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multifandom af last yt vid👇

spierfeld & choni🏳️‍🌈 →Date: 08/07/18 →Duration: 27 seconds →Audio: small doses →Coloring: hannahsvids collab with anne rose aka @angstwayne ❤️ she did spierfeld and i choni :) yea ik i misspelled stuff in the intro just ignore that #cxssioqeiacollabs #pride
love her →Date: 07/30/18 →Duration: 7 seconds →Audio: 28thCenturyMan - Zenon Z3 (edited) →Coloring: hannahsvids dt y’all hello i’m back actually i will be gone for a week again in few days cuz i’m going abroad sO yea i ain’t really got time to edit enjoy this - whatever the hell kinda velocity scrap is it #cxssioqeiacelebs #chloemoretz
You & I 🎧 →Date: 07/15/18 →Duration: 16 seconds →Audio: 1D - you & i (oh genius remix) EDITED →Coloring: hannahsvids dt @eternitarian.mp4 idk this is kind of a scrap i was too lazy to add any effects.. but i like the audio tho oof i tried to use the style i used like few times b4 againnn #cxssioqeiamarvel #thorragnarok
daaaaaamn →Date: 07/10/18 →Duration: 25 seconds →Audio: call on me (edited) →Coloring: hannahsvids dt me, myself and I had to edit this underrated baby boy💓💗💝💖💞 ❗️The movie is ANT-MAN and the song is called CALL ON ME❗️ #cxssioqeiamarvel #antman
it’s like the sun came out →Date: 07/03/18 →Duration: 38 seconds →Audio: gabrielle aplin - start of time (EDITED!) →Coloring: hannahsvids dt anyone who ships stucky :) i know this is really crappy and all but hey it’s the first long edit i’ve actually finished for awhile #cxssioqeiamarvel #stucky
you will find me🎶 →Date: 06/29/18 →Duration: 14 seconds →Audio: 1D - walking in the wind (edited) →Coloring: hannahsvids dt @dcstny aka the biggest allison stan i know + @angstwayne i think i have found one bit more specific style now (i hope) that one trick ass glitch there can c h o k e #cxssioqeiateenwolf #allisonargent
f your body👅 →Date: 06/23/18 →Duration: 19 seconds →Audio: christina aguilera - your body (edited) →Coloring: hannahsvids dt @daydreaxming @xkaisedits @evphoria.aep @aricelym @xdclans @maliaskrypton ayee it’s been a while since i edited them this is gonna be a fat flop but whateverr i just wanted to post even one dolan twins edit lol yea ik the style change in the end is uHh #cxssioqeiadolantwins #dolantwins
a softie who deserves all happiness in the world aND more →Date: 06/20/18 →Duration: 8 seconds →Audio: eenie meenie (edited) →Coloring: hannahsvids dt @beccaseditss @evchanted @mcrtxm + all other bucky stans :) i’d do anything to see more of his precious smile🤧 for once i made good shakes ok i’m proud of myself #cxssioqeiamarvel #buckybarnes
i love a woman →Date: 06/17/18 →Duration: 6 seconds →Audio: feel the fire →Coloring: hannahsvids for @wckdparkers ‘ collab👏 ended you and all your favs #cxssioqeiamarvel #cxssioqeiacollabs #valkyrie
🌌 →Date: 06/15/18 →Duration: 12 seconds →Audio: chase atlantic - ozone →Coloring: hannahsvids dt @lydiasfears mAn i love editing him how do y’all like this complex style?🤪 #froygutierrez @froy #cxssioqeiacelebs
boyfriends💝💓💞💖💘 →Date: 06/14/18 →Duration: 3 seconds →Audio: max elto - shadow of the sun (adventure club remix) →Coloring: hannahsvids my part for @xwiccan ’s collab 😁 #thiam #cxssioqeiateenwolf #cxssioqeiacollabs
June 13th🎉 →Date: 06/13/18 →Duration: 15 seconds →Audio: beings - madeon (porter robinson remix) →Coloring: hannahsvids happy bday to this precious bean💞💜💗💖💘💞 I hope he’s having an amazing day :) Chris deserved a better bday edit tbh but oh well I kinda had to rush to get this ready in time. #chrisevans #cxssioqeiacelebs
somebody to you →Date: 06/12/18 →Duration: 30 seconds →Audio: the vamps - somebody to you (edited) →Coloring: hannahsvids dt all thor and bruce shippers oof this is v simple but well it turned out good i like it no hate against thor and jane tho it’s just an edit #cxssioqeiamarvel #thorragnarok
happy pride month🏳️‍🌈 →Date: 06/07/18 →Duration: 29 seconds →Audio: ariana grande - love me harder (edited) →Coloring: hannahsvids dt everyone🌈 i know some (like almost all of them lmao) of these pairs are not like canon but i ship them so stfu #cxssioqeiamulti #pride #pridemonth
for @my.aedits ’ pride collab🌈 →Date: 06/04/18 →Duration: 4 seconds →Audio: idk →Coloring: hannahsvids they were so in love. my feed is fucked up byeee #cxssioqeiacollabs #cxssioqeiatmr #omgpage #newtmas
god ™ →Date: 06/02/18 →Duration: 9 seconds →Audio: ozzie - 6 →Coloring: hannahsvids dt @everlarck @evchanted i really like doing these lyrics intros hehe more thor and other mcu edits???🤩 #cxssioqeiamarvel #omgpage #thor
aMen →Date: 05/28/18 →Duration: 54 seconds →Audio: @kuteaudios →Coloring: @hannahsvids dt you if even one of these is your manz ;) i focused on the velocity more sooo the transitions and the effects are simpler this time i once said in my story that i wasn’t gonna move from this account but actually i’m seriously considering it now.. i’m not 100% sure about anything, i’m just saying that i might do that or might not i’ll let ya know tho when i’ve decided what i’ll do dw babes #cxssioqeiamulti #omgpage #multifandom
a precious cinnamon roll💕💝💖💘 →Date: 05/18/18 →Duration: 11 seconds →Audio: ember island - umbrella (edited) →Coloring: @hannahsvids dt newt stans✨ how do you all like this new kinda style? :)) alsooo happy (late) bday to thomas brodie-sangster!💘 unfortunately couldn’t make this edit in time :( #cxssioqeiatmr #newt
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