davidy fulgence

Hello guys..much missings
The hunter became.....
Why should i feel lonely, while am with you?? Am a deadly fun,I will never walk alone
Najua upo nyuma yangu kama so mbele yangu,..mdogo mdogo nasi sasa nuru yatufikia
It's my ghetto library, am using to read when am ghetto
Sasa tunakunywa pamoja grocery
When you imitate the boss,
My friends,where there is God,there is an ever lasting life,escape from this chain.
Don't waste time to think on how you can turn somebody down,but think on how you can achieve your goals
Let's turn now to our God,let pray for our families
That's great, that's how the hyena carries her baby
Tactically oriented
Hey. Salute
Hello guys
Mmmh hawa yanga nao bwana ..ngoja nizime tyuu TV nikalale
Namshukuru Mungu kwa yote,eti mke mwema hutoka kwa ......malizieni
It's not that am thinking,but am telling the truth that I have been destinated to her
That's how others spend....
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