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WireImage/ Getty Images Photographer; Professional Dreamer Animal advocate;Book reader;Movie/Music/Theater/Dance/Art lover;Traveller.Truth seeker

#Repost @katebeckinsale with @get_repost #katebeckinsale ・・・ On the Record Vegas has secret karaoke rooms but so it turns out do most vehicles if you want it bad enough ❤️. #OTRvegas #OTRgrandopening photo credit Denise Truscello
SWIPE 7 photos: A Facebook memory came up from 4 years ago and surprised me... Time goes by so fast, life changes even faster ... so many experiences in the last 4 years... eyes widen. Learning that the moment you’re in deserves full unaffected attention. looking back or ahead is ok when you accept you have no power over any of it. I smile on my past though it has taken years to get to this place. I don’t wish to be there or change anything. I look back and remember... unattached, and just take the learning and bring it to this moment. Today I was getting gas and this tricked out Cadillac pulled up ... it sounded like a radio was blasting from the carburetor... it was like being in a concert , so LOUD.... the song that was playing was Stevie Wonders “Happy Birthday” ... everyone at the gas pumps looked at each other and laughed, including me... that song connected us strangers, who were all in our own thoughts a second before. We started dancing at our own gas pump... lol.. “Happy Birth .. DAAY!”. sooo amazing!!! the guy got out of his car, left the music blasting and went in the store.. I stayed at my gas pump listening and smiling, yes dancing. Guy comes out gets in his car does a drive around the pumps and pulls out. Something about that moment triggered these thoughts about time, and living in the Now.... it only takes a moment for a smile to turn into tears and tears to turn into a smile. We only actually have NOW. Appreciate it, because it goes by fast. ❤️ #photos by @denisetruscello @babingtonhouse #babingtonhouse #sohohouse #cowshedspa #somerset #homeawayfromhome #uk #january2015 #ghostsfromthepast
SWIPE @billyidol #billyidol still the best looking rockstar on the planet... and he can sing Too!!! @palms Amazing Concert!!! photos by #denisetruscello @denisetruscello #SWIPE
#Repost @celinedion with @get_repost ・・・Photo by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello Cheers to the New Year!  We wish you great health, much happiness and may all your dreams come true! – Céline, RC, Nelson and Eddy xx… . Santé à cette nouvelle année ! Nous vous souhaitons une excellente santé, beaucoup de bonheur et que tous vos rêves se réalisent ! - Céline, RC, Nelson et Eddy xx... .#celinedion #2019 . 📸 : @denisetruscello
Y U M . . . Scones and clotted cream!!! 🤪
New pic... during a shoot of my niece and nephews. Photo by Nate Brown
#Repost @sbht_lovesdogs_ with @get_repost PLEASE FOLLOW SHARE , HELP ・・・ Yaşasın annecik geldi.🤗 Bize acaba ne getirdi..koşturma sonrası,,, Heyecanlı bekleyiş😋 Girdigimiz yolları goruyorsunuz onlar için çöplük dağ tepe gitmeyecegimiz yer yok..Tek umutları benim.. Benden başka umursayan kimse yok onları.. Doyurmalarıma yardım etmek isterseniz mama ve Makarna desteklerinizi bekliyoruz adresim kuzeykent mah Melike sk gul yapı koop no17 ab merkez Kastamonu Sebahat hanifeoğlu 05455813258 patifodda İnebolu çöplüğü ormana Mamada Sebahat hanifeoğlu olarak kaydım var.. . . . 🙏🙏 There are hundreds of gorgeous babies in this area. We don’t know how many we can protect? We don’t know how many we can take care of? We don’t know how many we can keep alive? We don’t know how many others will die in a secluded dumpster spot, for us to collect their dead bodies while crying our souls out. With neutering we are trying to control the population growth and control the death, suffery an pain these puppies go through. Please support our SPAY/NEUTER END THE SUFFERY campaign. They need us, we are their pack! OUR GOFUNDME LINK FOR SPAY/NEUTER PROJECT IS ON MY BIO. PAYPAL: #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #doggy #dogslife #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #doglover #doglovers #dog #dogoftheday #puppy #puppylove #pup #puppiesofinstagram #dogstagram #friends #köpek
What wrapping presents looks like at my house... #catlassie #impossible #merrychristmaseve
#Repost @celinedion with @get_repost ・・・ May your heart and home be filled with warmth, peace and love. Happy Holidays everyone! 🎄✨ – Céline, RC, Nelson, Eddy, Charlie and Bear xxx… . Que votre coeur et votre maison soient remplis de chaleur, de paix et d’amour. Joyeuses fêtes à tous ! 🎄✨- Céline, RC, Nelson, Eddy, Charlie et Bear xx... . . . 📸: @denisetruscello
SWIPE: Turning my upstairs patio into a proper music, exercise yoga studio... cats are not happy... #cats #construction #photos by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello #building #catlassie #antonio
SWIPE: Working with Florida Georgia Line @floridageorgialine @briankelley @tylerhubbard has been such an incredible experience... they’re more than amazing writers and musicians, they’re incredible people. Their kindness, good humor and talent shows in their music... incredibly gracious and generous guys. @zappostheater @phvegas @caesarsentertainment @thepublicitylab Thanks to the Amazing FGL, Live Nation , @thepublicitylab , Caesar’s and Zappos Team! #PHOTOS by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello #floridageorgialine #tylerhubbard #briankelley @gettyentertainment #gettyimages @wireimage_ent #wireimage
#Repost @celinedion with @get_repost ・・・Sad to hear about this.. he was so kind. RIP #oribe ❣️Denise So very sad to hear that Oribe has left us.  Working with him was such a great privilege.  He was such a kind person who always made me laugh, and he was an amazing hairstylist.....a true artist.  I will cherish those memories forever, as will so many others. My heart goes out to his family and friends. – Céline xx… . Je suis très triste d’apprendre qu’Oribe nous a quittés. Travailler avec lui était un réel privilège. C’était un homme tellement gentil qui m’a toujours beaucoup fait rire. Il était un coiffeur extraordinaire… un vrai artiste. Je garderai toujours dans mon coeur les souvenirs des moments que nous avons partagés. Mes pensées accompagnent sa famille et ses proches. - Céline xx… . . . 📸 : @denisetruscello
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