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Eminem - 🐐 👏In dedication to a man who changes lives with rhymes ❤️ All Hip-Hop fans welcome ⚠️I DO NOT PROMOTE FOR MONEY⚠️ 🔊Stay Rhyming RIP DESHAUN

The biggest names come from the smallest places... @eminem If ever there was a picture so raw, uncut and from the lows and valleys of a journey that told the story of an underdog... it’s this one. Iconic doesn’t even do his achievement justice.... stay rhyming wherever you are
It’s up - in the story go test yourself, stay rhyming! Love you all, I’ll try the next one tommorow, these are pretty hard to make, takes a lot of effort but it’s worth it if y’all enjoy it. So really... stay rhyming 🔥
This meme is in circulation again so I thought I’d go fishing for likes😂 Stay rhyming
Up now! (In my story) Hope you enjoy it! Stay rhyming 🔥
How do y’all actually rate KAMIKAZE. Comment one of the following: “Bad” “Average” “Good” “Great” “Classic” I’d love to know, personally for me, I’d put it in the “great” category - such a great album. Stay rhyming
Excuse the pun, but this track is criminally underrated 💯😂 It’s one of the best from the LP, and straight out a classic Shady track. Rate this song out of 10... I’d give it a 9.0/10. Classic in every sense of the word! Stay rhyming! Finish the lyric is coming soon for a different album by the way so stay tuned, y’all seemed to love the KAMIKAZE one! Much love 💯
It’s back! Kamikaze edition, check my story to have a go and see how you do... STAY RHYMING🔥
That dude from 8 mile? Oh no this the dude that was upstairs listening to his Will Smith Cd...
I can’t fucking wait🔥🔥🔥🔥 He said he can’t wait for people to “hear & see” the track...... he’s clearly hinting at another music video too🔥 Stay hyped!
I have a little theory, Kendrick has cited Eminem as one of his biggest influences and inspirations, which is brilliant. Eminem’s first three big albums sported a coloured theme. Blue for the Slim Shady LP Greyish for the MM LP and Red for the Eminem show —————————————— When you look at Kendricks first three big studio albums... it follows the same scheme/order. Check it out, do you reckon he’s allocated the colour scheme of his albums as a way of paying homage to the classic trio that Eminem made?? I dunno 😂 - just a theory.... Stay rhyming anyway 😂
You might remember this post from a couple months back, well I’ve updated it with KAMIKAZE. This is just first week sales in the US by the way, I might do one for WW sales soon. Stay rhyming 🙏
From @hailiescott1 story
Credit to @theosplox 👍 @joynerlucas x @eminem 👍 Stay RHYMING
@kxngcrooked wishing Eminem a happy birthday Stay rhyming
Here’s a question, seeing as @eminem has gone back to this Hip-Hop vibe this past year, would y’all still like another Rihanna x Eminem collab as a smash hit? I think I would, they collaborate and produce classic tracks so I’d like this to happen again... What do y’all think? Stay rhyming Credit: @yourfavesidol for suggesting I post this
Joyner Lucas has confirmed another collaboration with @eminem on his upcoming album “ADHD” in which he said it would be about his “storytelling” in his “territory” - I’m excited, hiphop is excited. “I love” is the first single, it’s not the eminem feature but it is fucking 🔥 Show some support to him and at least check it out, it’s so good, this is what Joyner needs to get the mainstream exposure, I can’t wait to hear the album in its entirety. His flow on this song is crazy good, reminds me of “Lucky you” - LISTEN TO IT🔥 Joyner’s got a story to tell, Eminem is featuring on a chapter and the album “ADHD” is looking fire. LISTEN TO “I LOVE” NOW! Stay rhyming 🔥
OMG YES! YES YES YES YES! Stay rhyming Credit my favourite page: @stanistheone
46 years of age.... still killing it! Stay Rhyming Marshall Bruce Mathers III 🎁🏆🎉🎁🏆🎉🎁🎉
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