London🔺Irish🔺Queer🔺Pug enthusiast 🔺Yogi 🔺@lbarndt1201 🔺 Wanna shoot? 📷 Let’s collaborate — DM 📩

Ophelia tried out @butternutbox for the first time today. She loved the food AND the box 😋 🍛 📦
Hot yoga with @nic_flan 🙏🏻Namaste
It’s now my favourite season 🍂🍁
Feeling cute, might delete later idk. 📷 : @iamjamesbarley
You can be my full time, daddy, white and gold 💛
Last night I dreamt of San Pedro It all seems like yesterday, not far away 🌴
Ay papi. ¿Jugamos?
So the rumours are true. Fire Island is as idyllic and freeing as you’ve been lead to believe. 🌲
My two loves 💕
It’s not drinking alone if your dog is home 🐶
The dog days are over. 🌥
If you ever wanted to try yoga but a gym/studio is too intimidating, there are a million great classes on YouTube. Give it a go! 🙏🏻 This one is with @catmeffan 💖
I’m trying @bolfoods salad and soup jars today for #nationalallotmentsweek . Sadly we don’t have an allotment (20 year waiting list!) – but we do our fair share with our tomatoes. Vegan lunch for one (Ophelia preferred to snooze)! #urbanfarming #bolfoods
Two queens stand before me...
My candlelit dinner date tonight 😄
‘What d’ya think of that guy over there?’ 😏
Ophelia loves a little bit of foam 😛🍺
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