Crook Optics

Founded in Fairbanks, Alaska, based out of Breckenridge, CO. Join the Crook Crew today and snag your pair of the Recon collection. #crookoptics

Winter is back in the states and the #crookcrew is already back out getting after it. Who else has had the chance to kick their winter season off? #crookoptics
Snow hitting the ground here in Colorado has us excited for the season! Who is counting down the days until opening day? #crookoptics 📸: @yo_bridge
It’s a climb to get to the top, but the view is insane when you get there. #crookoptics 📸: @joelhardyphoto Assist: @leo.pbl
Pre-Season pricing is in full effect! $20 OFF when you buy your pair of the Recon collection before October 31st. #crookoptics
Who’s ready to get back on the mountain for competition season? #crookoptics
#sundayfunday who’s out doing something they are passionate about today? #crookoptics
Day dreaming about days like this. Winter is right around the corner! #crookoptics
Snows starting to fall again in the North! Who’s ready for winter to be here in full blast again? #crookoptics 📸: @daniweyman
Massive gap to front board from #crookoptics rider Kyle Mack. Who thinks they’d try this steezy trick with this big of a gap? 🎥: @blake.kehoe @marc_wierenga
Ever wonder what Crook Crew member @stewartorr77 is up to when he’s not drinking a beer and skimming across the pond? Well check out the @amplid_research_cartel edit that is posted to our YouTube channel and find out! These riders did a great job putting it down this year. #crookoptics #crookcrew 🎥: @mediaproductionbk
The glacier life. #crookoptics 📸: @kotlyarchukphoto
Are you ready to get back on your winter time grind? #crookoptics
#throwbackthursday to our boy @kylemack putting down his steezy line at the #xgames in Aspen this past winter. #crookoptics
Here’s a little #wheeliewednesday action to help you get through your #humpday #crookoptics
Slushy conditions may have finally hit the south, but that isn’t stopping @julian_ortega.p from still sending it! #crookoptics
Early morning hits in New Zealand anyone? #crookoptics 📸: @dashanosova
Put your tail in the dirt. #crookoptics
Are you down to night ride a glacier? #crookoptics 📸: @joelhardyphoto
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