I started this page to be for NERF and the people who want to see it.its NERF DAY everyday!

Not sure how I missed this but @justajolt posted this blaster and I’m a fan.
This is probably the best stock ever it’s just too cool. Anybody out there add it to their setup?
I need some ideas! This was one of my first mods and I want to ramp it up but I can’t think of a way that really makes it worth it? If you have any idea for internals, colors, body modifications, or integration let me know in the comments please.
Great to see Vortex again! Personally I have always love Vortex something about bouncing disks off walls is a great time!
I found my first nerf mod yesterday. The paint job isn’t the best but it shoots like crazy.
Nerf Stryfe #2 Nerf Long Range Upgrade Kit Scope, Demolisher stock, Modulus Regulator barrel extension, and a 10 dart banana mag.
Just saw this posted by @mariopower_5.0 and I can’t wait to see them myself. Love that stock!
Nerf Modulus Mediator #2 Modulus ecs-10 scope, Modulus Recon Mk2 stock, Modulus tactical flashlight, and a 18 drum (holds 20)
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone out there!
Starting to see these pop up but still no Iron Man.......
Just saw this posted by @foamshepherd and i can’t wait to see this hit shelves. The Nerf Demolisher is probably my favorite blaster and with the new attachments I’m hype! Photo credit to @make.test.battle
Just to spread this around, @foamshepherd gave credit to @a.d.r._92.9 so good on him!
Not sure how I missed it but I want one!
Nerf Modulus Mediator #1 Stealth Ops Upgrade kit red dot sight, Modulus tactical light on the side rail, and the stock is from the Modulus Regulator. The mags are a 10 banana in the chamber and a six in the stock.
Love seeing these are all Amazon especially the Mediator.
Just a quick shout out to Geek.com for these new Nerf blasters to be!!! The Scavenger and the Evader. I love both but I can’t wait to get the Evader and paint it since I’m not a fan of clear blasters.
Sales are low right now. There are a few nice picks but it’s expected this time of year.
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