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unable to be verified. (the part about the space travel has been confirmed, though.)

what a beautiful face i have found in this place that is circling all round the sun. 💙 @thepaintedline
‘09 < ‘19. “we span time together as a couple, cos we’re a loving couple, spanning time. these photos are us, in love, spanning time.” 🖤
i met legendary still photographer, stephen vaughan, on my first film job The Dark Knight. i never noticed him, actually, bc he was like an invisible ninja sneaking around the set & capturing amazing shots. 8 years later i arrived on the set of @bladerunnermovie & was ecstatic to learn that he would be shooting the stills for the film (especially cool considering he shot stills for blade runner in ‘82). like so many oft-overlooked cinema artists & craftspeople, stephen’s work was invaluable to every production. i hope you will seek out his images. mr. vaughan passed away several weeks ago & i like to think that his spirit will live on among film sets, guiding the hands, eyes & lenses of photographers for years to come. 🖤
hey gangstars, my friend @mraaronabrams wrote & stars in this hilarious & totally messed up movie & you can rent & watch it on @itunes. it’s hilarious & did i mention totally messed up...
real #BirdBoxChallenge = try not to be a dork when meeting an actor u adore & admire // been a fan of @wongbd since the first time i saw him on stage. @thepaintedline & i swooned. 💙 #birdbox #BirdBoxMovie @birdboxmovie
awesome way to start ‘19! the @allcreaturesherebelowmovie2018 teaser trailer just made honorable mention in the Top 10 Trailers of 2018 List! Thank you, christopher stipp & Slash Film Daily. @schifflifilms is a master trailer cutter & always knows the balance between showing too much & not enough while capturing tone & story. 💙
2018: the darkness & the light. this year i saw the rise of vulgar, unprincipled, unqualified & hate-filled men thwart their power by misinformation more than ever before. BUT i also saw the rise of legions of people, young & old, who recognize the value, longevity & strength of equality, justice & true values. // this year i saw credibly accused men grab the greatest power, aided & abetted by cowards of old who still cling to the ways in which a woman’s word is of less value than a man’s position. BUT i also saw bravery from those who inspired an unstoppable wave of people who are swinging mighty wrecking balls against monoliths of accepted abuse. // this year i saw people i love & respect attacked by nazis & the alt-right (empowered by the hateful rhetoric of the current illegitimate“ administration”.) BUT i saw those same people endure the attacks with the grace & integrity that builds long-lasting fortitude & inspiration among the millions of witnesses who felt devastated by the loss of certain battles but are now seeing the light of victory for the greater, bigger story. // this year i saw the united states humiliated on the national stage by a bumbling, immature, cruel & unpatriotic legion of people currently occupying the white house. BUT i met people the world over - from ireland to germany to mexico - who stand by us as we weather this painful time, supporting & encouraging us. // this year i saw a rise in attacks on people because of where they’re from, what they look like & who they love. BUT i also saw first-hand the power of love between people as we marched, met new friends navigating the nightmare of the family separation crisis & attended the weddings of people who reflect the kind of devotion & unity that will pull us through. (congrats helens, yarvo’s, slater-russells & hogan-longs! & the shriner-davos) // this year i saw attacks on artists & the journalists by those who want to undermine labor & those who report truth. BUT i also saw great artists & reporters rise to the occasion like never before! // i’ve been able to tell some great stories on tv/film, be w family & friends i adore, i feel optimistic for 2019. Keep praying for 🇺🇸! 💙
thanks to @steveagee , i got to play TRITON in @brendonsmall ‘s kick ass @galaktikon vid “nightmare”. the graphic novel is out NOW & it’s gorgeous. congrats brendan!
my old pal @feliciaday & new pal @katemicucci got a bunch o’ pals together to sing carols & raise $ for the victims of the california wildfires. i MAY have sung a baba yaga holiday lullaby. my grandma-in-law delores aka @jimpike4633 collected a bunch of donations from her friends & neighbors in NY! thanks to all who gave! thanks felicia & kate for your generosity & some new holiday classics... 🚲 🎄
congratulations @birdboxmovie team on a successful release. based on the book by master of suspense, @joshmalerman // great cast led by the unstoppable #SandraBullock & directed by @susannebier // “whistler” & the gang are coming for you.... #BirdBox 🖤💀my m/u here was by the great @barneyburman
and to ALL a good night. merry christmas from the citizens of halloweentown. 🖤🎄💀 art directed: @thepaintedline 📸: @steveagee m/u: @kellygoldsackmakeup #nightmarebeforechristmas #christmas #jackskellington
Now THAT’S what I needed. Thank you, eve, for picking, planning & paying for a week of paradise.
ice castles & blades of glory. thanks @brian.a.russ & @kellylynnrussell for a merry winter wonderland. // ALSO TUNE IN TONIGHT to www.twitch.tv/feliciaday where we’ll be singing carols to raise $ for the victims of the california wildfires!
hang a shining star upon the highest bough. 🌟🎄 #penniedein 💙 📸 by @thepaintedline
sometimes it’s romantic, sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s hot, but every single day w @thepaintedline is a gift.
w my buddy, brandon, at the @borntoactplayers holiday party. he’s pretty shy, full of love, talent & imagination. i’ve seen him grow so much as a performer over the years at #BTAP . if you are able, please consider giving (even a small donation) to www.borntoactplayers.com & support mary rings magical theater company. (donate button in the upper right)💙💙💙
got our hearts & minds melted by @nineinchnails tonight // thanks @thepaintedline for continuing to make ALL my dreams come true. 🖤 #NIN #NineInchNails #ninontour
broke up a fight in my office this AM between these 2 guys. sorry, abra, but it looked like kurt was gonna win. THANKS 2 @e.m.a_customs @braveonwarpath @minisuperheroestoday & @originalfunko !
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