Violet Benson

Everyone has an alter ego, this one is mine 💁🏼 Finsta:@violetbens0n Shop:@shopdaddyissues 💌: 👇🏻NEW BLOG EVERY OTHER SUNDAY👇🏻

Ur not allowed to have other friends, ur all I’ve got!! 😢 Gather ur BFF and tune in Monday for the #VMAS LIVE on @mtv at 9/8c
When someone tells me I have a good heart, I just cry haha like omg thank you for seeing the best in me bc sometimes I’m so hard on myself and I forget how I great I am... anyway I shared too much so I’m feeling uncomfortable rn so I’ll probably avoid you for the next year okay? Cool..... 👍🏼
Tag that one friend that’s always there for you thru all your weird anxiety depression happy phases 👯‍♀️
‪Dating these days is basically as fun as rolling in broken glass while being set on fire and just when you think the pain might be over and you’re gonna catch a break, you roll off a cliff.‬
This is basically me with every guy that notices me, I’m like U DA ONE lol 👰🏼 New season of @AREUTHE1 airs TONIGHT at 10/9c
Guys always say they want a sarcastic crazy girl but then when u burn their house down for ignoring ur text bc they were “sleeping” suddenly they’re all like, omg this isn’t what I wanted n here’s a restraining order. like huh??? stop sending me mixed signals Michael.
When the shots finally hit and your inner hoe comes out. Tag the hoe in ur squad lol. 👯‍♀️
My milkshake brings all the emotionally unavailable men to the yard and I’m like ur def the one lol. Tune in to @AREUTHE1 tomorrow at 10/9c on @mtv
I don’t want a different fish!! I want the emotionally unavailable one that never takes me out, hits on all my friends, and takes 3-5 business days to text me back bc I feel like I could really change him!!!! He’s the one! I can feel it!!! Oh wait no it’s just chlamydia... he gave me chlamydia... again. #SOUNDON (@xoxo_vict0ria )
I’m the girl that raps gangsta rap (off tune) in my car while on the way to the farmers market (erewhon) from yoga (hot Pilates). 💁🏼‍♀️
I never make the same mistake twice, I like to make it at least 200 times just to make sure I’m an idiot. lol. But don’t worry ur not alone! Tune in to @AREUTHE1 this Wednesday at 10/9c on @MTV to watch other people F up their love life instead.
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