David Dastmalchian

unable to be verified. (the part about the space travel has been confirmed, though.)

got 2 b a small part of the massive talent assemblage that is @birdboxmovie // i 💙 @wongbd more than ever! congrats 2 @susannebier , #SandraBullock & @_trevante_ // #birdbox (get the book by genius @joshmalerman )
#BirdBox premiere. congrats @joshmalerman on the (first of many) film adaptation of your brilliant writing. @birdboxmovie // & congrats to me for being married to this stone cold fox, @thepaintedline. Snazzy faces by @kellygoldsackmakeup
thank you, stan, for all that you gave my life. professionally, personally, creatively. and thanks for helping me seem like a cool dad to my kids. EXCELSIOR! @therealstanlee @marvel @marvelstudios
that’s the power of love. congratulations @jerslater & @melissarla on a movie magical day of matrimonial union at courthouse square in hill valley! unforgettable day of dinosaurs, tours, & dancing - even mayor goldie wilson gave a benediction! we 💙 you, j & m. #MJtoTheFuture #BackToTheFuture
3 hooligans spotted at the @wreckitralph premiere the other night. the movie’s awesome & there’s a song (sung by arlo’s favorite character, vanellope / @sarahkatesilverman ) that’s 1 of my favorite songs in a movie in a long time. also we crashed the dessert buffet & arlo had a real sugar rush. #ralphbreakstheinternet thank you @nicolaparish ! 💙 🎮
surrounded by some of the most talented people working in film today as they support the talented artists of tomorrow w @rymanarts. congratulations @kevfeige on receiving the Inaugural Sklar Creative Visionary Award!
pennie may have drooled on my ballot & arlo may have swiped a page of stickers but WE VOTED & it feels so good. 💙 🇺🇸
first haircut. like a champ. 🏅 i know it’s hard to feel positive about the future. so many unprincipled people are in “power” while promoting exclusion, abuse, bigotry & environmental destruction for a brief boost in financial gain & appeasement of their willfully uninformed & disenfranchised followers... but keep praying, keep active, keep participating & keep believing in the GOOD in all people. we will bring it out of them most readily when we lead by example. #Vote #EqualityNow praying for 🇺🇸
visiting mom at work this AM. @thepaintedline + @rowdtla = 🏆 #Murals #muralsart #LA #StreetArt #StreetArtLA
saturday morning at @bobbakermarionettes // 🖤 the artistry, talent & magic of this place. #ArloBrooks #penniedein #halloweenspooctacular #bobbakermarionettetheater
mac may not admit it but murdoc is the MOST fun. @macgyvercbs #MurdocWins #MurdocMinions
my queen. @evelynleigh as #Raven 💜🖤💜 📷’s by @steveagee & @kellylynnrussell
We’re gonna need a bigger boat. 🦈 (from L to R) jaws 2nd victim, JAWS, Quint, Lady of the Dunes. Happy Halloween. 📷: @steveagee #Jaws
HAPPY HALLOWEEN. (VOLUME ON) “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe. Directed by @schifflifilms at @bobbakermarionettes in honor of the world premiere of the “ABRACADABRA” music video by @xiaxiatechnique last month. theremin magic by #EbanSchletter 🎃💀🖤 for the full video visit......
let the show begin. #LAAC w @xiaxiatechnique // @timothynordwind & @psychoflower_mc & @bobbakermarionettes & all the pretty things to celebrate the world premiere of INSOMNIAC.
mr & mrs torrance // wendy 🖤’s jack. 🔪 w my couples costume compatriot, @steveagee
CORRECTION. TODAY’s burger of the day: “the mr @kevinpollak123 birthday double with cheese”. 🍔 HAPPY BDAY, KEVIN! (*Raven, Wendy Torrance, Dr. Strange, Bob)
one of the greatest night(mare before christmas)s of our lives! w @evelynleigh @deboraknutsen & #arlobrooks // thank you @malielfman ! arlo got to hang out w the REAL jack, sally, lock, shock & barrel. 🖤💀#nightmarebeforechristmas @hollywoodbowl #oingoboingo
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