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What do you think the number will be? 😏
Post this the second time. I think you should know that. The plot of the Dark Phoenix - shit. Already on the trailer it is clear that this will be the average film. What do you think?
All Tom's suits. Progress is obvious! 🕸
The Director of "Ant-man and the Wasp" said that if you pause his film at the right time, you will see the way of development of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Looks like this is the moment. 🤔🔬
Changing sides isn't always a bad thing. @jamesgunn doesn't end his career, he just continues it on the other side. Good luck! Hard work pays off.
That time will come someday. But I wish it was not soon. And you? 🤔
What do you think is the reason? Tony's most afraid of losing the team? 🤔🤔
Too early for a rating, but I thought you interesting this. Agree or disagree? 😏 Write DM (with prove) for a credit posters 📥 Aquaman poster by @mizuriofficial ⬅️
Everything comes back. Timeline's a little off, but it's okay ⛓
Who deserves more? 🤔⠀ Iron man art by @spdrmnkyxxiii  ⬅️⠀ Captain America art by @artoftimetravel  ⬅️⠀ Thor art by @ajdesigns0220  ⬅️⠀ Spider-man art by @sanylebedevart  ⬅️⠀ War machine art by @ajdesigns0220  ⬅️⠀ Falcon art by @ajdesigns0220  ⬅️
Noticed? DC and Marvel switched places for a while. Now random shots from DC is much cooler than the whole trailer from Marvel. Or am I the only one who thinks so? 🤔
LMAO 😂😂😂⠀ I doubted who ex, so I decided to do so. IMO⠀ Original post by @dcmarvel.fandom  ⬅️
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