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So, @wbpictures unfollowed @henrycavill on Instagram....
"Everything's changed." #AlfredPennyworth #Batfleck @batmanvsuperman
So, the Joker's real name is Arthur Fleck. Arthur Fleck. A. Fleck. Affleck. Ben Affleck. Interesting, huh? #JoaquinPhoenix
And here we have Superman in all his CGI jaw glory.
Good lord this looks insane. #THEJOKER ! First images have emerged of #JoaquinPhoenix as you know who.... 👌 Arthur aka The Joker.
Just a repost from @dc_uhd. Credit where credit is dude, this guys' got great HQ content such as this. Check him out.
Repost from @dcutitans - "When Robin meets Robin, things can get a little awkward. Get ready for TITANS, only on #DCUniverse next month!" This looks insane!
"My soul. That is what you have TAKEN FROM ME!" @wbpictures
Original vs Reshoot. @prideofgypsies
From Zack Snyder on Vero. The "Justice League." #Untilitwasnt Post number 6000.
From Henry Cavill today.... I love this man. #Superman
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