Cristina Patel

That moment where my life flashed before my eyes. #lovegreens
So inspired by this moment.
He ate all the dumplings. Unapologetic.
Andrew and his Chinese Zodiac, the ox!
Temple Day. #colorful
If anyone knows a good etiquette school, please inbox me. #noodles
In the middle of China we discovered this gem.
I spy a panda.
A glimpse of our morning volunteering in a panda den. “vacation” 💩
Roughly 2,000 remain in the world.
Chucking coins for good luck.
Learning some new Chinese characters!
Tea Time!
They enlisted in the Terracotta Army. Unfortunately, they are expendable and therefore at the front of the battle lines.
Ring in the New Year like Jayson. #gymmotivation
Best wishes for a 2019 filled with health, happiness and love! Happy New Year from Shanghai!
Sporting 8-packs.
Photo credit to Andrew Patel.
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