London🔺Irish🔺Queer🔺Pug enthusiast 🔺Yogi 🔺@lbarndt1201 🔺 Wanna shoot? 📷 Let’s collaborate — DM 📩

Illustration by @sarajotabe based on a photo by @iamjamesbarley - I love it, thank you 🙏🏻
Like butter wouldn’t melt.
Had the pleasure of shooting elf boy @iamriccardot at his home this week. 🧝🏻‍♂️ 📷🌱💖 . . . . . #herecomethehashtags #instaboy #instagay #instahomo #instaelf #gay #gayboy #gayman #gaypic #gayartist #gayswithplants
Welcome to hell. Want a tour? Photo: @lbarndt1201 Lighting: @claudiomarioto Union suit: @nastypig
I bitch a lot about Instagram and its detrimental effects on mental health. However, the number of positive messages of support I’ve received from friends and strangers on here in the last 24 hours has been overwhelming and much appreciated. Perhaps everything is just magnified on this medium. Is it just what you make of it? 🙏🏻 Thank you for the positivity. I’ll pay it forward. 📷: @jorge_vaso
Ophelia tried out @butternutbox for the first time today. She loved the food AND the box 😋 🍛 📦
Hot yoga with @nic_flan 🙏🏻Namaste
It’s now my favourite season 🍂🍁
Feeling cute, might delete later idk. 📷 : @iamjamesbarley
You can be my full time, daddy, white and gold 💛
Last night I dreamt of San Pedro It all seems like yesterday, not far away 🌴
Ay papi. ¿Jugamos?
So the rumours are true. Fire Island is as idyllic and freeing as you’ve been lead to believe. 🌲
My two loves 💕
It’s not drinking alone if your dog is home 🐶
The dog days are over. 🌥
If you ever wanted to try yoga but a gym/studio is too intimidating, there are a million great classes on YouTube. Give it a go! 🙏🏻 This one is with @catmeffan 💖
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