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Any girl 15 or over must persue a woman's mission.... More rehearsal photos... but how can I not? Fan training is practically the best. More info on getting tickets for "Cosi Fan Tutte: A School For Lovers" coming soon! #cosifantutte #lot #lovelandoperatheatre
Plunge a sword right through my heart! #cosifantutte #lot #lovelandoperatheatre
Rehearsals are under way for Cosi Fan Tutte! Here we go :) #cosifantutte #lovelandoperatheatre #lot
Idk, I felt kinda cute 😘 #newyearsgamenight
Casper says Happy New Year! We both hope you enjoy your evening, that you stay warm, and that 2019 brings you much joy!! #casperthefriendlyhorse
New Years is coming up, and I have a few thoughts about the good and the bad. The positives and negatives of the year passed. Did you know that sometimes, a Deep Sadness takes root and tries to make me think I'm less than enough? I dont talk about it much, but it's been here for years..... for nearly as long as I can remember. I've gotten better at warding off the times when it feels like a tar pit, but sometimes it holds to me like some old friend, whispering in my ear. Tonight, I found myself remembering how often this year that I had people, my peers and my elders, make a conscious decision to try and cut me down. To steal my joy. To hide my light. Both the subtle and obvious attempts that left me hoping that I could just vanish. People I hardly knew left me feeling distant and excluded. People I looked up to left me reverting to the me from many years ago: the me that would cower in the corner of the room because she thought she didnt deserve to be heard. Bullies. Funny how a word so juvenile can persist through every age. I'm gonna be real with you: I thought I was doing better, but some things this year? They punctured my spirit. They left me feeling trampled. But then I thought about the people that believe in me. The ones that have offered not a negative thought, but an outstretched hand when I needed it. Friends, coworkers, teachers, strangers. Maybe the encouragement didnt always come the way I wanted: I remember wanting justice more than anything this year. But it did come the way I needed. It came in sympathetic words, in genuine interest in my arts, in asking how I was. It came in church services, in texts from friends, in random girls I'd never even met complimenting me on my craft. In the midst of my sadness, hope seemed so small. But in reality, it's been shining its light so brightly. This year has been hard. The Deep Sadness still holds me, and people still dont always treat me the way I'd like them to. But even as I look back, I'm starting to find goodness again. In the little things, in the people. In the genuine goodness of others when the world seemed too cruel. Next year will be better, I know. I look forward to it.
It's just not quite the holiday season without the Scariest Decoration In Our House
The girls at the barn had some toffee.... Casper wanted some. Needless to say, he really loved it!! #casperthefriendlyhorse
I got brown lipstick, and lemme tell you... I'm a pretty big fan of it.
My friend got me THE COOLEST golden gun Moira charm.
Best horse ever #casperthefriendlyhorse
The Big Man, himself
My job is KINDAA the best.
It's taken me over 30 minutes to highlight through the whole of Act 1... and that doesnt even include my aria. (Figured I didnt need those highlighted, hah..) My hand hurts.
My sister put on the COOLEST zombie/Last Of Us birthday ever.. (with some bloodborne cookies on the side). Thank you to everyone who participated!! It made the evening absolutely incredible~
Handsomest boy. #casperthefriendlyhorse
Just a couple more days til we hit the parade again...... #paradeoflights #casperthefriendlyhorse
She's melting....
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