Anna Piper

Broadway dreams and horses ✨ your friendly neighborhood star child ✨ CO || Dreamer || Slytherin || Music Theater Major

To the edge of the universe and back, Endure and Survive #casperthefriendlyhorse
Infinitely good boy. #casperthefriendlyhorse
Caught in the act of hitting me in the face
#9to5 with my lovely momma! Knock em outta the park, you guys!
Absolutely fantastic!! Love this show and love the people I got to see it with. :)
One day more!! #intermissionsnapshot
Loving us
Hey, dummy!! Eat you food, don't wear it!! #casperthefriendlyhorse
Happy 11th birthday, Beau!! Love this goofy, chubby, beautiful buckskin so very much. ❤❤ Guess he isnt fond of carrot cake, though...
He's watching TV.
Please look at this absolutely incredible, sweet boy who came into camp today. His name was Finnegan and he was a 2 yr old Irish wolfhound. His kisses literally made me cry tears of joy and I love him.
Clouds looking awful pretty tonight
White stockings are uber cute
Opening night vibes.
An ever lovely mother
It isnt a final dress rehearsal until you're taking a million backstage selfies.
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