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I help brands build visual content for marketing and advertising campaigns.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season! The Cunningham clan enjoyed family time and a few cocktails. Baby E is now lost in a sea of toys. With 2019 around corner remember the spirit of giving and togetherness before you flip off a driver in traffic. Unless they merged without a blinker. 😏
December 26th the boys are back in town!! Lucky five will reunite for a late Christmas present. This was one of my favorite band promo images from back in the day. #music
I had the privilege to photograph a few Make A Wish recipients this year. It was so fun to joke around with these awesome kids! Make A Wish is a great program. Take time as we reach the end of the year to see how you can give back to your community and help your fellow humans. #giveback
In preparation of @belk reaching 100k followers we created some images to celebrate. Today they reached that goal. Congratulations!
Find your car, track your mileage and charge up to 3 accessories with TripDongle. #startup
Thanksgiving is almost here! Thankful for these ladies!
I have always loved making portraits. It wanted to spend sometime playing in the studio, no stress. My wife and mother in law made it possible for me to get away from dad mode. Even for just a few hours to test a background I painted and general ideas for lighting. Thanks to @marchesephoto for dusting off his childhood modeling chops. He is the only photographer I know that likes his portrait to be made. Everyone have a happy Friday!! Go create something this weekend. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. . . . .
Happy Friday y'all! I had the pleasure of working with @morgansonnendecker for @belk. Thanks to @hahawkins for HMU and @jesanderson for styling. Who has all their holiday shopping finished? Not I said the Daniel.
Andrew is a friend, writer, dad and an HR beast. I asked him what quote stands out in his mind. His response "Everything is ok in the end, if it's not ok, it's not the end" -John Lennon. What is your favorite quote? Happy Friday y'all!
Alas Halloween is over. Here is a shot from last year. #postmalone Now they always say congratulations. Worked, so hard, forgot how to vacation.
While packing up my gear after a job. Jerome aka "Kizney" told me I should take his picture. He just moved here from Jamaica and is a musician. It was great to chat with him. #bekind
More from beneath the surface.
Get out of your comfort zone. Do not be scarred to make mistakes. Thanks to @satya_performance_arts for giving me a chance to challenge myself.
More dash cam fun for Cobra electronics. . . . .
Always fun to create marketing assets for cool products. HoverStash is a premium cannabis display product. Highlight your highlife!
Two images from my aerial session. I love seeing what shapes and ideas the aerialists have. Always a pleasure to work with such strong women. #strongerthenyesterday
Mother and son driving shot for a product launch branding campaign. #kidstoy
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