask me one topping that's my all time favorite then its classic pepperoni Pizza.. which is usually not so easily available. Pic by @dillifoodies #DilliFoodies #pizza #yumm #tasty
Tag someone who should make this Fluffy Cheesey Mushroom Omelette for you. . . Video by @dillifoodies . . Recipe Cheesey mushroom Omelette : Add some salt,d red chilli/green chilli/Pepper and dash of milk to 2 or 3 eggs and whisk well, now Saute some diced mushrooms and add some salt and let it cook until they are golden brown Add whisked eggs and add some grated cheese of your choice or as per availability. Cover it from top and let it cook at low flame for few minutes. After that Turn around carefully and cook for a while. . #DilliFoodies #cheeseomelette #cheese #mushroom #fluffy
How many Chicken Tangadi You want ? . I eat at least 3 to 4 of these whenever we are at POG Pic by @dillifoodies . #DilliFoodies #love #tandoori #chickentikka #butterchicken
Butter chicken slider !! Yeah thats black bun and yummy creamy butter chicken in between buns. Few experiments are worth trying, we loved it.. Tag a butter chicken lover and ask them will they try their fav butter chicken between buns ? . Pic by @dilliFoodies . #DilliFoodies . . From : Friction, Sector 29, Gurgaon. . . . . #burger #sliders #butterchicken #indian #chickenburger #indianfood #indianfoodie #food #foodblogger
Tag a vegetarian friend who would love this Veg Omelette !! Yes, You read that correct..Thats Veg Omelette made with moong daal also known as Moonglette. It's has moong daal, some veggies like capsicum,corn, beetroot, onion and ginger. Served with mint chutney and tamrind sauce. Location: K.B Chaat, Karol bagh Video by @dillifoodies #DilliFoodies
The best thing about delhi's winter is this awesome Gajar ka Halwa which is available at almost all Sweets shop in the town.. Which sweet shop is ur favorite or serves best Gajar ka halwa according to you..♥️ Pic by @dillifoodies #DilliFoodies #gajarkahalwa #carrot #halwa
How many of you have tried this ? Fresh paneer with masala.. . This one is from Chandni Chowk next to Gyaani kulfi ....and worth trying when in Chandni Chowk. . #DilliFoodies . Pic by @dillifoodies . .. . #dilli #delhi #chandnichowk #Paneer
My Sunday morning Poison ♥️ A strong cup of Coffee I prefer Latte over Cappuccino or espresso coffee. What's your coffee preference? Video by @dillifoodies #DilliFoodies #latteart #latte #cappuccino #espresso #coffee #morning #sunday
#homecooked Hyderabadi Chicken biryani for perfect Saturday lunch at home. Tag someone who loves chicken biryani day nd night !! And do let us know in comment if you want to do video recipe on Hyderabadi style Biryani. . #DilliFoodies Pic by @dillifoodies .
Khandvi : A perfect evening snack for small hunger... What's your favorite snack for evening hunger? Pic by @dillifoodies #DilliFoodies
#RecipeVideo #HomeCooked Black Pepper Chicken : Our First Home cooked Recipe for you Non Vegetarians. Wait..in this Recipe Chicken can be replaced with Paneer or Chaap as well. Tag your BAE who would love this simple yet Delicious Recipe. . . . . ****Recipe***** . Heat 2 cups water in a pan. Once it comes to a boil, add onion, green chilli and cashews and boil for 6-8 minutes. Remove the pan from heat and let the mixture cool. Strains and grind the mix to make fine paste. Heat oil in another pan. Once the oil is hot, add cloves, cardamom ,cinnamon, cumin and ginger garlic and coriander paste and fry for 2 minutes. Add onion paste and cook for 8-10 minutes. Add curd and mix well. Add garam masala, black pepper, salt to taste and coriander powder and cook till oil separates at the corners. Now add chicken and fry for 6-8 minutes on high heat. Add kasturi methi and 1 cup water. Cover and cook on low heat for 10-12 minutes. Add fresh cream and mix well. Cook until chicked is cooked. . . *************. . . Do give it a try and Don't forget to share pictures/Videos via DM or give Feedback in comment section.. We love hearing back from you.🧡🧡 . . Video by @dillifoodies . #DilliFoodies #blackpepper #Pepper #pepperchicken #simple #homecooking #Homemade #goodfood #indianfood #indianstyle #chickenrecipes #lunch #dinner
What all you would choose for ur Platter ? 1. Noodles 2. Rice 3. Chicken Manchurian 4. Chilli chicken 5. Chicken lollipop From : Snack junction, Nehru place Price: Rs 140 for platter. . Pic by @dillifoodies . #DilliFoodies
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