Daniel Clark Cunningham

I help brands build visual content for marketing and advertising campaigns.

More from beneath the surface.
Get out of your comfort zone. Do not be scarred to make mistakes. Thanks to @satya_performance_arts for giving me a chance to challenge myself.
More dash cam fun for Cobra electronics. . . . .
Always fun to create marketing assets for cool products. HoverStash is a premium cannabis display product. Highlight your highlife!
Two images from my aerial session. I love seeing what shapes and ideas the aerialists have. Always a pleasure to work with such strong women. #strongerthenyesterday
Mother and son driving shot for a product launch branding campaign. #kidstoy
Marketing piece explaining the products key features. #laptopbags
The stop motion pieces were used alongside a video for a branding campaign. Stylist- @jesanderson
This was a long, multi location shoot day. Lots of walking and @gracieliaa did most of it in heels! #teamwork
A stop motion piece created for a product launch. 1 of 7 #stopmotion Stylist - @jesanderson
@irisolivia killed it for Gracetech handbags.
A trapeze image from aerial session #4 . #strength
Remembering an incredible soul today. Bourbon and The Clash forever.
49 years ago today at the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich village the gay community fought back. That is why June is PRIDE month. Now more then ever we need to stand strong with all our brothers and sisters. Life is short. Have fun and love everybody! #pridemonth2018
New work up for Cobra electronics #dashcam
I had the best first Father's Day! I also realized I have never really said hello or introduced myself. I'm Daniel. I have a lot of hobbies and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Fun facts! My wife and I attended the same high school but never talked or hung out. I play the drums. Some of my friendships are 20+ years strong. I love to cook and BBQ. Thank for reading, def my longest IG post. Happy Monday!
Oh man, Eleanor is loving her activity gym! Her smile says it all. #growingfast
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