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Well, don’t say I didn’t warn him, another youth plunged into danger because of his ego. @royceda59 please, spare him I pray🙏
This is Eminem related because being a realist is something that all my favourite rappers advocate. Eminem, Kendrick, Hov and others all optimise that💯 Just wanted to say that trust is hard to come by in a world where power = lust. You and yourself determines what you do, nothing and no one else can... the moment you doubt that is the moment you fail. Preach @kendricklamar 🙏 But if you don’t drop in 2019, we riot😂🙏 Stay rhyming
Tweeted by Marcus, @royceda59 younger brother 👀 👀 👀 @kidvishis is this real or what??? 😂
This morning, Spotify updated Kamikaze to be just 500,000 streams away from 1 billion, so ima be the first to say that it probably has hit 1 billion by now. We will get confirmation tomorrow when Spotify streaming figures update but I’m 100% sure it’s surpassed it now. Congrats to Kamikaze for surpassing this landmark. For a rapper whose been mainstream for 19 years to do this is incredible. Stay Rhyming @rap repost me please 🙏😂
UPDATED RANK of his discography. As you can see, I’ve got Eminem down for 4 classic projects: MMLP, EMINEM SHOW, SSLP and RECOVERY. I’ve got him down for 2 great albums: MMLP2 & KAMIKAZE. I’ve got him down for 2 good/solid albums: RELAPSE & ENCORE... and I’ve got REVIVAL down for a decent little album. I know this is either gonna please or antagonise fans, but when rating them, I try to do my best to please both the hardcore fan base who’ll think I rate these too low or the generalised more objective fan base who think I’m overhyping it all. I used to say Encore was a better album than Relapse, and maybe deep down I stand by that, but I just think the body of work that relapse represents means more from an artistic point of view than Encore. Don’t get me wrong for one second, both albums are amazing to me... but I’d rate them both as GOOD albums. As the years roll on, I see more and more people starting to accept that Relapse wasn’t as bad as many first suspected it to be, it’s actually a good album and I predict that soon it will be looked back on as a classic. It had that edgy touch that so many well-regraded albums today have. You might hate me for my revival rating, but just because it’s the lowest in the list, it doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means. The album was wrongfully over-hated. But I am one to acknowledge that Revival had a significant number of what the industry would term “throwaway” songs. I’m not shying away from that, but I still respect the experimental side to the album, it represented a complete change from what you’d except from Eminem, and it’s a shame that it wasn’t well received. But at least people generally enjoyed Kamikaze much more and it’s gotten fans excited for what he has next... Slim Shady LP 2??? BME 2??? Who knows 🤷‍♂️ I used to also say that Kamikaze edged over the MMLP2, but I must say that because the MMLP2 was longer, and in proportion to the Kamiakze record, it had more songs and I guess a more relatable concept, I prefer it over Kamikaze. Both great albums though. There’s no need for me to go over the top 4, they are classics that besides from selling over like 20 million each, they are incredible albums. Stay Rhyming
Near death experience caught on camera 🎥 Tory Lanez doesn’t need to die now after dropping 2 albums in one year, come on Tory.
This is my updated review of Kamikaze: Initially, I gave Kamikaze a rating of 8.7, I’d keep it the same with this review but I just wanted to point some things out that I’ve started to understand and notice. 1: If Kamikaze was an EP (7 songs) it would be undisputedly AOTY and a classic. I gather that the songs that generally people don’t like are (Nice Guy, Good Guy, Normal and some people aren’t a fan of Venom)... I truly believe that the other tracks, are incredible in their own way. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 4 tracks mentioned but from a generalised POV I can see why people don’t really like them because they don’t fit into the structure of the album. 2: Royce da 5’9” has one of the best verses of the year... his verse was INCREDIBLE, and yes it was better than Eminem’s in terms of lyricism but in terms of flows and cadence Eminem trumped him. 3: I thought the hooks of the album weren’t as weak as others suggest. I think people just misinterpret Eminem’s vocals as unhook worthy... which is a shame because GREATEST, KAMIKAZE and VENOM all had great hooks. 4: The beats on this album were a perfect example of Eminem being able to thrive on new beats, the FALL beat was incredible and Eminem was great on that. The RINGER beat was exactly the same, LUCKY YOU beat wasn’t exactly a modernised beat, but Eminem still murdered that, as did Joyner. By the way, LUCKY YOU is one of the best Eminem beat I’ve heard for years, it was immaculate. 5: Eminem needs to drop next year, If he drops I swear he’s dropping a classic. Eminem took a big stride in the right direction with Kamikaze, and I’m assured that his next solo album can only be better, more refined yet expansive whilst being just as aggressive. I just wanted to get this all off my chest, it isn’t really an intricate review but just some thoughts I wanted to jot down. Stay Rhyming
Gimme dat 🔥 @genius
Immoral greets Vile😂
Here’s my take on a potential BME 2 album... Hope you enjoy this, I tried to make this as realistic as possible... Stay Rhyming 🙏
A lot of rumours are circulating that a BME2 album is on its way... because @royceda59 have a little possible hint at a show in Australia this week... Personally, this is amazing news, because if true then it’s pretty much certain that Eminem isn’t gonna take one of the long breaks like he did after the first BME dropped... I love this, especially as a Eminem is back on his shady shit🔥 However, if I were given the option of either a solo Eminem album in 2019 or a BME2 in 2019, I’d chose the solo album, I’ll tell you why: I love Royce, and when he collabs with Eminem, it’s like golden dust, they compliment each other so well in the studio and it’s no lie to say that they are great friends outside it... but I think for the betterment of Eminem’s career, a solo album would be best for now. Eminem produced a strong comeback with Kamikaze following the harsh criticism of Revival (disclaimer I like revival so I’m not hating on it) and I think if Eminem was to prove he could keep up that 🔥 with another solo album so soon after Kamikaze would really cement his place in today’s rap climate. Regardless, I would love for another BME album to happen, whenever it may... So here’s to a BME the sequel to the sequel in hell🙏 Stay Rhyming
Finally, a reviewing company that actually acknowledges that KAMIKAZE was a great album 🙏 I’m sick and tired of critics holding grudges against artists and letting their egos get in the way of receiving quality. Disgraceful if you ask me, I’m a huge Eminem fan, but I still admit that even those he’s attacked have great music. Micheal Jackson is the greatest artist of all time from an objective point of view. N’sync weren’t for me but they had a couple tunes that slapped. Britney Spears has a pretty legendary run. I just hate how people, who are paid to review music, wrongly depreciated good music. It’s like the Grammys, I want to know who on this earth didn’t intervene and make sure that KOD got at least one nom.... Sorry I had to ruin your Sunday evening through this venting, stay rhyming🙏
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Skinny latte? Na... gimme a slim one with marshmallows
Make a wish 🙏 Stay rhyming Excuse the bad photo quality but these are new pics so I thought I’d share this side of a Eminem which others don’t usually see regardless of picture quality. I’m distraught to say that the girl in these photos passed away a couple days ago... RIP Bella
Who else is bumping this album nonstop??😂
@royceda59 apparently said at a show in Australia “everyone go hashtag bad meets evil 2” Is he hinting?????
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