Proud dad.
I’ve been working on something while away. For the advocacy of positive mental health and continuous self-evaluation. This will remain on my website for as long as I can supply it. More information in bio. @m.merchandise
That was a nice vacation...
@m.merchandise houndstooth plaid workwear trousers. Front zipper detail w/ lower right leg zipper detail. Denim waistband + front pouch + back velcro pocket raw edges distresses with wash/time progress.
Inspirational t-shirt, workwear trousers.
Easier said than done.
R.I.P Stephen Hawking
In free fall
MAGAZINE vol. 0-1 🔥 now available. Link in bio. @m.merchandise
Practicing to perfect.
Ӎ - This is a table, a precursor to ӍERCHANDISE branded furnishings.
A daily reminder.
Like I’m the last one standing.
Double holstered.