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#bradleycooper is such a talent ! (The most talented tend to be the kindest) photos don’t do him justice, he’s more beautiful in person -reminds me of #errolflynn - he should think about a #robinhood remake ... just a thought! #astarisborn photo by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello
#SWIPE #risefestival is Beautiful. It’s not well known, but it will be soon enough. The releasing of personalized lanterns.. representing letting go, hopes, dreams, loss, basically whatever you’d like to release in the universe for the universe to figure out.. its a beautiful idea, a process... an emotional experience when you walk on the dry lake bed with thousands of others who feel like they need to release something. remember something .. let go of something .. accept something.. it’s not a party ... it’s a love festival - but people mostly keep to themselves, but somehow you meet and talk to the ones that you’re meant to ... The music is positive ...( #mardeleva was one of the bands that played , they are beautiful .. with the amazing sitar player #Leonardoprakash @leonardo_prakash ) there were dark gray clouds and wind .. which made the experience even more intense and beautiful. Just before the lantern release the festival had to be shut down because of the Lightning storm that was coming. But I didn’t see that as a bad thing because the process to getting to the point of releasing the lanterns was such a cool experience. I Met some really amazing open people.. shared stories.. and bonded with new friends by running trough torrential rain and wind... mud. The process was the important part.. incredible actually. yes it would have been nice to see the release and photograph it.. but i think the release comes in the process .. such a beautiful day! Thank you @risefestival #healing PHOTOS BY @denisetruscello #denisetruscello #gettyimages and I always wear hats by @goorinbros @goorinbroslinq @goorinbroslarchmont Thank you #goorinbros #hats
Released TODAY! #Repost @ryanroxie with @get_repost Cinematographer - Director : @denisetruscello ・・・ LINK TO VIDEO The NEW Single 'God Put a Smile Upon Your Face' officially comes out on Friday, but if you'd like a few super sneaky links to get in on the action before, feel free to DM me here. C'mon 77-Nation Army...let's get Vibey 😉#imagineyourreality #iyr #ryanroxie ** DIRECTORS NOTE: the guitar used in this video my 1959 Gibson ri was not hurt in the making of this video
Have I said enough... I’m at @robinleach memorial ... to be honest I’ve pretended he’s in Italy.. since he supposedly passed away.. for me he’s still here. He’s on a trip.. tonight it becomes real... I won’t see him again. There will be no more brunches... there will be no more personal funny gossip and sadly I can’t call him for much needed advise. He was my friend. He supported me for almost 20 years.. .. an upfront honest guardian angel ... he was real... no sugar coating .. but still, all love. I am sad.. it is real after all.. I love you Robin and will never forget all you’ve done for me.. all the support and love, friendship , advice.. You are the Best! ❤️ #photo by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello #robinleach @robinleach
#Repost @celinedion with @get_repost Photo by @denisetruscello ・・・ Don’t miss your chance to see Céline’s final shows at @thecolosseumatcaesarspalace , Las Vegas. Tickets for the general public are on sale now! For more details click the link in the bio. - Team Céline . Ne manquez pas votre chance d’assister aux derniers spectacles de Céline au #Colosseum du #CaesarsPalace à Las Vegas. Les billets sont en vente dès maintenant! Pour plus de détails cliquez sur le lien dans la bio. - Team Céline . 📸: @DeniseTruscello #denisetruscello #celinedion @celinedion . . . . . #FlashbackFriday #LasVegas #CelineDionVegas #lastchance #dernierechance
#Repost @celinedion with @get_repost ・・・PHOTO @denisetruscello Taking a little dance break between vocals, to groove to the tune ! 💃🏻 - Céline xx… @celinedion #celinedion . Prendre une pause entre deux enregistrements pour danser sur la chanson ! 💃🏻 - Céline xx… . 📸: @denisetruscello #denisetruscello Always a blast working with her!!! And I learned some new dance moves! 💃😊 -denise xx
#logic @logic #poet one of the nicest people I have EVER met. I love his music- but love it even more now. If you don’t know his work check out “ 1-800-273-8255 “ is the name of the song .. and a very important number. This guys heart is wide open... #logic photos by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello @SirRobertBrysonHallII #SirRobertBrysonHallII SWIPE
@skynyrd #lynyardskynyrd Top 3 concerts I’ve EVER seen... if you have a chance to see them on this farewell tour GO SEE THEM! They give a performance in a way that is so personal - it’s like they are performing for you (one person) - I will be seeing them again soon! #photo by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello
#Repost @celinedion with @get_repost ・・・photo by @denisetruscello 16 years ago @thecolosseumatcaesarspalace was built specifically for Celine’s show, A New Day…  In June 2019 Celine will say goodbye to this very special venue. Make sure you book your tickets for the final shows before it’s too late. The Team Céline presale starts now, become a member by clicking the link in the bio and get your tickets! - Team Céline . Il y a 16 ans, @thecolosseumatcaesarspalace était construit spécialement pour le spectacle de Céline, A New Day… En juin 2019, Céline fera ses adieux à cet endroit si important. Réservez vos billets pour les derniers spectacles avant qu’il ne soit trop tard. La prévente Team Céline commence maintenant, devenez membre en cliquant sur le lien dans la bio et obtenez vos billets! - Team Céline . . . . 📸: @denisetruscello #denisetruscello #celinedion #colosseum #colosseumatcaesarspalace
@shawnmendes #shawnmendes he’s a ball of light .. talent, depth. He’s written amazing lyrics. Puts on a great show. And responsible for an incredibly potent and relevant song “it isn’t in my blood” , we are in such a difficult environment at the moment. I wish everyone could see past them selves and respect the people around them. That song is spot on for what so many people go through in day to day life. #awareness #respectothers Photo by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello
I photograph a lot of incredible artists... but some stand out because they have an extra special awareness. I don’t know how else to describe it. This guy is one of them... you know there’s something special about him as soon as he looks at you, verified as soon as you have a conversation. If you don’t know @josh_gvf #joshkiszka @gretavanfleet #gretavanfleet have a listen... They will blow you away, and if you get the chance to see them live, do it! #photo by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello #gvf #gvf2018
@childishgambino #childishgambino at #iheartradio #iheartradiomusicfestival to say this guy is a genius would be an understatement. He blows me away. Read about him... watch his video Only In America... #inspiration photo by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello
A little insight on what goes on while editing .. (Make- up lessons) lol @therealonj #olivianewtonjohn Congratulations on your book #dontstopbelieving ... it’s been such an amazing experience working with you over the years. Thank you for your kindness and light! ( and thank you for the make- up lessons.. lol) love you!! 💕💖💕 #Book Cover #photo by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello Photo of Olivia and I .. by my dear friend #michaelcaprio @michaelcaprio SWIPE
@therealonj #olivianewtonjohn Congratulations on your book #dontstopbelievin .. it’s been such an amazing experience working with you over the years. Thank you for your kindness and light! ( and thank you for the make- up lessons.. lol) love you!! 💕💖💕 #Book Cover #photo by @denisetruscello #denisetruscello Photo of Olivia and I .. by my dear friend #michaelcaprio @michaelcaprio SWIPE
#Repost @celinedion with @get_repost. #photo by @denisetruscello ・・・ Back in the studio… excited about recording some great new tunes! - Céline xx… . De retour en studio… et emballée d’enregistrer des nouvelles chansons ! - Céline xx… . 📸: @denisetruscello #denisetruscello #celnedion @celinedion
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