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My top-3 movies of this year. What's yours? 🤔 Into spider-verse art by @ankytrix_art  ⬅️ Aquaman art by @bosslogic  ⬅️ Infinity War (Iron man) art by Phil Saunders ⬅️
What's yours? For all time 🤔
Have you noticed that some of the Avengers possess the power of Infinity Stones without the stones themselves? 🤔 What do you think, who is Time and Soul?
So they were on opposite sides. Who has the saddest break-up? 😢
The Aquaman movie (for me) has the same assessments on these parameters: Aquaman's battles like in Infinity war - 10/10, Aquaman's acting like in Infinity war - 9/10, Aquaman's script like in Venom - 4/10.
Laugh with me. Found these theories on the Internet. It's really very funny. Who has even more stupid theories? 😂😂😂
First results of Aquaman (including mine). Everything will change within 2 weeks. I want to say that Aquaman - the best, that WB has produced since the Man of Steel. When you'll go to the movie, pay attention to the CGI and the scale of what is happening on the screen. P.S. the plot is really cliche. ⠀ No spoilers in comments, please. ⠀ Aquaman poster by @mizuriofficial  ⬅️
Small note. So you always know which characters belong to which Studio 😉 Recall that after the merger of FOX and Disney, Marvel's got all the characters at the top of the picture.
Who has such a friend? Excluding my page 😂😂
Typical Of Marvel 😝 Spider-man art by @erathrim20  ⬅️ Bucky art by @erathrim20  ⬅️ Black Panther art by @hardyart_  ⬅️ Groot art by @ajdesigns0220  ⬅️ Doctor Strange art by @cha_milarepa  ⬅️ Scarlet Witch art by Paolo Giandoso ⬅️
Someone on the Internet noticed this detail 🤔🤔🤔 Original Thor art by @erathrim20  ⬅️
Small details taken on the Internet 😝
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